Sink Repair and Installation plumbing service in Hampshire

Sink Repair and Installation plumbing service in Hampshire

Sink Repair and Installation Services

If you are looking for a plumber for Sink Repair and Installation, then look no further than Hampshire Plumbers. Our plumbers have extensive experience with Sink Repair and Installation and can offer a full range of plumbing supply, installation, maintenance and repair services.

Do you have a difficult time with your broken sink? Correct this problem immediately with the help of Hampshire Plumbers experts. We are specialists when it comes to repairing blocked or leaking sinks. A sink problem will prevent daily home chores as sinks are among the most common components of the kitchen and bathroom and are vulnerable to breaking down.

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    Sometimes your sink doesn’t work correctly, and the only alternative is to replace it with another one entirely. Hampshire Plumbers are ready to be of service be it for your home or for commercial purposes, for the installation and repair of the sink. Hampshire Plumbers can assist with anything about sinks. Here are the services that we offer:

    Bathroom Sink Services

    From hair to soap, to other foreign objects such as cotton pads, these may be the cause of a clogged drain and often constitute the most common sink concern. Fortunately, there are DIY solutions you can adopt to unclog the sink, for example, use of a sink plunger. If you have done everything you can, however, and the problem is still not resolved, do not hesitate to contact the Hampshire Plumbers professionals. We promise that our experts will repair your obstructed sewage pipes until you are fully satisfied with your water flow. 

    In addition to repairing clogged sinks, Hampshire Plumbers also offers a wide range of toilet sink repairs, including rectifying drains with leaks, removal of damage to pottery or porcelain basins and upgrading or replacing an old sink with another to refurbish your private bathroom.

    Kitchen Sink Services

    Clogged sinks usually develop over time due to faulty disposal, accumulation of grease or the accumulation of waste food and much more. If you have a defective sink, it can lead to major problems as it is considered to be the cornerstone of the kitchen. 

    Hampshire Plumbers also provides a number of reparations for the kitchen sink, including the repair of leaky rods, the installation of new rods and the arrangement of an appropriate waste disposal system. Call on Hampshire Plumbers now on 02380 970979 and tell us your needs. Our experts will be glad to help.

    Commercial Sink and Drain Plumbing Services

    An effective commercial drainage system is necessary for any type of business. Commercial sinks encourage good sanitation practices, whether they are regularly washing the dishes, keeping the premises clean or ensuring proper hygiene for your employees. Blocked drainage is, therefore, a major no-no as it can seriously impact your smooth business operations. 

    A commercial sink is more complex compared to residential bathrooms and kitchen sinks. It holds more water volume. It should, therefore, work with an extra powerful exhaust mechanism to prevent harmful artefacts from impacting the sewage system. Our areas of focus include this and many other commercial drainage facilities. Therefore, if you need the support of a professional to preserve the cleanliness and orderliness of your business, call our local team of Hampshire Plumbers.

    Types of Sink Units Installed at Hampshire Plumbers

    Your choice of sink unit depends partly on the work surface you have. This is because any type of sink unit cannot be incorporated into any workstation. The sink unit can be built using three methods: integrated, inserted or underbuilt.

    Integrated Sink Units

    The work surface is connected to the integrated sink so that the edge of the integrated sink forms an entire, unbroken surface. The work surface and edge of the sink fit seamlessly together, which makes the work surface easy to clean. The top of the sink is flush with the top of the workspace and is hygienic and lightweight.

    Underbuild Sink Units

    Underbuild sink systems are installed on or below the work surface. This raises the available work surface. This suitable approach is mainly used for marble, wood and completely plastic work surfaces. As the base sink is mounted below the work desk level, it makes it very easy to keep the workpiece clean.

    Inset Sink Units

    Inset sinks are placed on the surface of the workstation. It implies that the bottom of the sink is above the work surface. An insert sink unit is normally equipped with plastic plates as supporting material. A shield fitted to prevent water from entering the kitchen is under the flange of the inset sink.

    Semi-integrated Sink Units

    Semi integration is a built-in mechanism in which an output sink unit is placed as an input sink unit. The sink’s integrated edge is therefore located on the work surface.

    Sink Repair and Installation at Hampshire Plumbers

    The job of installing a kitchen sink unit and other sinks is now as simple as a walk in the park. After you have been working on a renovation project for many months, your dream kitchen is only one more step away. Hampshire Plumbers will help you to protect your hard-earned investment by installing or fixing your plumbing systems. Call us today on 02380 970979 for any sink repair and installation. No project is too big or small for us to handle.


    As its name suggests, this is a single sink with a wide bowl. When you plan to use several pans and large pots, it is an excellent sink setup. You can easily wash larger items with a single bowl sink. If you don’t have much room, installing a single bowl sink helps you to optimise this area. In many instances, a single sink is easier to install than other sink options. If a sink is larger than one bowl drain, current cabinets may need to be removed. In addition, a single bowl sink can be built to save money in the long term. This kind of bowl sink needs only one drain to be installed, reducing maintenance costs.

    For homes without a dishwasher, the next best option is a double sink. This allows for multitasking because one side can be filled with warm water for washing dishes and the other half can be used for rinsing. Even though each basin is smaller than a single sink, it still offers comfort.

    There is also a large and small version, which is suitable for those who do not have a ready sink with a dishwasher built.

    It is necessary to know that plumbing fixtures such as sinks in the kitchen require proper ventilation in order to work properly. In the cooling cycle the vent plays a part as the drain creates negative pressure. The negative pressure is what removes the water from the P-trap, stopping waste gases from entering your home. If no ventilation occurs, every time that negative pressure is created, dangerous and unpleasant wastewater gas can enter your home.

    Some common causes of clogging are undissolved food particles, soap scum,  wax, and cooking grease. If these are not properly disposed of, problems can occur in your drains as the oil and grease solidify, or as the food particles become sticky gunk. Now if you practice proper disposal, but remain troubled by regular clogging, you must please call a licensed plumber to inspect your home plumbing.