Ball Valves Maintenance and Replacement Services in Hampshire

Ball Valves Maintenance and Replacement Services in Hampshire

If you are looking for a plumber for Ball Valves Maintenance and Replacement, then look no further than Hampshire Plumbers. Our plumbers have extensive experience with Ball Valves Maintenance and Replacement and can offer a full range of plumbing supply, installation, maintenance and repair services. Do you need a plumber in Hampshire to fix or replace your ball valves? Hampshire Plumbers has the best team for the job. Our highly qualified plumbers will fasten ball valves and repair any other plumbing fixtures or fittings that may require attention. We isolate and address issues leading to leakage, replacing ball valves where necessary.

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    What is a Ball Valve in Plumbing ?

    Ball valves are one of the most reliable valve types and are widely used for main water shut-offs as well as for branch line shut-offs. Ball valves have a ball with a hole, allowing water to flow through the pipe until removed.

    The opening is opposite to the tubing, stopping water from reaching the pipe while the ball valve is locked. Popular valves are plumbing valves, for example, the most obvious types of valves are found in hot and cold tap water taps.

    Ball Valve in Plumbing

    What Hampshire Plumbers can do

    The most common form of problems we have to contend with are continuously flooding toilets, due to a faulty seal in the cistern. It is normally a simple job for us because we frequently work with them, so we are used to fixing them.

    Other common issues include broken toilet flush problems, both conventional flush handles and the more recent push-button style of flushing. Problems with the cistern filling up too slowly, ball valves, diaphragms and overflows are also issues we correct almost on a daily basis.

    Save money on your water bill and keep your plumbing in a great condition by hiring our helpful team of skilled plumbers to install and restore all sorts of taps, ball valves and stopcocks to ensure the optimum efficiency of your plumbing system.

    What are the Types of Ball Valves we Service ?

    We service and repair the following types of ball valves:

    •         Manual
    •         Motor
    •         Hydraulic
    •         Pneumatic
    •         Solenoid 

    When Should you Replace your Ball Valves ?

    If your toilet or cistern fills continuously then it is likely that either the ball float valve needs to be changed or the ball float valve needs to be adjusted.

    You would still see water flowing out of the overflow outlet, in some cases, but some toilets are now using internal overflows. This is a side entry ball float valve, which is not commonly used today in toilets but is still used in central heating header tanks.

    What are the Benefits of Professional Ball Valve Repair and Replacement ?

    It is critical that you leave every maintenance or replacement to trained practitioners, given the relative value of ball valves and stopcocks in your home and workplace.

    When you do it yourself and make a mistake or two, you can find yourself faced with a situation where you cannot shut down water flow when you need to.

    Getting these jobs done by a professional engineer will give you peace of mind and in case of a major water spill or broken pipe, you know the professional will easily fix it.

    Why Choose Hampshire Plumbers ?

    Highest Quality Jobs

    Hampshire Plumbers specialises in maintenance and repair services across Hampshire. We have been using the new technology and methods over the XXX years we have grown to complete our plumbing jobs to the highest level possible.

    We Use the Latest Equipment

    We are well stocked with the latest domestic plumbing and gas supplies and equipment, and we will be able to finish all call-out jobs within 1 hour and thereby, not have to bill you for a re-visit due to a shortage of materials.

    We Guarantee Customer Satisfaction

    Our years of practice in both the mechanical services and manufacturing process sectors ensures that the correct, quality ball valves are supplied to you. We remain committed to delivering a quality of customer satisfaction which our rivals cannot easily replicate.

    Trained and Certified Operatives

    Hampshire Plumbers maintains that any engineers or contractors who serve whatever job or contract we work on have, at the very least, the minimum degree of training needed by regulation (and are eligible for inspection where possible). For this reason, whether you get your ball valve serviced, fixed or fitted, the engineers that we provide must be Gas Safe certified and skilled in the form of work that they do.

    Our Guarantees

    All work done by Hampshire Plumbers is protected by our signed 12-month workmanship guarantee; all supplied items are covered by manufacturers guarantees and most of the boilers we sell come with a 5-year manufacturing warranty.

    Get in Touch

    We are fully dedicated to customer support and satisfaction and believe in giving our consumers the lowest possible price while providing outstanding service. To find out more about who we are and what we can do, or if you would like one of our plumbers to arrange a visit, please contact us now at phoneXXX.