Blocked Sink, New Sink, Sink Installation, and Sink Plumbing Services

Blocked Sink, New Sink, Sink Installation, and Sink Plumbing Services

Hampshire Plumbers provides both drainage and general plumbing services. We have a trained Gas Safe registered team ready to fix blocked sinks and install new sinks and pipes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our plumbers are specialists in unblocking blocked sinks and are able to repair your clogged sink or add a sink to match your needs.

Blocked drains can cause many problems, including bad odours, floods and overflowing gutters. Our drain unblocking experts use state-of-the-art equipment to give homeowners and businesses a secure and cost-effective service.

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    With our plumbers working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we are happy to handle any plumbing issues you may encounter. There are no emergency callout fees or additional work costs outside normal hours, so you can rest assured you will receive a cost-effective plumbing service.

    We know your kitchen sink is critical and how annoying drain clogs can be. Book an appointment with us and we’ll be able to make the issues go away as soon as possible.

    Causes of blocked sinks

    It is important to know that the flowing water in both the kitchen sink and the dishwasher flows through the same drain line. Blockages in the main drainage line can, therefore, cause water to accumulate and flow into the sink. Blockages in the sanitary system can cause water to accumulate in the sink when operating the dishwasher. 

    The drain in the kitchen sink is designed so that it absorbs a small amount of water, and the smell of sewage does not get through the pipe to the kitchen. If the drain cannot flow, the cause is almost always a clogged filter or trap. Sometimes, repairing a clogged sink depends on the type of sink. A kitchen sink can be a different challenge due to the type of clogged sink. Fat is often a problem in kitchen sinks because it catches food debris and deposits, causing buildups.

    Unblocking Sinks Yourself

    Clogged drains are a common problem in both kitchen and bathroom sinks. You can try to take care of it yourself, pouring some boiling water into the sewage system or using a flask. Most sanitary workers warn against using aggressive chemical cleaners, such as Draino, which can corrode pipes and release toxic chemicals into the sewage system. When the water flows through the sink drains, it flows through the trap and comes out of the drain pipe. Closed water provides a seal to prevent channel gases from entering the sink. Each time the water in the sink trap is replaced with new water. 

    You can avoid most blockages and use a drain line without overusing the kitchen drain pipe. Also, allow a lot of cold water to drain into the sewage system, letting the waste disposal company catch up with everything you have in there. You may have an obstruction in the drain hose, something out of reach, or objects in the pipes. This tool is usually made of flexible plastic, with a handle at one end and small spikes at the other end; these can be used to catch hair and other foreign objects in a clogged sink drain. After removing the cork, insert the plastic cord into the drain, move it, and lift it often in order to wipe away anything you catch. Continue until the block is no longer present. If you have a dishwasher, remember to squeeze the drain hose first. Then, fill the sink with two inches of water in order to make sure the plunger seals around the drain. Hold a damp cloth firmly over the second drain hole in the double sinks, or you can use a strainer to seal it.

    Remember the flushing plunger is not a toilet plunger. They are two different pieces of equipment, and you should use the right plunger to solve a specific problem in order to get the best results. Take the plunger, place it on one side of the clogged sink, and put a cloth in the opposite drain of the two sinks (i.e. the side that is not immersed). 

    Turn off the water, clean everything under the sink, set the bucket to excess water, and close the cap completely. Then, you need to remove the sink plug. To do this, get under the sink and release the plug, squeezing the spring clip to remove the pivot rod from the fork strap. 

    The availability of pipes also affects the cost of unblocking the sink. If your kitchen has an unconventional configuration or layout, it may affect clogging access. The season also matters when it comes to how much you pay for unclogging the sink. If the result is many problems, then you can have a much bigger problem on your hands; the more problems, the more the price increases due to the number of steps required to get the job done, such as removing the sink, increased labor, and more materials.  

    The normal culprit for a clogged sink is hair, dirt, and foam. Boiling water can flow through all this to restore normal wastewater flow. The trick is gradually pouring boiling water every few seconds. Wet hair in the drain accumulates more wet hair until the thick lump completely resists the flow of water in the pipe. Facial hair, pet hair, and other types of fur can clog drains as well.

    Sink Unblocking Experts in Hampshire

    A clogged sink can be uncomfortable, smell bad, and become a breeding ground for bacteria.

    A clogged sink in the kitchen or bathroom can be an uncomfortable, often smelly nightmare that prompts you to call an emergency service. 

    To troubleshoot blocked sinks in Hampshire, call 0800568493 for an immediate response.

    Emergency Blocked Sink Repairs

    Clogged bathroom and kitchen sinks can be more than annoying.

    The dangers of microorganisms in the dirt of a clogged sink are not really worth refusing to call for help.

    At Hampshire Plumbing, we can help you if you have concerns about an unpleasant smell, slow drainage, and even water that doesn’t really move in the sink. Simply call our emergency sink unblocking experts at any time of the day, wherever you are in Hampshire; we will send people to handle the situation ASAP.

    How to Prevent Your Sink From Getting Clogged

    Prevention is always better than a cure, and sink clogging can be avoided. Use a sink strainer; it is a cheap and easy solution to prevent small pieces of food from getting into the sink drain.

    Avoid pouring oil or fat into the sink because oil and fat do not mix with water. If you regularly pour kitchen oils into the sink, they will accumulate over time.

    Wash the sink as regularly as possible; you can use saline and boiling water about once a month as a routine.

    Effective Solutions for Clogged Sinks

    We all want to learn the various steps we should take to unblock our own kitchen sink.

    However, some chemical substances can cause serious harm to your own plumbing system, or they can even present hazards to your safety and health. Therefore, we all need to take time to identify the problem correctly and find the right person for the job. You want to contact the person who will not charge too much.

    Our experts will solve them in no time.

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