Leaking Taps Repair and Replacement Service Hampshire

Leaking Taps Repair and Replacement Service Hampshire

Need a fast and effective tap repair or replacement service in Hampshire? Hampshire Plumbers is here to help.

We are specialists in any plumbing issue at Hampshire, we can handle any plumbing job – major, minor or emergency – and are available 24 hours a day. We will respond within 1 hour, and we are one of Hampshire’s only plumbing firms to deliver fixed price rates with a guarantee.

Our expert plumbers always show up professionally equipped for the task, including a selection of taps and spare parts such as washers, showerheads, and valves. Additionally, we will also replace the fittings for you in case a tap repair is not feasible due to non-standard parts and sizes.

And, with your permission, our technician can get any spare or unique parts from a nearby shop should you need them and return to the property to finish the job.

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    Dripping Faucet

    A dripping or leaking tap is the most common, irritating problem in the home. In addition to wasting water and increasing water bills, water in the sink can overflow, damaging furniture and electronic equipment if left unattended.

    If you are looking for a new tap on the market, our friendly installers will help you choose a tap model for the kitchen or bathroom. Leaky faucets outside the home can cause huge water bills over time.

    Overcoming Leaky Faucet Problems

    The dripping sound of a leaking kitchen faucet can be very annoying while wasting water. Repairing a leaking kitchen tap is an easy task, even for a person without any plumbing experience. You can buy general parts before starting the project, or you can wait until you open the tap to take out the part you need to replace. 

    To stop the drip, it’s usually enough to change the pad or fix the seat. When repairing the tap, first turn off the water supply.

    Fix Leaky Faucets Fast to Avoid Expensive Damage

    If you think a leaky faucet is not a big deal, think again. From corroded components to damaged wardrobes, repairing these problems can be very expensive. Our hydraulic company can quickly diagnose the problem and make the necessary repairs. 

    A steady tap that drips should be repaired as soon as possible, especially if you pay for water by the meter. Even one drop per second can use several liters of water in just one day.

    If one day it turns out that the tap in your home is leaking and needs repair or replacement, call Hampshire Plumbers. They offer emergency installation services, including tap repair, and they are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

    You can rely on us when it comes to safe, permanent repairs of your taps or replacement installations. As with pipe installations at home or in the office, taps also need repair and service. Always hire a specialist for this type of job; call us immediately.

    How to Unblock a Clogged Drain

    Clogged drains are a common problem in both kitchen and bathroom sinks. You can try to take care of it yourself, pouring some boiling water into the sewage system or using a flask. Most sanitary workers warn against using aggressive chemical cleaners, such as Draino, which can corrode pipes and release toxic chemicals into the sewage system. You can determine the location of the obstacle in order to find the best way to remove the bottleneck without damaging the piping. 

    At Hampshire Plumbing Company, fixing clogged drains is a very fast task with the right tools, skills, and experience. In fact, we’re constantly repairing clogged drains all over the Hampshire area.

    Resolve Leaking and Dripping Tap Issues Fast

    A dripping tap causes a surprising amount of wastewater and costs money. It’s literally about money going down the drain.

    Fortunately, depending on the age, design, and hardness of the tap water, the problem can easily be solved. Our highly-qualified installers will repair leaking valves for private kitchens and bathrooms in Hampshire.

    Contact our experts to repair any leaks.

    Looking for Well-trained Plumbers in Hampshire?

    Hampshire Plumbing Services is a specialized, professional, and reliable plumbing company.

    All our tradesmen are trained and insured with many years of experience. If you’re looking for a professional solution for leaking taps in Hampshire, you can be sure that we have the right team for this job.

    Our reputation speaks for itself; as a leader in leaky plumbing repairs in Hampshire, we pride ourselves on a friendly, professional approach to every job.


    What Causes Water Leakage?

    One element that can drip from the tap is the washer, especially when it is old and worn. Washers are traditionally made of rubber, and these rubber pads, or pads made from similar materials, tend to get damaged after some time which can lead to water leaks.

    The rubber pad must be replaced. A better solution is a ceramic disc that lasts much longer than a rubber disc; it is usually also more efficient.

    Tap Replacement Services

    When a plumber is called to repair leaking taps, it often turns out that the tap is old or has expired. Taps can corrode over time which causes leakages. 

    In such cases, it is best to simply replace the tap with a new one. This will not only solve the leakage problem, but the faucet will most likely not cause further problems for many years.

    The new faucet also looks better and works better.

    Get Leaking Taps Fixed Quickly

    Repairing a leaking tap should always be given high priority; it is not something that should be done later or left to worsen. 

    While a leaking faucet is often a bit more than an occasional drop, it can turn into something much more serious.

    Repair tap leaks can only be done by DIY enthusiasts who know exactly what they are doing.

    However, too often, repairs need to be carried out on a larger scale; for this reason, it is usually best to contact a professional who fully understands the installation procedure.


    These are some facts or statistics:

    • In 99% of cases, a dripping tap has nothing to do with the washer, which is just as good as the day it was installed if it was not made of rubber.

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