New Build Plumbing Contractors

New Build Plumbing Contractors

At Hampshire Plumbers, we have a team of highly qualified plumbing and heating engineers with the skills and knowledge to install plumbing and heating systems for all forms of new build property.

Our reputation for energy-efficient and top quality new build plumbing installations in the new-build market means we are constantly engaged to deliver first fix and second fix plumbing and central heating system installations in Hampshire properties.

A devoted team will be appointed to work alongside you at the level you require. This may include licensed plumbing and heating engineers certified by Gas Safe, specialist construction architects and professional engineers, a contract manager, site supervisor and a quality assurance manager.

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    Throughout the new build construction process Hampshire Plumbers will partner with you to offer a full plumbing and heating installation service that achieves the highest standards for your project specifications and budget. Our aim is to meet the specifications of your new building projects efficiently while providing optimum value to your project.

    Why Hire a Hampshire Plumbing Professional?

    Hiring our team of new build plumbing specialists is one of the easiest ways to ensure that you reduce stress on your new build project. It is difficult to determine where to start by installing pipes in a new building. You may not know exactly where to place the water heater or how to properly install the pipes. Or you may have the plan set up and just need the plumbing work done. We can help you at the point of your needs.

    Good plumbers are hard to find, even harder to keep hold of. Finding trained and qualified engineers for your plumbing team can be a nightmare when you have a busy building site. Hampshire Plumbers are professional, well trained, trustworthy, reliable and competitively priced plumbers based in Southampton

    Cost of a Plumber from Hampshire Plumbers

    We can charge by project or a day rate. A project estimate depends on the materials required and the amount of work. Our day rate tends to be £250. We are very reasonably priced; offering terrific value for money and peace of mind for your new property building project.

    New building projects require that we work around other trades as we do the plumbing installations. We are able to do this, but will factor in costing based on a day rate when we are onsite and waiting for a task to be completed. We will be fair and reasonable in our pricing and just ask that project managers communicate with us so we are not waiting around unnecessarily.

    New Build Considerations

    The larger the house, the higher the plumbing costs are likely to be. It will probably have more bathrooms than a smaller house, and one or more bathrooms may have more than one sink. The master suite can have a toilet or a shower with multiple showers, unlike a smaller bathroom with one showerhead. Each device (something connected to the water supply) increases the installation costs. 

    The excavation required to connect to municipal water and sewage pipes has an impact on costs. If the development is in a built-up area, e.g. within the city limits it is quite easy to do. If the housing estate is in the countryside, the connection may be longer and harder to find. 


    New Build Plumbing Contractors


    New Build Plumbing and Heating Services in Hampshire

    If you’re a home builder and need a reliable plumbing partner to support your next housing project, Hampshire Plumbing offers world-class plumbing services, including kitchen and bathroom installations, central heating and water heater installations, radiators, heat pumps and much more..

    Hampshire Plumbers offers new build plumbing, heating and gas services in Hampshire for a range of groups including private individuals, house builders and developers. We install all appropriate equipment and fittings as required by the latest regulations. If you are in need of new plumbing or heating work we are happy to discuss any enquiry that you may have.

    Contact us on 02380 971171 to find out how we can meet your needs.

    Custom Plumbing for your New Hampshire Home

    Hampshire Plumbing will walk you through all the custom installation options before you decide on the plumbing installations for your new home.

    From unusual taps to luxurious steam rooms, water-saving toilets and waste disposal systems – our team of experienced installers has experience in high-quality products such as Moen, Kohler, Delta and American Standard.

    Hampshire Plumbing is a local company and has been a trusted plumbing source in Hampshire for almost a decade.

    Contact us today for a free quote for your new home.

    WHY Pipemaster!

    Quality Plumbing Solutions

    Why build a new house and cut corners when it comes to plumbing? Hampshire Plumbing can provide all the plumbing solutions you need for your new building in Hampshire of the very best quality. We also work closely with construction companies and the best home installers in Hampshire to ensure that your personalised home will have the best plumbing equipment for your budget.

    A Dedicated Team of Experts

    We will set up a dedicated team to work with you. This includes registered Gas Safe installers and heating installers, experienced designers and technical engineers, a contract manager, a construction manager and a quality control manager. They will work with you throughout the entire construction process to provide a full plumbing service that will meet your design needs at the highest level. Upon completion, the post-installation department will guide you through the rest of your journey with us.

    10 Years of New Build Plumbing Experience

    Hampshire Plumbing has earned a reputation for providing reliable, professional and affordable plumbing and heating services for new homes.

    Thanks to more than 10 years of experience in all aspects of new construction projects, we have become the heating installer and contractor of choice for large developers, domestic home builders as well as retirement home suppliers throughout Hampshire.

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