What is the Price for an Emergency Plumber ?

Whether it’s a small leaky tap or a dramatic one like a flooded bathroom, plumbers are the ones we resort to when the water supply and functions in our homes go wrong and to avoid water-related damage to property.

The cost of hiring a plumber depends on the kind of job, the amount of time it may take and whether or not it’s an emergency, so it’s also nice to know what sort of costs you can anticipate when you hire an emergency plumber.

How Plumbers Determine Plumbing Prices

Plumbing is one of the most diverse of all trades because it includes a wide variety of expertise and tremendous technological know-how.

The work of a plumber isn’t just as straightforward as repairing a leaking faucet. Many complex issues such as replacing broken drains and adding new equipment are also carried out by plumbers.

It is not easy to quantify the costs of plumbing, because each task is different. Most plumbing projects will take some time, and you will be quoted by the plumber accordingly.

That said, plumbing costs will usually depend on:

  1.         type and scale of the plumbing work.
  2.         The location of your home or office where the work will be done
  3.         Plumbing supplies needed to carry out the work.
  4.         Is it an emergency?

Typically, hiring a plumber will cost you extra on holidays and public holiday prices per hour. It follows therefore that you should expect to pay more when you need a plumber in a hurry to handle emergency plumbing services.

Toilets, sinks and other plumbing components which are especially difficult to access or need subsequent removal and reassembly are likely to take longer and this would have an effect on the costs.

What is the Average Cost of Emergency Plumbing Services in Hampshire ?

Many people may have a plumbing service or plumber that they regularly call on for services and calling on this service at midnight night may not cause grumbling. Also, because you are now a valued client, getting a phone number and some connection with your local plumber can ease the operation.

However, when you can call an emergency plumber away from even more important work, despite the fact that you have a working relationship with them and may know the company well, chances are you might end up having to pay the regular emergency plumber fees charge.

This will usually be significantly higher than most comparable plumbing costs because of the emergency nature of the job.

In Hampshire, plumbers charge between £20 to £60 an hour for regular services, depending on the nature of the work. However, in some situations the cost may be as much as double for emergency services.

Having a plumber at hand and on-call would definitely help you get away from having to pay for services at a premium cost.

Usually plumbers will bill for at least one hour to offset their overheads, no matter how short the work is, and even if they spend less than an hour on the job.

Of course, every plumber would charge you extra for a service that involves going out in the middle of the night to your house or place of business or if they were working on a separate job.

Also, for the most part, you will still be in something of a dilemma, and they have the leverage to charge you extra because, after all, what can you do?

Another thing to remember is some emergency plumbers may charge you a call-out fee. When that is not mentioned when you are given a quote, ask them to clarify this further. If they fail to, look around for a plumber who can discuss the information with you properly.

How to Save Money on Emergency Plumbing Services

The plumber prices differ considerably and depend on whether a plumber bills by the hour or by the expense of the job. Do have an estimated quote for the plumbing prices upfront so you can budget.

Because repairs are usually paid at an hourly rate, ask the plumber how long he will usually take to accomplish a job like this and he will give you the amount the work would cost.

By getting quotes from 3 – 4 plumbers, particularly on potentially expensive work, you may be able to get a 40% decrease on what you’d be paying if you just went for a quote.

Be sure to communicate with at least three local plumbing firms and get the most favourable offer on the job you need to do. Remember, though, that if you employ an inexpensive emergency plumber, you can find that the plumber may be very slow and do shoddy work, where a more professional firm is more likely to be very fast at the premises and provide high-quality service.

Getting an Emergency Plumber in Hampshire

Like every other company, when searching for local plumbers, it helps to do your homework properly. Friends and family may also be able to advise and guide you to someone who is trustworthy.

Nevertheless, if you are new to a particular city, you might not be able to get advice from friends or relatives as you may not have any nearby. Fortunately, once you search online, there are numerous blogs and social channels where you can ask local people to suggest someone for you.

In short, you can find the best plumbing facility in your immediate area to match your needs if you are willing to do some leg work. Although the prices may be high, it’s important to find an emergency plumber and get the problem solved quickly. You could be looking at much more risk if you leave it to chance than you would otherwise.


Wrapping Up

If you have been following so far, you will realise that there is no fixed rate when it comes to hiring an emergency plumber. At the very least, you should expect to pay double of what you will pay for regular services when you hire an emergency plumber. So, for projects that should cost £20, plan on spending between £40 to £60.

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