Plumbing Investigation

Plumbing Investigation

We are a company providing a wide range of maintenance and many other services needed to make your life comfortable and happy. Our high-class experts fix any malfunction and install any equipment in your house.

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    Get a Qualified Plumber to Investigate your Plumbing

    When home plumbing is in good condition, it is easy to take everything for granted.

    However, if you suddenly face a leak, noisy pipes or clogged drains, it’s time to pay special attention to the pipes.

    Some leaks are easy to detect – water drips from taps, pipes and radiators, or collects around the toilet or sink. Others are harder to see, especially when pipes come out from behind walls or ceiling.

    If your pipes are noisy, the main causes can be faulty ball valves, air in the shut-off valve or loose fittings. Drains are usually blocked when food or other deposits accumulate and water can no longer flow freely.

    In such cases, we recommend consulting a qualified installer. They have the appropriate qualifications, tools and experience to carry out thorough checks, detect leaks and carry out general piping or repairs.

    They also replace shut-off valves, ball valves and toilet flushing systems and remove blockages from drains.

    CCTV Drain Inspections

    Poor drainage can occur for many reasons. If your plumber finds out both the exact nature and location of blockages, the time and cost of resolving them can be significantly reduced.

    With the help of a colour video camera and a light source connected to the appropriate cable, we can move along underground pipes to make sure that we know both the location and the condition of your drains.

    Water Damage Investigation

    Do you have water damaged areas near your home or property?

    The cause of water damage is often difficult to identify, but we have experience and knowledge to help you conduct a non-invasive examination of the entire pipeline.

    This may include static tests, pressure tests and humidity measurements in the affected areas of the property.

    Hampshire Plumbers has all the specialised equipment needed to identify, record and locate pipeline problems.

    Based on this, we can then create a detailed and photographic leakage test report. The results and repair options are then discussed in detail and can be repaired as needed.


    Gas Installations and Leaks

    To ensure safety, save money and reduce the consumption of non-renewable fuels, gas leakage detection cannot be deferred.

    If you can smell a slight gas smell or your gas bill seems high, you may have a leak.

    In this case, it is an emergency.

    Innovative Plumbing Investigators

    Hampshire Plumbers is a leader in non-invasive and accurate leak detection.

    If you want to have trusted specialists on hand, be sure to contact your local Hampshire  Plumbers installation team.

    Why do you Need Plumbing Investigation?

    These plumbing checks are usually carried out before selling or buying a home.

    We also work with your home inspector, who identifies the problem with the base layer and then contacts us for a more in-depth and professional analysis of the level of concern.

    You need a Trusted Company to Handle your Plumbing Needs

    If you are dealing with a plumbing problem at home, you need a reliable company that you can trust to quickly and effectively fix the situation.

    Quick repair of a leaking pipe or replacement of a sewage system can minimise damage and save a lot of money.

    With Hampshire Plumbing you get the desired customer service as well as well-deserved experience and efficiency.

    Why Choose Hampshire Plumbing Services?

    Whether you have a sink blockage or need help with a waste disposal installation, our certified sanitary technicians can help.

    We deal with both private and commercial plumbing, so no work is too big or too small.

    Our plumbing services are not limited to plumbing repairs but also include comprehensive repair, pipeline and leak detection services for private households.

    If you have a hydraulic failure in Hampshire, our team is available around the clock.

    Our emergency installers stop the leaks and immediately start cleaning using our advanced water extraction methods.

    These services and our renovation services can make your home or business is as good as new.

    Our experts will solve them in no time.

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