Outside Tap Installation Repair or Replacement in Hampshire

Outside Tap Installation, Repair or Replacement by Hampshire Plumbers

Hampshire Plumbers is a local plumbing company providing outside tap installations for both residential and commercial properties. We install outside taps for gardens, patio areas, pools, spas, ponds and many other features. We install the correct taps, valves and accessories and we do it properly.

An external tap can be very useful when watering grass or plants or washing cars. It means that you don’t have to carry water into and out of the house, dirtying it in the process. If you need an outside tap installed by a plumber, or have a problem with an existing outdoor tab, then Hampshire Plumbers can help. We can plumb in the pipes and ensure that your outdoor tap works perfectly.

Hampshire Plumbers service all of Hampshire, covering areas such as Southampton, Winchester, Portsmouth, Eastleigh, Totton, Fareham, Basingstoke and all around the county.

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    Why use Hampshire Plumbers for your Outdoor Tap Installation ?

    Looking to install outdoor taps in your garden or other external areas of your home?

    Hampshire Plumbers provides outdoor tap installation, servicing and repairs. We have a broad range of plumbing materials, appliances and accessories for all your plumbing needs.

    We offer outdoor taps of various styles and models to match every taste. Garden taps are exposed to elements, but outdoor taps installed by Hampshire Plumbers are robust and hardwearing, improving the longevity of your external tap.

    You can be sure that your garden tap is installed to last with a choice of high quality tap heads and valves that are ideal for all budgets.

    Call us today for a free quote on fixing an outdoor tap in your property on 02380 791171

    Benefits of Outside Tap Installation

    If you want a new outside tap built for your garden, you are in the right place! With the recent sunshine that motivates us to engage in more summer activities, many things can be done if you have an outside tap installed. There are so many things for which an external tap is useful, but only a few in this article can be listed! Check out our shortlist of things you can do with an outside tap.

    • Cleaning your car with a hose attachment
    • Washing pets, scooters, bikes and cleaning bins and other grimy and mucky items
    • Watering flowers multiple times over without having to refill your watering can
    • Providing builders with water without running a line from the tap in the kitchen. This is particularly useful during construction and repair work in your home

    There are so many different uses for an outside tap. It’s just a better way rather than having to attach a hose to the kitchen tap every time you need water in the garden, which eventually sprays water everywhere.

    Regulations for Outdoor Tap Installation

    Building regulations require an outdoor tap to be fitted with a check valve. This valve ensures that water can flow from the pipeline in only one direction. Water can get contaminated by dirt, mud or grain, especially in a garden or in the street; the check valve prevents contaminants from entering the water supply.

    At Hampshire Plumbing, we can install an external tap and make sure it meets the British Standards and plumbing regulations.  

    Our plumbers are fully qualified to install outside taps in your property. We have a variety of outside taps available including wall mounted, freestanding and even ones with hot water.



    Hampshire plumbers are fully aware and respectful of the regulations for the installation of external taps in the UK. We would like you to have peace of mind when we offer our services to you so we ensure that our plumbers understand the job from start to finish.

    Outside taps can be connected to any wall in your home that has access to a water line. The most popular location for an external tap is usually outside the window of the kitchen because the sink is behind the wall and provides access to the mains. If this isn’t how your home is constructed, our plumbers can find other ways of finishing the task.

    Hampshire Plumbing will provide you with an approved tap for fitting and installation, but if you want to purchase or install a tap yourself then you have to ensure that it meets British Standard requirements. British specifications allow test valves to be placed on any outdoor tap. It’s the control valve which ensures that the water can flow from the mains in only one direction.

    Hampshire Plumbing is a major emergency plumbing service provider in and around Hampshire. We have a strong team of professionally trained plumbers who only want to deliver the best. We are absolutely qualified for all work we do, no matter how tough the job is.

    With years of experience in tap fitting in Hampshire, we can assist you in fitting an external tap into your home. You can rest assured that the job will be carried out to a high standard when you work with Hampshire Plumbing.