Accredited Boiler Repair and Installation Services in Hampshire

Accredited Boiler Repair and Installation Services in Hampshire

For years, Hampshire Plumbers has been providing boiler repairs for customers in and around the Hampshire area. We are accredited by leading organisations and only use the best suppliers and boiler brands, like Baxi Boilers, Potterton Boilers, Ideal Boilers, Glow-worm Boilers, Vaillant Boilers, Vokèra Boilers, Worcester Bosch Boilers and Rinnai Boilers.

Our team of highly trained and professional boiler engineers is capable of solving any boiler problem. We provide effective and competent service and can ensure the right type of repair is done.

Thanks to our over 30 years of experience in this area, you will find our work is comparable with any local boiler engineers in Hampshire.

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    While being one of Hampshire’s most sought after boiler repair providers, we’re incredibly cost-effective. Our team is friendly and competent, and know how to do repairs and installations quickly and efficiently.

    Our engineers are registered with Gas Safe and are trained in restoring all leading boiler models, so you can call us with confidence. Our Hampshire-based boiler repair department is able to get your boiler back up and running in no time.

    Buying a New Boiler

    The price you pay for a new combi boiler consists of delivery and installation costs. The amount you pay depends on the make, model, and components of your heating system. For example, if you want to replace only the old multi-function boiler with a new one, the installation price is lower than when converting from a conventional boiler. 

    The cost of a new boiler system depends heavily on the circumstances and the boiler you want. Boiler installation costs usually include everything you need: the boiler itself, disassembly of the old boiler, flushing the old system, plumbing, and pipe laying. 

    The actual cost of a new boiler varies from brand to brand. There are other factors associated with the price of the boiler. The boiler capacity has a significant impact on the price. The type of boiler, whether it is a dual-function boiler, a standard device, or even a steam boiler, can make a difference from several hundred to several thousand dollars.

    Benefits of the Electric Combi Boiler

    The boiler is an energy-saving device that can act as an option for heating the house and water. When looking for a new boiler, an electric combi boiler is one of the most popular options in the UK. The electric combi boiler is ideal for households in which it is impossible to store the oil tank; this is often because most models fit into your kitchen or linen cabinet. To learn more about the cost of an electric combi boiler, as well as other great models, we can do a free quote to make sure you buy a new boiler that best suits your needs. 

    Combi boilers are one of the most popular new boiler options in the UK. Combined boilers are compact and efficient because they take water directly from the main pipes. Combi boilers can be powered by gas or electricity, and they can often fit into a cabinet. 

    Combined boilers are ideal if you have a relatively low demand for hot water at a given time. In this case, a regular or system boiler may be more suitable. For a multi-functional boiler, you can theoretically produce an unlimited amount of hot water; however, tap-water pressure determines power. 

    As already mentioned, the multi-function boiler provides hot water without the need for a hot or cold water tank. After turning on the hot water taps, the boiler starts and heats the water flowing out of the pipes. One of the main reasons for installing a combi boiler is the fact that you can do without water tanks, which saves a lot of space.

    Oil and Gas Boilers for Homes Outside the Gas Network

    Outside the gas network or without gas, typical boiler options are electric storage heaters and oil boilers. For some larger households in this situation, a system boiler or a conventional boiler with a tank is a better choice. For low water pressure, combi boilers rely on water pressure to bring hot water through the house. If the water pressure is bad, a system or a regular boiler may be the best solution.

    Efficient Boiler Installers in Hampshire

    Installing the boiler is one of the most efficient and functional options for heating the entire house. We will check boiler prices, installation costs, and energy efficiency. The boiler (gas or oil) uses water as a heat carrier.

    New Boiler Installation

    Get a FREE online estimate for a new boiler today. The whole Hampshire area is covered by our professional engineers.

    What is a Powerflush?

    Central heating systems often require flushing before a new boiler installation in order to remove sludge and dirt from the piping system, which helps prevent future leaks.

    Thanks to the flushing function, central heating can work more efficiently, and radiators heat up faster.

    We work with Fernox, a global market leader, to offer the highest quality flushing.

