Burst Water Pipe Repair Service in Hampshire

Burst Water Pipe Repair Service in Hampshire

In case of a broken of a burst water pipe, you need a Gas Safe licensed plumber who will get to you fast to fix it right the first time. Hampshire Plumbers has more than XXX years of experience and is the nearest plumbing specialist to contact in Hampshire.

At Hampshire Plumbers, we aim to effectively and reliably handle every plumbing work while offering the best quality and customer satisfaction.

In addition to timely plumbing service delivery, we also give our customers extreme satisfaction by using the correct technical equipment, high-grade repair materials and detailed checks after finishing every job.

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    Hampshire Plumbers understand the importance of quickly solving a plumbing crisis before it escalates. Our professionally trained and certified Hampshire plumbing technicians are familiar with all forms of residential and industrial plumbing and pipe systems.

    If you want to add or upgrade your pipes, fix a plumbing emergency or require regular maintenance, our 24-hour plumbers are available in all areas of Hampshire. Call us today.

    Signs Your Pipes are Frozen

    One of the most obvious signs of a pipe freezing is the lack of running water. If you unscrew the tap and nothing or only a small drop of water comes out, it probably means that the pipe has an ice block. If the pipe bursts, it is best to turn off the water at the main shut-off valve and consult an experienced installer. You can solve the problem before the spring temperatures thaw the pipes and flood the house.

    Why Plumbing and Pipes Get Damaged

    One tap can dump hundreds of gallons of water into the drains annually. Water entering your home is under pressure to transfer it through the pipes. Over time, the pads can become stiff, torn, or loose, causing a small drop of water to leak out. 

    Maintaining normal water pressure is essential for the proper function of the water supply line. A significant increase in water pressure can lead to pipe ruptures or damage to fittings, such as a faucet or toilet. If you suspect your water pressure is too high, you can check it by connecting a pressure gauge to the spout and unscrewing the tap.

    A blocked toilet or blocked drain will lead to a huge increase in pressure behind the blockage. After all, the pressure becomes so great that the pipe can no longer bear it. A clogged toilet or a blocked drain leads to a huge increase in pressure behind the clog. 

    The last reason for a rupture of water pipes is the presence of a blockage. If the pipes are clogged, excessive pressure may build up in these pipes. Water pipes can be clogged with virtually anything from hair to bathroom products.

    Pipe Leakage

    Leak detection becomes even more difficult when it occurs below ground level. Leaks, one of the most persistent installation problems, can occur in floors, walls, and ceilings. A water pipe is a pipe that connects the installation system at home with the public water supply. Since this main water pipe is usually underground, it cannot be accessed without a ditch. 

    Unfortunately, not all surface leaks become obvious, and many remain hidden for a long time. Rainwater pipes, sewer pipes, power channels, and empty pipes are common places where hidden leaks happen. The easiest way to find them is by using sound amplifiers. If you know this, you’ll need to work regularly with a plumber to determine if there are any leaks.

    Minimising the Risk of Water Damage

    If you experience minor water damage, make sure everything dries as quickly as possible. Install fans, use heaters, or open doors and windows in order to provide fresh airflow. Extensive damage caused by water due to a burst pipe requires the services of a professional cleaning and drying company.

    How to Prevent Your Plumbing Pipes From Freezing

    The best way to protect pipes from freezing is to buy specially designed pipe insulation. Pipe insulation is often extremely inexpensive compared to the cost of repairing a broken water pipe. When insulating a water system, special attention should be paid to pipes in unheated interiors of the house, e.g. in the attic, garage, or basement. 

    Use valves in your home to make sure that the water does not freeze, expand, or cause leakage in these lines.

    Defrosting Frozen Pipes by Yourself

    Never try to defrost frozen tubes with an open flame or torch. If you can’t keep your house warm, take extra precautions to avoid damage. Hardware or equipment stores provide insulation to prevent pipes from freezing in these areas. 

    When the ice plug in the pipe begins to melt, the water should flow through the pipe. If you have access to a part of the tube filled with ice, you can defrost it by applying heat directly. You can wrap an electric heating pad around the pipe section, use a portable heater, or try an electric hair dryer.


    XXX Years of Experience

    Hampshire Plumbing has over XXX years of experience in handling a wide range of plumbing installation, repairs, and maintenance. 

    Whether you need kitchen pipe repairs, cleaning external drains, re-piping, or unclogging washing machines, Hampshire plumbing is equipped for all emergency situations in your home or office.

    We offer a professional installation service around the clock.

    You can order urgent installation repairs today.

    Plumbing Service That is Right for You

    Your home insurance company can direct you to a particular service company, but you should know that you don’t have to use the company they proposed.

    It’s always best to find the installation service that suits you best, and it’s always best to find this service before you really need it.

    Put PHONEXXX on your speed dial.

    Emergency Plumbing Repair

    If you find a problem with the plumbing system, you must contact our licensed installers immediately.

    We offer a 24/7 emergency repair that will help you if needed.

    Below are some signs that you need re-piping at home: a change in the colour of the water, a smell coming out of the water, a change in water pressure, or extremely high water bills.

    Call PHONEXXX to resolve pipe problems in Hampshire today.

    Our experts will solve them in no time.

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