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Welcome to our professional and reliable plumbing service – a company that you can count on for all your plumbing anywhere in Hampshire.

If you need a responsive and reliable plumber or heating engineer to perform plumbing repairs in an emergency in Hampshire, Hampshire Plumbers can help!

We are experts in solving both simple and the most difficult plumbing issues. The team of plumbers at Hampshire Plumbers are highly trained and on hand to help, from running water problems and replacing taps to fixing broken pipes and installing showers and bathrooms.


    Call Back Quotation

    Our plumbing prices are highly competitive; our workmanship is assured and has been approved by Hampshire Trading Standards.

    The experienced plumbers at Hampshire Plumbers are on hand to provide a solution to any of your plumbing problems. With extensive plumbing expertise, our plumbers will ensure that any problem you face, is dealt with in a professional manner. We take a careful approach to each job to ensure that consistent outcomes are often obtained to overcome persistent plumbing problems.

    As a local plumbing company, we offer a 24/7 plumbing services in Hampshire. Our goal is to provide the most cost-effective service possible, exactly when you need it. Whatever the issue, we will deal with it in an efficient manner.

    We provide long-term maintenance and repair services and have a daily service, so if you have a problem with the plumbing at home, we are the first place you can turn if something goes wrong. With minimum disruption and the highest possible quality of workmanship, you’ll have full peace of mind that you’re in safe hands.

    Emergency Plumbing Services

    Finding a reliable local plumber in Hampshire can be a challenge when it comes to prices and charges and unexpected costs, especially if your plumbing situation is an emergency. At Hampshire Plumbers, we pride ourselves on our experience as a Hampshire plumber and ensure that our customers receive the best service from our highly qualified team.

    Since 10 years we have been offering our customers in Hampshire repair and maintenance services. If there is a clogged toilet, our plumbers are at your side. If there is water damage or a leaking pipe, we are able to provide emergency plumbers to assess and repair any emergency plumbing issues.

    We are also versed in the repair and maintenance of pipes, taps, ducts and sanitary facilities. We are often called to fix pipes and drains. We dispatch our plumber to perform all plumbing and repair needs as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible in order to achieve the best results.

    For us, no job is too big or too small, and no matter what the plumbing problem is, we will use our expertise to help you.

    Get in touch today. Book a top-rated plumbing emergency service near you in Hampshire, no matter where your home or office is located. You can enjoy our fantastic plumbers without having to spend a fortune and without the hassle of a traditional plumbing service.

    Here Are Some of our Plumbing Solutions in Hampshire ?

    Outside Tap Installation Service from Southampton, Hampshire

    Watering the lawn, washing a car or filling a paddling pool can be made even easier by using an outside tap.

    Hampshire Plumbers is also at your service to assist with outside hose plumbing needs. We have fixed faulty taps in the garden and installed new hose taps outside for many customers in Hampshire. You can rely on us for a very fast service so that you can have your water running in no time.

    Our expert plumber will recommend the type of hose tap to install outside based on your unique needs and situation.

    If you buying the hose tap yourself, ensure that it meets British Standards. Also, know that regulations require that a check valve be installed for an outside tap. This valve is to ensure that water can flow from the mains only in one direction.

    Stop Cocks Replacement Service

    Have you been looking for a considerable period of time for a reputable stopcock specialist to repair stopcocks in your taps? Look no further. Hampshire Plumbers is one of the top plumbing companies in Hampshire. We specialise in plumbing solutions of all types, for both residential and commercial clients.

    Serious water leaks are no laughing matter, and if your stopcock or ball valve doesn’t work properly, or you don’t know where it’s located, you’re in danger. Call Hampshire Plumbers on 02380 971171  for Hampshire and the surrounding areas and we’ll send somebody out to rectify the situation as soon as possible.

    Our professional plumbing team is well trained and competent and offers fast and courteous service. We carry with us all the tools we need to carry out the majority of jobs in domestic and commercial premises.