    Combi Boiler Cost

    A new combination boiler will cost from £1,500 to £3,500, depending on the type of boiler you choose, the warranty period, the complexity of the system you want, and the labor cost of your home area.

    Is it Time to Replace Your Boiler?

    As boilers age, they can become inefficient and very unreliable.

    This leads to more frequent breakdowns until a new boiler change is the only option.

    Changing the boiler is not cheap; it’s best to make sure this is the right step before you go further, even though it may be cheaper in the long run.

    If you are not sure whether you need to repair or replace the boiler, please contact your local heating specialist.

    Why Choose a Combi Boiler

    If you need a new boiler, you can also use a combi boiler.

    Due to its small size and relative efficiency, it is an excellent choice for central heating installations.

    Despite the seemingly high initial costs of the new combi boiler, you can get further savings by finding the right company that best suits your needs.

    Gas Safe Technicians in Hampshire

    To comply with building and safety regulations, the installer must install new Gas Safe certified boilers.

    A registered installer assesses your apartment and advises you on which boiler would be ideal for your system.

    Experienced Boiler Installers in Your Area

    Experienced boiler installers in your area. Whether you are looking for a new boiler replacement or you need a completely new central heating system, your local heating specialist should be able to do the job for you.

    An experienced heating specialist must check the existing boiler and the current configuration.

    This individual will discuss your options with you, then make you an offer.

    Boiler Repair

    Avoiding Heating and Boiler Problems

    There are several ways to check the gas and water pressure in your system. One way to avoid problems with the boiler installation is to make sure that the system is clean and maintained. Leaks can cause poor pressure in pumps and valves. There are several ways to check the gas and water pressure in your system.

    Is Your System Over 10 Years Old?

    If your system is 10 years old or more, you should compare repair costs with a simple boiler replacement. As soon as a typical boiler has been in operation for years, its efficiency drops much faster. An investment in a new boiler can prevent future repairs and reduce energy costs.

    Boiler Maintenance and Repair for Your Comfort and Safety

    Boiler repair can be the most effective way to reduce heating costs and save money. We offer complete maintenance programs to avoid or reduce the need for boiler repairs, as it is important to check and inspect the boiler annually. Nevertheless, our team of boiler repair experts is at your disposal immediately. 

    The purpose of our inspections is to ensure that your boiler is in perfect condition. The main reason why we recommend an annual boiler inspection is for safety. A faulty boiler is not only inefficient but can also be very dangerous. For example, a crack in the boiler’s heat exchanger can cause poisonous gas to enter your home.

    Emergency Boiler Repair Service in Hampshire (24/7 Open)

    Looking for a boiler repair service in Hampshire?

    Our boiler engineers in Hampshire offer 24/7 boiler repair at affordable prices.

    Hampshire Plumbers boiler repair has been keeping Hampshire warm for years.

    Plumbers from Hampshire can help.

    We offer comprehensive repair services for all facilities and equipment in Hampshire.

    Our prices are competitive, and our employees are highly qualified; they can quickly solve any problem with your boiler.

    Industrial Boiler Installation, Repair, and Servicing

    Hampshire Plumbers offers a special service for the repair and renovation of industrial boilers.

    Our installers offer services at affordable prices, such as installation for boilers, air conditioning, heating, and gas supply. 

    If you need a heating service, including boiler maintenance or radiator repair, experienced installers at Hampshire Plumbers can help.

    Call 0800568493.

    Has Your Boiler Broken Down?

    Is your boiler not heating enough water or the rooms are not warm enough?

    Does your boiler make noise at night and prevent you from sleeping?

    Do not worry!

    If you are in Hampshire, you can take advantage of our troubleshooting boiler problems in Hampshire.

    Boiler Servicing for Hampshire Landlords

    Ensuring full boiler functionality is key to ensuring a safe and economical heating system in your home. 

    You need to make sure that the property you rent is secure for current and future residents, especially if you are a landlord. This is why we offer boiler maintenance and owner checks.

    To find out more about our expert boiler solutions, call 0800568493 now.

