Showers-maintenance and installation plumbing solutions in Hampshire

Showers-maintenance and installation plumbing solutions in Hampshire

Shower Installation, Repair, and Maintenance by Hampshire Plumbers

If you are looking for a plumber for Showers-maintenance and installation, then look no further than Hampshire Plumbers. Our plumbers have extensive experience with Showers-maintenance and installation and can offer a full range of plumbing supply, installation, maintenance and repair services.

Hampshire Plumbers installs new home shower facilities in Hampshire and surrounding areas. We also plan, upgrade and repair shower units. Hampshire Plumbers offers a new shower installation service as well as maintenance and repairs to existing systems, including leak repairs, removal of the attachments, repair/replacement of the pump, replacement of the thermostat, replacement of the filter and replacement of various other parts. Call us today for a free quote on 02380 970979.

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    Why Repair and Maintain your Shower Unit ?

    It’s important for any homeowner to maintain a bathroom and a shower. Bathrooms and showers can really take a whopping over a period of years, especially if you have a large number of inhabitants in your home who often take showers or baths. You may start to notice a lot of nicks or gouges or find leaky connections or toilets.

    Repair and Maintain your Shower Unit

    Installing a New Shower

    Then again, you might want to replace your bath or shower simply because you want to upgrade your bathroom and add something more modern or more compatible with the other household décor.  

    When these situations occur in your home, contact Hampshire Plumbers on 02380 970979 in order to allow one of our specialists to test the situation in your bathroom and advise you on some possibilities regarding the installation of a new bath or shower. 

    Maybe you even want to go ultra-modern and install a jacuzzi or bath with jets in place of your regular bath? If so, we can assist you there as well. Regardless of what kind of alternatives you have in mind for your bath or shower, we will help deliver beautiful, quality items that will be a vast improvement on anything you currently have and, we make sure that they are skilfully installed so that you will never have issues with them. 

    The good thing is that there is a huge range of baths and showers on the market today, so you can choose from virtually an endless amount of choices. Here are the kinds of showers that Hampshire Plumbers can install:

    Types of Showers


    Mixer showers use hot and cold water, adding water from the main supply to the showerhead. These are ideal for houses with large hot-water cylinders and/or boilers since these rely on hot water that is readily available. In cases of low water pressure, a pump can be added.


    Eco models can be used for both electric and mixer showers. They reduce the water flow to an efficient but usable level, which reduces water use by 50% compared to conventional mixers.


    Automated showers can be operated by a monitor anywhere within a 10-meter radius from the unit.   The panel interacts with the power unit in the loft or in the airing coupling to change the water flow and temperature. 

    Water is then delivered via the ceiling or the wall to the shower, at the desired temperature, and no extra plumbing is visible. They can be controlled via remote control in both mixer or electric variations.


    Thermostatic showers avoid scalding or freezing when someone else turns a tap on or flushes a loo. You set the temperature and the blender automatically holds it in the right amount of hot or cold water. It too can be achieved with an electrical unit, but a thermostatic shower offers peace of mind for children or the elderly.


    Electric showers take cold water from the mains, heat water on demand, and move it inside the shower to a heating element. On the plus side, you won’t run out of hot water and have heated water as you need it, 24/7, so there’s no waste or storage that affects overall energy output.

    • Normally a bit bigger than mixer showers and require a high capacity power supply to be supplied directly on its own dedicated circuit from the fuse box
    • The higher you choose the kilowatts, the better the flow.
    • A tendency to be cheaper than mixers and also economical when it comes to water usage
    • More expensive versions have integral pumps that can increase the flow rate and are now also available in a variety of new designs
    • Electric showers are still a popular option for second bathrooms, which are typically only used off-peak

    Replacing Parts of Your Bathtub or Shower

    Even if you don’t plan to replace your bath or shower in full but simply want to exchange equipment for newer versions, our specialists are happy to advise you on the various available options. Please contact us today at Hampshire Plumbers so that one of our trained experts can assess and advise you on the situation in your bathroom. 

    If you have a beautiful claw foot bath installed in your home, which you have always loved but the drain or piping is rusted and unattractive, we can definitely provide you with a solution. We recognise the inherent beauty of clawfoot baths or any antique components of a shower or bath, and we want to help you keep them to the fullest extent you want. We are happy to swap your bath drain and any pipe that has become corroded or otherwise unattractive so you can continue to use your favourite bath. After our expert service, it will be the same as bathing in a brand new bathtub except that the old world of your initial bath maintains all its charm. 

    Replacements for shower parts can also easily be done by our professional Hampshire Plumbers’ technicians. If you have an old coloured shower drain that has become an eye-sore, we are happy to swap it with a brand new stainless steel one, or any other design you choose. After this form of service, your bright new drain is the same as your bright new valves and faucets, and your shower head is new. 

    We can exchange any parts you need to replace for more robust items that are also a standard upgrade. If your shower or bath is working well, and you really love what you have installed, but only need to replace a few parts to bring them up to snuff, we will be happy to do it for you.

    Shower Installation and Repair with Hampshire Plumbers

    The importance of a soothing, hot or cold shower can not be overestimated, so it’s vital to have it fixed as soon as possible if you experience problems with your shower that prevent it from providing you with  sufficient, piping-hot water. 

    Call 02380 970979 today and get a trustworthy Hampshire shower repair and installation at affordable prices.


    Exposed shower pipes provide a broad experience of showering without complicated, secret installations. These are available in new cool styles, which can be incorporated into an existing, modern or updated bathroom style. For simultaneous shower function, the shower experience is more enjoyable when it looks good too! It also has a height adjustment feature, so showers can be placed to release the spray from above directly or diagonally. The exposed applications make your bathroom easy to renovate or upgrade at any stage too.

    A hand shower is a rotating shower head, which can be turned by hand towards the body, while overhead showers channel water to the user from above.

    Hampshire Plumbers are skilled in repair and replacement of any showers but can also work with other bathroom appliances, such as vanities.

    Renovation costs are broken down into two parts – labour costs and installation costs. These depend greatly on the things you choose. The final cost depends also on the size and complexity of your renovation. The Hampshire Plumbers team has comprehensive product knowledge and can assist you in designing a beautiful and budget-friendly programme.

    Bathroom refurbishment offers some of the greatest return on investment, and you can count on the increased value of your home when the renovation is well planned.