    Washing Machine/Dishwasher Machines Fitting Service

    Our vast expertise in installing dishwashers and washing machines guarantees that we can fit anything from a John Lewis washing machine to a modern Bosch integrated dishwasher at your Hampshire home.

    Hampshire Plumbers has been installing and repairing good appliances such as washing machines, microwaves, fridges, tumble-dryers, and dishwashers since 10 years . That means you can rely on our experience and expertise to install your white goods properly and correctly.

    Sink Units Taps Fitting and Maintenance Service

    Are you searching for a plumber to install a sink in your kitchen in Hampshire? Our professional plumbers can install any form of sink unit tap you may have. They have the resources to get the job done as quickly as possible.

    Whether fixing or removing kitchen sink taps, connecting white good appliances, fitting or restoring fixtures or proffering drainage solutions, you can expect an excellent and flawless job from our highly skilled plumbers. Let us know your specific sink plumbing needs and we’ll give you nothing but the best service.

    Water Filter Supply and Installation

    Hampshire Plumbers is committed to sourcing and supplying customers around Hampshire with the largest range of water filters. Our water filter systems are capable of removing harmful bacteria, parasites and unsafe chemical impurities such as chlorine, while at the same time giving your body the vital minerals it needs.

    We have a wide variety of water filters, from commercial filters to residential filters. For the best solution, our specialists can make recommendations on the most suitable water filter for your business or household. We deliver across Hampshire on a next-working-day basis. Our water filters can be used with water coolers and drinking fountains.

    Water Softener Supply and Installation

    Hampshire Plumbers provide repairs, maintenance, and spare parts for all types of water softeners.

    We are able to support and restore all the big brands and many of the lesser-known water softener brands. Our engineers are certified by the soft water manufacturers and are constantly updating their skills.

    With very little feedback from you, a reliable water softener will last for several years. The tanks do not require manual washing because they clean themselves automatically by the process of regeneration. Your softener machine will, however, require salt to be replenished.

    Shower Maintenance, Repair and Installation Services

    Based on our extensive knowledge as local plumbers and bathroom fitters in Hampshire, Hampshire Plumbers is able to carry out reliable shower installation, upgrades, and servicing for your bathroom.

    Our team of professional bathroom fitters has the requisite experience and expertise to offer a safe and effective bathroom installation and repair service, whether you require an emergency replacement of a faulty tap or the installation of state-of-the-art shower technology. If you live in Hampshire, do not hesitate to call Hampshire Plumbers for your shower plumbing needs.

    Ball Valve Maintenance and Replacement Services

    When you need a professional, independent Hampshire plumber to service or replace the ball valves on your taps, make sure Hampshire Plumbers is your first port of call.

    Having delivered a variety of plumbing services for many years to consumers around Hampshire, we have built a great reputation for the services we offer, including servicing and replacing ball valves.

    We will assist you with regular repairs to cut down potential replacement costs. We consider any plumbing project as a priority and we are always ready to respond to every call out, whether it’s big or small. Email us today and we’ll be more than happy to provide you with more information about our plumbing services.

    Hot Water Cylinders and Immersion Heaters

    We install, service and repair hot water systems of all types, whether powered by electricity or gas. Our professional plumbers and heating engineers will diagnose the fault quickly and safely repair your hot water cylinder problem.

    A reliable immersion heater service is necessary to sustain your hot water systems and we provide a maintenance service for immersion heaters that will keep the system working at peak efficiency. We are trained to work on all forms of vented and unvented cylinders. 

    We have the specialist equipment and replacement parts required for effective restoration of immersion components, ensuring that our customers can easily get their systems back to work. We know the value of servicing and fixing your heating system and our technicians are sufficiently qualified to operate safely in your home or company.

    Our technicians can also guide you through all regulations relating to the installation and maintenance of safe gas appliances in your home, as well as the proper use of gas in the house.

