Hot Water Cylinders and Immersion Heaters Plumbing Solutions in Hampshire

Hot Water Cylinders and Immersion Heaters plumbing solutions in Hampshire

Hampshire Hot Water Cylinder and Immersion Heater Installation, Repair & Maintenance

Do you need a hot water tank or an immersion heater in Hampshire? Is it necessary to repair or maintain your existing hot water cylinders or immersion heaters? If so, call Hampshire Plumbers today on 02380 970979 for a solution.    Hot water and immersion heaters are a key element in the hot water supply to your building. They are meant to keep the water warm when stored, so it’s ready if and when you need it. Two key types of hot water cylinder can be chosen; vented and unvented and each category has its own features and advantages.

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    The Difference Between Vented and Unvented Hot water Cylinders

    Unvented and vented hot water tanks have different configurations. A vented cylinder uses a ventilating pipe that responds to the current air pressure. The power supply is supplied to a cold water storage tank and stored there until one of the appliances in your home is required. Unvented cylinders function straight from the water supply and while the concept is the same, the water flow can be improved.

    Benefits of a Vented Cylinder

    The advantages of using vented hot water cylinders include the fact that they are less difficult to install and maintain. This indirect approach to heating is generally more efficient and is the only real option on a strict budget for many households.

    We install, maintain and replace traditional vented cylinders at Hampshire Plumbers. We will do all of the research on these cylinders and supply new cylinders with our trade discount at reasonable prices.

    Benefits of an Unvented Cylinder

    With an opened plug, heat is supplied at the pressure of the handle and the flow is stronger and more efficient.  An unvented cylinder is typically more enjoyable and uses less space because a cold water storage tank is not required. The fact that the mains are used and not only gravity, makes the cylinder work well everywhere. Such unvented cylinders are more expensive than their vented counterparts, but for many people, greater water pressure applies.

    Installing a New Hot Water Cylinder

    At Hampshire Plumbers, we install, maintain and repair all kinds of hot water systems, from heated and electric to normal.  Since each property is different and everyone needs this, it is best to talk to us if you are renovating your property or you want to upgrade your current hot water system so it can be more effective.

    One of our technical experts will talk to you about your needs. He will check the characteristics of your property and then recommend the best solution for your particular needs. 

    If your house or office requires an uninstalled hot water cylinder or if you have questions about your current cylinder’s performance, call Hampshire Plumbers at 02380 970979 for service in Hampshire and surrounding areas. 

    One of our experts will be glad to help. Our plumbers know the advantages and disadvantages of each device and obtain the best hot water cylinders for your budget and property.

    Hampshire Immersion Heater Installation & Repair

    One way many homeowners choose to heat the water is with an immersion heater. This is a device that is directly placed in the liquid for heat supply. Immersion heaters allow you to heat water at any time, which is a significant advantage for applications requiring constant heat.

    Domestic Immersion Heaters

    At Hampshire Plumbers, we help our customers mount and fix domestic immersion heaters. This allows you to use hot water when you need it. High-efficiency immersion heater installations are recommended. Failure to install can result in increased operating costs. If you want to upgrade or install a new immersion heater, call Hampshire Plumbers on 02380 970979 to explore your options.

    Why Choose Hampshire Plumbers ?

    • We are based in Hampshire, which ensures that you enjoy fast and timely service wherever you are in and around Hampshire.
    • Our team provides professional, competitively priced services. If you work with us, there are no surprises.
    • You should anticipate customised solutions that approach the source of the problem, which will lead to greater peace of mind.
    • Our plumbers are highly skilled.

    If your immersion heater or hot water cylinders need to be repaired or installed, call Hampshire Plumbers today at 02380 970979 and we will provide a quick answer to your problem.