Hot, Cold and Wastewater Supply Plumbing Services in Hampshire

Hot, Cold and Wastewater Supply Plumbing Services in Hampshire

If you are looking for a plumber for Hot, Cold and Wastewater Supply, then look no further than Hampshire Plumbers. Our plumbers have extensive experience with Hot, Cold and Wastewater Supply and can offer a full range of plumbing supply, installation, maintenance and repair services.

Hampshire Plumbers is an independent plumbing firm with several years of expertise in boiler repairs, boiler servicing, boiler construction, and boiler maintenance. We install and fix all issues with cold, hot, and wastewater supply mechanisms.

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    We supply all new pipework and link them to existing pipework, leaving you with a neat and more modern system. Where possible we use no-return valves to keep your stock of cold water in good quality.

    Our professional plumbers and gas engineers are specialised in all domestic, commercial and industrial plumbing and heating needs, providing all types of plumbing from general plumbing and boiler construction through to building toilets, showers and gas central heating. At Hampshire Plumbers, we can provide you with a no-commitment free quote for any job specifications you may have.

    Our Water Plumbing Services

    Hot Water Plumbing Services

    We appreciate the significance of consistent hot water in your home at all times. Whether you want to upgrade the current hot water system or completely overhaul the system with a modern and more effective one, our professionally certified plumbers will be of assistance.

    You can rely on us to install your full hot water system, on schedule and within your budget, using the best quality materials available and top notch workmanship .

    Cold Water Plumbing Services

    Health and safety legislation may require that a new cold water system is needed for your commercial property. Thankfully, the licensed plumbing engineers at Hampshire Plumbers have several years of experience in cold water systems for industrial structures, using only the best quality components to match and operate the new cold water network.

    When you have issues with your cold water storage tank, contact Hampshire Plumbers to get the necessary support. To suit your unique needs, we have a wide range of upgrades, fixes, and servicing solutions.

    Water Heater Servicing

    Many issues with your hot water supply originate from the water heater. If the water heater is broken, we are on hand to execute a swift fix. If we think installing a new water heater could be the better alternative, we can do that too. We can assist you in providing and installing a water heater which will suit the needs of your premises.

    It is not recommended that you perform this service yourself, because you may damage some connections or break something the system requires to be functional. Hiring a professional is the safest and best thing to do, as the professional is trained to identify any underlying problems.

    Wastewater Treatment Solutions

    We provide a full in-house service with all specifications for wastewater treatment from design to delivery or supply, including repair services and a 24-hour breakdown service on all facilities. We also supply state-of-the-art GSM security systems for monitoring purposes.

    Dripping Taps, Repair and Replacement Taps

    Some of the most common issues with plumbing is a tap that drips. It might sound like a minor issue but it’s irritating and can be a costly problem. You should contact us to fix or replace the tap, and be assured that this niggling issue will be quickly resolved.

    Drain Services

    Blocked drains will cause sewage and wastewater to build up and eventually leak on your premises, so contact us as soon as you find a blockage and we will work hard to ensure that your company is not required to close in accordance with government sanitation regulations.

    Why Choose Hampshire Plumbers ?

    Gas Safe Registered Engineers

    You’ll be glad to hear we’re certified with Gas Safe and we are fully licensed and legally eligible to do any form of plumbing work you need, which includes water and gas supply plumbing. We have several loyal customers who trust and hire us to conduct their routine annual operation and repair of gas appliances.

    Highly Trained in Maintenance and Emergency Services of any Kind

    Our expertise provides all services related to installation, maintenance and repair. If you need to fix your washing machine or a broken boiler, resolve issues with hot water supply, or plug a water leak, leave it to us and we’ll get them sorted out in no time.

    24-hour Plumbing Service

    Plumbing emergencies don’t necessarily wait until the moment is more convenient. Boiler break-downs, leaking drains, blocked drainage and other critical plumbing problems demand prompt action to minimise damage and protect your health. We provide a 24-hour plumbing service at Hampshire Plumbing which will give you peace of mind and protect your home from hazardous plumbing emergencies exactly when you need it.

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    Call now for a free quote and recommendations from experienced specialists who have worked in the heating and plumbing industry for many years. For a no-obligation free quote to perform cost-effective and high quality hot, cold, or waste supply plumbing work, book a free appointment by filling out the booking form online or call us on 02380 970979.