    Roof Tanks Supply, Repairs, Installation and Maintenance Services

    Don’t let a roof tank problem stop you from enjoying a constant stream of water supply to your home.

    Hampshire Plumbers help residents and businesses in Hampshire survive the harshest conditions by providing roof tanks and offering top-quality roof tank repair and maintenance services to enhance the longevity of your roof tanks.

    We provide a wide variety of tank products and solutions including cold water storage, protective coatings, roof tank installations, steel water tanks, and water storage tank linings. We have local plumbers ready to help if you call on us. Get in touch with Hampshire Plumbers today.

    Pipe Leaks and Broken Pipes Repair Services

    Hampshire Plumbers provides a full, competitively priced water pipe repair service. We deliver everything from finding the water leakage, fixing broken pipes to renewing the water mains, as well as removing the lead water pipes.

    We have considerable expertise in identifying, monitoring and fixing any kind of leaks found in commercial or residential properties. From leaky boilers, central heating systems and leaky taps to more serious flood-causing leaks.

    We are so confident in our expertise that if we don’t discover where the pipe is leaking from, we won’t charge you – but that rarely happens with our specialist plumbers. Minimise your water loss by calling our rapid response team on 02380 971171 for a detailed and comprehensive survey.

    Hot, Cold and Waste Water Supplies Plumbing

    Hampshire Plumbers install cold water, hot water, and waste water supplies to all your white goods in Hampshire. We tap into the existing pipework and keep all our pipework hidden, saving you money and maintaining the aesthetics of your property.

    To keep your cold-water supply working properly and efficiently, we use none-return valves. Our professional plumbers and gas engineers have extensive experience and expertise in domestic and commercial plumbing and heating needs, providing all types of plumbing from general plumbing and boiler construction through to the installation of toilets, showers and gas central heating.

    Contact Hampshire Plumbers today for a no-obligation, free quote for any requirement you may have.

    One-off Sanitary Ware Replacement Service

    Give your bathroom a new fresh look with a professional one-off sanitary ware replacement.

    Hampshire Plumbers fits basins, sinks, and other sanitary wares. We have experts who have years of experience in applying tested sanitary ware replacement procedures to make your bathroom look fresh again.

    No matter the size of the task, large or small, using the latest technologies, combined with excellent skills, our plumbers can enhance your bathroom, toilet and shower expertly.

    Discover the highest quality bathroom plumbing and sanitary ware installation in Hampshire today by calling 02380 971171 . Expert support is just a call away. Don’t let your bathroom pipes or sanitary ware be destroyed by a novice. Let the pros from Hampshire Plumbers do the job well.

    One of our expert engineers will inspect the job and give you an estimation. If you are satisfied, we will carry out the replacement promptly and professionally.

    Bathrooms Design and Installation Service

    Renovating or upgrading your bathroom should be an exciting and enjoyable experience, rather than a frustrating one. Hampshire Plumbers provide a bathroom design and installation process to make the entire experience as seamless, fun, and effortless as possible.

    Hampshire Plumbers bathroom installers are some of Hampshire’s finest plumbers with in-house design to create a tailor-made bathroom that fulfils your needs.

    We have dealt in all kinds of designs and bathrooms for over 10 years, so we have the expertise and experience to give you what you want for your bathroom. Our aim is to turn your bathroom into a place you enjoy.

    We promise minimum disruption and will leave the premises safe and tidy after we have done the work. Get in touch with Hampshire Plumbers today, let us do all the hard work for you with a stellar bathroom design and flawless installation.

    Plumbing Reports

    If you’ve recently moved into a brand-new house or if you want to make sure that all of the internal plumbing runs properly at your existing property, know that you’re in good hands with Hampshire Plumbers.

    Routine plumbing inspections, reporting, and maintenance are good practices because they will help you stop minor faults before they become emergencies and costly to fix.

    Our plumbers are certified to carry out plumbing inspections in residential and commercial properties and fix most problems. After our checks, we will provide you with a list of everything that we have reviewed and also recommend an action plan for you, should there be any work that needs to be carried out.

