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Call Hampshire Plumbers anytime you have a blockage to tackle in your toilet. There is no toilet blockage our team cannot clear.

We are an affordable full-service drainage and plumbing company in Hampshire that can help you fix any drain problems on your property. Anything from blocked toilet unblocking to severe drain damage repair.

Our blocked toilet clearing services cover both commercial and domestic properties. Our team of professional, reliable drain engineers are fully equipped to tackle any task, working around the clock 24 hours a day 7 days a week, so there is always someone on the other end of the phone ready and waiting to take your call.

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    With 30 years of experience, free call-outs 24/7 and competitive prices – we’ll get your toilet back up and running. Our number one priority is customer satisfaction for emergency blocked toilet clearing and we plan to give every customer the same treatment at the lowest cost. Call us today or send a quick enquiry.

    Unblocking Toilet Without Causing Damage

    Each home should have a plunger in case you need to clean the toilet. Along with the piston, buy a pair of rubber gloves that you have on hand in case you’re toilet gets blocked. When you work with a toilet, place towels on the floor to absorb water that may drain from the toilet. To use the flask, put it in the toilet and cover the entrance to the drain. 

    It is important to know that sewage fuses, and toilet residues must be cleaned immediately; you may also be exposed to bacterial hazards. The toilet overflow or safety device when flushing the toilet may indicate a clogged drain pipe or the toilet itself. Before taking the piston, it is important to determine the cause of the clogging. 

    If after using the plunger, the toilet is still clogged, use a toilet snail or toilet hose to get into the sewage system and fix the problem. Rotate the handle until the snail feels strong because the clogged dirt has loosened. If the toilet is still clogged, the degree of clogging can be a bigger problem that may call for a professional. 

    The toilet auger works just like a regular drain hose, but it’s specifically designed to capture the sharp turns of a toilet trap without damaging the bowl (which can be done by standard hoses). Insert the business end of the screw into the drain hole, bending the handle towards the drainage path. If a hard object such as a sponge or rag causes a blockage, turn the screw clockwise to lock the obstacle, then pull it out of the toilet. 

    A hydraulic hose is a device that can usually be rented from the hardware store; you put it into the toilet as well. Plumbing hoses can also be called a snail in the closet, which was specifically designed to disconnect toilets without damaging the toilet bowl. Normal hoses can scratch or damage porcelain toilets; for this, use a special toilet or cabinet hose which is also known as a worm roller.

    Signs Your Toilet is Blocked

    Poor flushing means that the toilet drain is partially or completely blocked. The toilet bowl fills up to the brim with rinse water and may spill out. Let the water level drop for a few minutes, then use the toilet plunger to solve the problem and clean the toilet.

    The plunger should push existing water into the toilet and pipe drain, pushing out the blockage. If the toilet is effectively immersed, the water level in the toilet bowl should decrease. Fill a large container with a gallon of water and carefully pour it into the toilet bowl. 

    Rinse the toilet again and drain the water into the bowl. If the water is stuck in the bowl, turn off the water supply to the toilet. Wait until the stagnant water stops, then drain the water into the toilet bowl. 

    If the water level rises, first remove the lid from the toilet tank and close the flap. The toilet flap regulates the flow of water from the tank to the pool. If you close it, the water will no longer get into the pool. As an additional safety measure, you can also interrupt the water supply to the toilet.

    Why Your Toilet May Be Blocked

    If the toilet is overflowing, it is usually a good idea to cut off the water supply at the back of the tank. However, if you notice that other blockages form in the whole house or that sewage gets into the sink and bathtub, shut off the main water supply until the plumber arrives. If it turns out that the cause of the clogged toilet is a damaged sewer, it should be repaired or replaced immediately. 

    The replacement of part or all of the main sewage pipe is usually required when old clay pipes have been eroded and collapsed; it can also happen when the roots of a nearby tree have penetrated the pipe. If you are struggling with a clogged toilet, you rarely think about checking the roof, but sometimes the problem starts there. Ventilation holes provide airflow through the system, and no air suction occurs. However, if they are clogged with leaves, sticks, and even snow, they can prevent the toilet from flushing properly at home. The worst congestion in the toilet is caused by clogging or damage to the main sewage pipe.

    Using Baking Soda to Clear Clogged Sinks

    One way to clean drains is to trigger a chemical reaction between baking soda and acid liquid. You can use lemon juice, but white vinegar with its excellent cleaning properties will work well too. If water accumulates in the sink, toilet, and bathtub, the pipe in the main channel or sewage system in the house may be damaged.

    Keep Your Toilets Flowing

    Thanks to Hampshire Plumbers, you toilets can remain in perfect condition all year long.

    We do drain cleaning and repairs for faucets, sinks, and toilets. 24/7 emergency service is available. In Hampshire, and its surrounding areas, we are highly recommended toilet plumbers. The Hampshire Plumbing team will ensure your home will be clean after the toilet plumbing is completed.

    Wny Choose Our Plumbers?

    Protect Your Home From Vermin

    Many pests are great swimmers; rats alone can swim for 1000m and stay in water for up to three days.

    Damaged gutters, unmanaged gutters, and sewer pipes provide pests with access to the main drainage systems in your home.

    From there, they can enter the house by swimming through canals and pipes in order to get into the water in the toilet system.

    Our vermin protection solution is what you need to keep your plumbing system free from these unwanted visitors.

    Brand New Toilet Installation

    At Hampshire Plumbing, our installers can supply and install a new toilet, or they can install a toilet that you have already purchased. We can help you install an entirely new bathroom or simple toilet-related items. Whether you need a new toilet, new sink, spare cistern, new heating strip, new bathroom, or new wet room, Hampshire Plumbing is the company to call.

    Emergency Drainage Service

    If you need help with evacuation, our experienced installers will give you a quick response within 30 to 40 minutes.

    A clogged toilet is no longer a problem; we have experienced installers to help you solve all types of installation problems.

    Thanks to our toilet clogging service, we will try to restore the clogged toilet back to good condition.

    Plumbing Repair Company You Can Trust

    There is nothing worse than a water leak or a broken toilet, especially if you have guests at home.

    Instead of being stressed by plumbing problems, contact Hampshire Plumbing to deal with all emergencies.

    No matter your emergency plumbing needs, including (but not limited to) a broken water heater, annoying dripping taps, emergency sanitary installations, leaky sinks, or a broken toilet, we are the repair company you can trust in Hampshire.


    • Our bathrooms account for almost 40% of water consumption in our homes.
    • According to the Environmental Protection Agency, toilets are responsible for 30% of the average water consumption indoors.
    Our experts will solve your plumbing problems in no time.

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