Shower Plumbing, Power Shower, Shower Replacement, Shower Repair

Shower Plumbing, Power Shower, Shower Replacement, Shower Repair

We are a company providing a wide range of maintenance and many other services needed to make your life comfortable and happy. Our high-class experts fix any malfunction and install any equipment in your house.

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    Choosing a Shower System

    A digital shower a shower system that works similarly to a mixer tap or massage shower, but it offers better control of the water temperature using a digital control panel. An eco-shower is a shower system that is available as a mixer tap or electric variant, but it also has a regulator to regulate the water flow to save water. An electric shower is a shower cubicle for local heating of the shower water with an electric current. 

    A power shower is a shower enclosure that works like a shower with a mixer tap, mixing existing hot and cold water supplies; it locally increases the water pressure available to the showerhead using an electric booster pump. A Roman shower is a shower without doors or curtains. A Vichy shower is a shower in which large amounts of hot water is poured onto the spa user, as the user lies on a flat (wet) bed like a massage table.

    A shower cubicle is a separate shower area containing a water jet with a door or curtain. A shower over the bathtub saves space in the bathroom, allowing you to use space in the bathtub or shower. A sliding shower curtain is usually used to keep the water jet flowing. Showers can also be placed in a damp room without a specific shower area or a special shower cubicle.

    Choosing a Reliable Shower Installation Company

    Hampshire Plumbing can handle any type of installation, repair, or replacement of shower fittings. Bathroom supply valves are important installation connections because you can turn off the water when you need to replace or repair parts of the bathroom installation. At Hampshire Plumbing, we can install new valves and repair or replace aging or damaged valves. 

    We offer quick, high-quality shower repairs and assembly for shower fittings. Our team of experts will work with care and respect for your home. From showerhead assembly to showerhead repair and shower conversion, our bathroom renovation team offers a reliable solution for small and large projects. We also offer shower and bath drain cleaning services to help you restore the sanitary system.

    Why Choose Us

    We track the estimates of local businesses and share them with you. To maintain the appearance and performance of the shower, homeowners often have to consider shower repair services. There are, however, several factors when considering the cost of shower repairs.

    If you only have one bathroom in your home, restoring it should be your highest priority. By hiring a specialist, you pay for the knowledge and expertise. A professional plumber can repair the shower for use within a few hours.

    Wide Choices of Bathroom and Showers

    Bathtubs and showers are available in different styles and colors. Bathtubs are made of acrylic material resistant to mold, chips, and fading. At the moment, you can choose whether you want to install a digital, electric, or eco-friendly shower. 

    Before buying anything for a repair project, make sure you know the material of your shower. Is your shower made of fiberglass, chrome, or other materials? Look at the color of the surrounding tiles and walls as well.


    Complete Bathroom and Shower Installations from Hampshire Plumbing

    Whether you want a new bathtub, shower, faucet, or a completely new bathroom, we are the plumbers you need to call.

    You can find us around Hampshire.

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    Create the Perfect Bathroom for Your Home

    Installing plumbing installations may be the next step in the renovation process of your bathroom, but it should really be at the top of the list.

    A well-hidden pipe and clever plumbing can help create the perfect bathroom for your home, whether you’re looking for a luxury spa-style bathroom or a small wet room.

    Install an Efficient Showerhead

    Did you know that a 10-minute shower with a normal hand shower can use up to 400 litres of water?

    By choosing a water-saving showerhead that saves a lot of water, you can also save a lot on your water bill.

    Go for Bespoke Shower Baths

    Showers are now also common; they have a curved section at one end for a more spacious shower area.

    Choose a bathtub with a flat bottom to ensure maximum shower space, preventing you from slipping when entering or leaving the bathtub.

    Our experts will solve them in no time.

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