    Soil and Vent Pipes Supply, Repair, Maintenance and Installation Service

    A soil vent pipe is a pipe that carries all the waste from the toilet, basin, bath, sink and all other forms of soil waste to a designated drain and also acts as an outlet for gases and fumes to leave the house safely.

    Hampshire Plumbers is the leading soil and vent pipe supplier, installer, and repair experts in Hampshire. We do it all – from unblocking to the detection of broken pipes and leaks – and we do it quickly and efficiently, too.

    Replacements may be the removal of materials that have corroded internally, that is, replacing cast iron or damaged lead with plastic. When performing replacements or upgrades we will match the current facilities.

    Call Hampshire Plumbers today on 02380 971171  if you have trouble with your soil vent pipes, or require professional assistance to repair them.

    Guttering and Rainwater Services

    Our plumbing services also apply to restoring and replacing gutters and downpipes. Guttering is an essential feature of your building and serves to draw rainwater away from the ground and away from the exterior of the building.

    How your water distribution system distributes water out of your property, is just as critical as how water circulates within it. Sometimes the early signals may be weakening of the gutters and downpipes which cannot be ignored.

    Do not neglect gutters when they leak or get blocked. When a blocked or leaking guttering is left for too long it can cause significant water damage to properties which will result in costly repairs.

    Leaking and overflowing gutters or broken downpipes, poor water pressure at the bottom of downpipes and humidity are just some of the signs that need to be detected to save you time and resources from the harm done by these issues. Our professional plumbers are experts in recognising these signs and providing the best solutions.

    The design, repair and installation of rainwater and guttering systems are necessary elements to prevent damage to buildings from rainwater. If you have broken gutters, defective gutters, or defective downpipes, please contact us to attend to the rainwater system on your property.

    Work on listed houses, historically important places and government buildings are typical jobs for our team of plumbers. With quality workmanship and a professional mentality, our materials and plumbing techniques follow all British Standards, ensuring that the architectural beauty of your homes is maintained.

    Why Choose Hampshire Plumbers ?

    Trustworthy and Dependable

    When you’re searching for reputable and professional plumbers in the Hampshire area to handle everything from installing a brand-new central heating system to replacing a leaky shower, look no further than Hampshire Plumbers.

    At Hampshire Plumbers, all our plumbing engineers are thorough professionals: simple, polite and effective. We are proud to offer outstanding plumbing services and great value for money to our clients, which means that they come to us for all their plumbing needs.

    Competent Plumbers

    We are very proud of our Hampshire Plumbers specialist team, which is made up of the most skilled, professionally trained plumbing and heating engineers. Our entire workforce has earned specialised training and certifications, including Gas Safe registration, ensuring that we continue to provide our clients with the finest quality service.

    We are really delighted to see our clients call us, and you can be confident that we can provide extensive maintenance and assistance from some of Hampshire’s most professional local plumbers.

    Extensive Experience

    We are a team of experts consisting of experienced plumbers, plumbing technicians and plumbing experts in Hampshire. Hampshire Plumbers provides trusted and valued local plumbing services and provides a wide range of services including plumbing and heating, electrical, plumbing and maintenance, and general plumbing repairs.

    We are always happy for customers to contact us and you can rest assured that you will receive comprehensive repairs and support from some of the most capable local plumbers in Hampshire.

    Best Health and Safety Practices

    Our engineers maintain the best health and safety practices when they visit your property to carry out any plumbing work. We are committed to keeping your family and all workers safe.

    Our technical departments, in compliance with the current laws, conduct a variety of health and safety checks. We go above and beyond to make sure everything is done to the right standards and your expectations.

    We are committed to maintaining safe working practices at all times.

    Same-Day Repairs

    No matter how big or small the job is, our plumbers are always happy to carry out the work. We come to the job in professionally loaded trucks, with all the required equipment that could be needed to get the job done the same day. We eliminate all obstacles that may prevent us from fixing your plumbing problems immediately.

