Plumbing Water Supply

Plumbing Water Supply

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Durable Rainwater Collection Systems

If collection systems of rainwater that cannot be consumed are designed, installed, cleaned and maintained in accordance with the requirements of the code, they are acceptable for the water supply of toilets, urinals, floor drainage underlays, industrial processes, water functions, vehicle washing systems, etc. The owner is responsible for handling, maintaining, monitoring, testing and inspecting rainwater catchments. Filter and disinfect the rainwater collection system to ensure minimum water quality for use. The rainwater collection system must be designed by a registered engineer.

Water Distribution Systems

Water from collection and cleaning systems is pumped into elevated storage tanks and can then flow through the system by gravity. The drainage section includes pipes that lead from various valve drains to the central main sewer, which is connected to the municipal or private sewage system. Drainers for sanitary fittings provide water sealing between sewage pipes and rooms where sanitary fittings are installed.

How Wastewater Treatment Works

Open sewers and septic tanks have been eliminated and replaced by the development of separate groundwater and wastewater systems. Most major cities now utilise solid waste in wastewater treatment plants to separate and partially purify water before entering streams or other water bodies. 

Used water supplies are discharged via the sewage system. Sanitary drainage system: The correct dimensions for a sanitary or household drainage system depend on the number of fittings supplied. The materials used are usually cast iron, stoneware, plastic and, in rare cases, lead.


A sewage treatment plant is recommended to remove large amounts of sewage.It is a sewage processing plant and uses it to produce sludge or relatively clean water.This treated water can be used for landscaping and even HVAC cooling towers, but it is definitely not for drinking or washing.

Eco-friendly Toilets and Heaters

Flowing water and a flush toilet are a daily requirement, as is a shower with hot water, making your water supply system an essential part of your sanitary configuration at home. Your system also needs a special pipe that feeds the water heater with fresh water. Instant water heaters, which were once installed in flats and small apartments (without space for conventional instantaneous water heaters), have become popular features in newer residential constructions due to their lower energy costs.

Eco-friendly Tankless Heaters

The tankless unit has a heater that is activated by the flow of water when the hot water valve is opened. However, the heater capacity limits the flow rate of heated water. On request, water heaters are available as propane (LP), natural gas or electric models. The attractiveness of water heaters lies not only in the elimination of reserve reservoir losses and the resulting lower operating costs but also in the fact that the water heater constantly supplies hot water.

Durable Steel Pipes for Plumbing Works

Steel pipes have a national conical external thread (NPT), which is connected to the conical internal threads on elbows, tees, fittings, valves and other fittings. Black painted steel pipe is the most commonly used material for sprinklers and natural gas. Galvanised steel pipes have a service life of about XX to XX years in the field of drinking water supply, although this is often the case in geographical areas with corrosive water pollution.

Plumbing Materials Lifespan

As with all installations and fittings, plumbing materials will deteriorate over time. Really old washers can start to disintegrate or get rusted, and this can alter the flavour of your water. The most frequently affected are the kitchen taps and the stop taps. Replacing old, worn-out washers and or tap seats can help improve the functionality.

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