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We provide a broad variety of plumbing services from emergency plumbing and heating, new boiler equipment, bathroom fitting, and other general plumbing work.

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    Hot Water Plumbing

    If electricity is not flowing, cold water cannot be mixed with hot water to cool down hot water. If the temperature-controlled water return pipe only returns to the water heater and there is no flow from the device, the circulation pump forces hot water to leak or blow through the spaces in the mixing valve, causing the temperature of the temperature-controlled water to rise to the full flow temperature. If the return line for hardened water returns only to the cold water inlet or to the mixing valve return, the cool return-water for hardened water comes out or passes the gap in the mixing valve, and the temperature of the system for hardened water eventually drops to the ambient temperature.

    Hot Water Plumbing Problems

    When the pipe breaks, cold water accumulates at the top of the tank, and the radiator begins to provide less hot water. In an electric water heater, two heating elements in the tank provide energy to raise the temperature. 

    How Tankless Water Heaters Work

    Unlike traditional water heaters, which have a hot water tank when needed, water heaters without a water heater only heat water when the tap is turned on. You direct the water through a series of heating elements and then straight to the tap. 

    This way you can have hot water when you need it, without paying for heating a full tank hours a day. If your household has a particularly high demand for hot water, you may need to install multiple instantaneous water heaters or choose a conventional storage model.

    Hampshire Plumbing offers the latest technology in tankless water heating. Tankless water heaters have significant advantages over tank-style water heaters with the latest advances as they sense water flow and can control the heat of the water by monitoring when the faucet is on or off.

    Tankless water heaters might not always be the best option for your home or business, though. Call Hampshire Plumbing at PHONEXXX today to learn more about if or how you could opt for a tankless water heater.

    Hot Water Systems

    Hot water systems are designed such that water heaters usually store hot water.

    A thermostat controls hot water delivery capacity.

    How an Electric Water Heater Works

    An electric water heater works essentially the same as a gas water heater.

    It guides cold water through the immersion tube and heats it with electric heating elements in the tank.

    Like a gas water heater, the electric water heater has a thermostat, temperature and pressure limiting valve, drain valve, insulated tank and anode rod.

    The Benefits of Pipe Insulation

    Pipe insulation significantly reduces pipe heat loss when using hot water.

    In most cases, pipe insulation reduces the time it takes to prepare hot water. Because the insulation keeps the pipes warm, less heat is drawn from the water on the way to the fittings, so that hot water reaches the tap quicker.

    Pipe insulation can also reduce or eliminate thermosiphon effects, further reducing the energy needed to keep water warm.

    Durable Piping Solution for Indoor Plumbing

    As a solid solution for indoor plumbing, Pex is an extremely flexible piping option that can be literally pulled through the house and bent around corners as needed. It requires no glue and lasts longer than CPVC in freezing conditions, and can expand and contract.

    PEX can be combined with existing pipes, including copper pipes, which makes it an excellent choice for addition and modernisation.

    Hampshire Water Heater Repair | Hampshire Plumbing & Service

    Whatever your water heater issue may be, we provide an inexpensive and reliable installation and maintenance service at Hampshire Plumbing.

    Trust Hampshire Plumbing Solutions to correctly fix your water heater. We offer maintenance, repairs, installation and more! Get in touch today. Call 0800 568493.

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