    Capable of Working on any Site

    Our professional engineers have worked in a number of settings, ranging from private homes to massive commercial and manufacturing facilities. We are well-equipped to take on any type of plumbing and heating job in Hampshire, from a small noisy boiler to high-level plumbing facilities. We are competitively priced and ready to solve your problems.

    24-Hour Emergency Plumbing Service Available

    There is no need to waste your time looking for a trustworthy plumber near you in Hampshire, who is available on weekends, holidays and nights while facing some plumbing emergency. Our professional engineers are available to help you deal with heating and plumbing issues of all sorts. We are open 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. We are at your service any time. Hire us at your convenience, according to your needs.

    Gas Safe Plumbers

    Have peace of mind knowing that your plumbing issue will be tackled by certified and registered plumbers. All our plumbers are registered with relevant organisations, including the Water Regulatory Advisory Scheme (WRAS) and the Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineers (IPHE).These organisations ensure that you get the highest possible standard of workmanship from regulated professionals.

    Areas we Cover in Hampshire

    We offer our plumbing services to both businesses and residential clients in Hampshire and nearby areas.

    Areas we cover include Southampton, Portsmouth, Basingstoke, Eastleigh, Gosport, Farnborough, Andover, Aldershot, Horndean, Winchester, Havant, Locks Heath, Fareham, Fleet, Totton, Hedge End, Stubbington, Hythe, New Milton, Emsworth, Alton, Romsey, Emsworth, Bordon, Tadley, South Hayling, Lymington, Petersfield, Yateley, Ringwood, Blackfield, Hook, Blackwater, North Baddesley, Liphook, Netley, North Baddesley, Liphook, Bishop’s Waltham, Liss, Marchwood, Denmead, Fordingbridge, New Alresford, Oakley, Headly Down, Kings Worthy, Four Marks, Hamble le rice, Whitchurch, and Botley.

    As a local Hampshire plumber, we are never far away from you when you need us. We have a team of diligent and qualified employees who are always on the move whenever a customer needs something repaired in their bathroom, kitchen or sanitary system.

    Once we know the plumbing and heating issues, we make sure that we take the time to explain and discuss the issue with you and how we can resolve it. Call us today and we will be at your premises quickly.

    Get in Touch for Advice, to Book or For a Price

    We take pride in knowing the needs of our customers and offering the best support and recommendations. Please contact us by phone or email, if you have a problem. We are here to help.

    Phone: 02380 971171

    Email: [email protected]


    Taps fitting and maintenance plumbing solutions in Hampshire

    Frequently Asked Questions About our Plumbing Services

    The specialists at Hampshire Plumbers have put together a list of frequently asked questions to help our clients remain safe and recognise plumbing and heating problems in their homes and business premises.

    Plumbers are craftsmen who specialised in the installation and maintenance of sanitary systems, systems for water, sewage, and water and sewage treatment.

    Typically, as plumbers, we offer a wide range of plumbing repair and maintenance services. We offer much more than just emergency services in the event of a water leak. As local plumbers, we offer general sanitation services, including sanitation wares repair and replacements, installation, maintenance and repair of sanitation systems, sewage and wastewater treatment.

    As a reputable plumbing company, we also issue gas-safety certificates and provide plumbing or maintenance services to address plumbing issues such as water leaks. With Hampshire Plumbers, there are no on-call charges.

    Yes, we do major and small things, from dripping taps and toilet refits and gutting and drainage. Any concerns you have with plumbing and ventilation, we will fix them.

    Yes, we do. For big jobs, we will offer free written estimates, including boiler replacements and new equipment, bathroom refurbishments, full rewires and new fuse board installs. Those quotes are accurate for three months from the estimation date.

    No call-out fees. As our rates are calculated per job, we believe it’s more cost-effective for the customer. All rates are decided and agreed prior to the start of work.

    We believe that offering a fixed amount to the consumer is fairer and more straightforward once the issue is identified, rather than an hourly rate which may rise significantly. Many plumbing firms favour billing hourly rates. That only favours the company rather than the customer.

    Not getting enough hot water from your combination could be due to many things. One, older combination boilers have a lower flow rate compared to modern ones. Two, the problem can also arise if there is limescale build-up within the boiler which can happen over time. We recommend you get a specialist plumber from Hampshire Plumbers to test your boiler and central heating system to find out the source of the problem and fix it.

    Although the bulk of calls we get are from private residences and rental properties, we also offer commercial plumbing services. Our local specialist plumbers are able to support companies across Hampshire as plumbing issues arise. We do critical safety checks as well. If a repair to your boiler is due, or your heating system requires a safety inspection, or you need a Landlord’s Certificate, we can help. Call us today to schedule a meeting.

    It’s hard to gauge the severity of an issue before one of our engineers can determine the problem. Many issues can be easily identified, so we try to address this issue as soon as possible.

    It is a difficult question to answer, because there are a lot of different types of boilers out there. Finding the right boiler and heating system for your home is incredibly necessary and is something with which Hampshire Plumbers will support you.

    If you’re not sure which boiler is right for your house, we’re happy to do a free survey and give you a free quotation. Our plumbers are experts in all types of boilers and styles of homes including houses, condos, villas, mansions, apartments and annexes.

    To mitigate water damage to your house, it is advisable to shut off the water supply at the stopcock. This is usually located under the sink of the kitchen.

    There are several reasons, but the usual ones are that the drain has been blocked by something that was put in it and which the drain is not able to eject. For example, disposable nappies or related things or any foreign materials can get stuck at joints that are inside the pipework. These are what end up blocking the drain and prevent water from flowing.

    The common reason is the flap at the bottom of the tank that is not shutting properly. To resolve the issue, remove the top of the tank and flush the toilet and monitor the rubber flap as you do so.

    If it’s not closing properly, it means that water is entering the tank but escaping through the unsealed flap. So, the water continues flowing as the float ball sensor is never triggered to stop the flow.

    A burst pipe is a plumbing emergency that can cause costly damage to your property. What you should do is quickly to locate the main source of your water supply and shut off the tap. This will immediately stop the water from flowing. Then call a professional plumber, such as Hampshire Plumbers, to repair the pipe. When you call our rapid response team, we will respond quickly and do our best to find the most effective and inexpensive way to fix the burst pipe.

    Residential plumbers, who are otherwise known as domestic plumbers, have the training, expertise and experience to install, manage and restore plumbing at home.

    A commercial plumber has the training, expertise and experience to install, operate and restore plumbing systems in commercial premises, and will be able to work with any scale, complexity and range of problems that occur in a commercial plumbing system easily and efficiently.

    If no water comes out of the hot tap when it is opened, or you get a spluttering flow, the probable cause is an airlock. Since the cold water pressure is much higher than that of the hot water, to solve the problem, we will use this higher pressure to force any airlocks back to the hot water tank.

    Yes, the same vent used by a toilet can be used by a shower. But there is one big stipulation: the toilet must be the last fixture attached to the wet vent.

    If when your toilet is flushed, water comes back into the sink or shower, it is possible that your sewer is clogged. The water cannot go down the drain while the sewage pipe is clogged. So, it runs right up the pipes and comes out at the lowest level – normally the drain of the shower. What to do? Run the bath for about a minute in the sink next to the toilet.

    The length of time taken to restore the water mains will vary because so many factors play a part, but most of them are repaired in three hours.

    Yes, a running toilet can cause a flood. If you have a septic tank, all the extra water runs the risk of overflowing the tank, which will cause your drain field to saturate and collapse.

    Water pipes burst when the water expands, which allows pressure to rise within the pipes. When the pressure is too high to hold the pipes, it may burst.