    Boiler Servicing

    Why You Need Regular Boiler Maintenance

    They are a godsend for households struggling with higher gas and electricity costs, but they may require more frequent boiler maintenance. The bad news is that the system freezes at low temperatures. For this reason, regular maintenance of a gas boiler is important. 

    If there is a problem with the heating system, you will not be cold during the repair. In addition to the annual boiler maintenance, you should also consider maintenance after moving to a new home. Immediate maintenance of the boiler guarantees that the previous owner will not leave undesirable problems. 

    Most boiler guarantees and insurance policies require that you take appropriate measures to ensure boiler safety. Boilers are expensive and involve potential liability, thus the annual boiler service ensures that the insurance policy is met. We will help clean and prepare the boiler for annual inspection and solve any problems found.

    Boiler Repair Specialists

    Hire an HVAC installer for private households to customize the duct network and replace the boiler with a new HVAC system. Work with the boiler builder to replace the existing boiler with a new, highly efficient one. Find a company that specializes in boiler repair, and your existing boiler will be diagnosed and repaired by a certified service technician.

    Xxx Years of Experience

    Thanks to years of training and experience, the boiler service specialist is both efficient and qualified when it comes to maintaining the boiler’s system requirements. Many experienced boiler technicians have deepened their knowledge of piping, HVAC, boiler installations, burner repairs, and combustion processes to complement their expertise in the operation and maintenance of combustion systems. Most specialists are trained by experienced boiler repair technicians through the International Union of Operational Engineers (IUOE).

    Boiler Servicing and Repair  

    A damaged boiler is a serious problem that can lead to fatal carbon monoxide poisoning for you and your family.

    Make sure your gas boiler is efficient and safe.

    Our experienced team of specialized engineers is trained and ready to carry out the necessary maintenance or repair job. 

    Our prices are competitive, and our employees are highly qualified.

    Finest Boiler Servicing in Hampshire

    Hampshire Plumbers are proud to offer the best boiler repairs around Hampshire.

    Hampshire Plumbers specialize in local work and have excellent knowledge of the region, which allows them to deal with all boiler-related matters in a unique way.

    Whether it’s boiler repair, boiler maintenance, or general maintenance, Hampshire Plumbers are just a phone call away.

    Annual Boiler Checkup

    Generally, it is recommended to maintain the boiler annually; it is the optimal time to leave it so that the engineer can identify potential problems.

    Wait well before winter to get a boiler checkup. This will ensure the proper function of the boiler before the low temperatures begin and before the need for the boiler increases. Winter can be a difficult time for your condensing boiler, with a record number of households reporting pipe cracks and boiler failures in recent years.

    Although you can’t think about a central heating system in the warmer summer months, this is a great time for engineers because they are less likely to be busy.

    Central Heating Repair And Installation

    Choosing HVAC for Your Home

    When installing a new central heating and air supply system in your home, there are several types of systems to choose from. The most common types of HVAC systems that heaters provide are ovens, heat pumps, warm-air systems, and even radiators. The cost of any HVAC system can range from cheaper to more expensive installation costs, depending on the size of the house, the energy efficiency of the new radiator, and several other factors as well.

    HVAC Maintenance Experts in Hampshire

    Ovens require considerable maintenance to ensure efficient operation. Our technicians are able to check the furnace system in your home, identify, and fix any minor problems. At the same time, they will check the furnace to test the heat emission system and air ducts. During this time, we check the airflow in the ducts, ignition, and exhaust, making sure that there is no risk of gas leakage.

    Why Choose Hampshire Plumbers

    Leading heating and cooling specialists agree the most important part of replacing the furnace is choosing a qualified contractor who will properly install the unit and continue regular maintenance. At Hampshire Plumbing, we try to make every installation of the furnace the best. The installation of our furnace in Hampshire begins with our advisors who have extensive industry training and experience in adapting a new heating system to your home. 

    If you need updated central heating, a completely new installation, or just maintenance of the current system, choose specialists on site. Call PHONEXXX to request a site visit today.

    How Air Heat Pumps Work

    An air source heat pump transfers heat absorbed by the outside air to an interior, such as an office, home, or building.

    This is done using wet central heating to heat the radiators and provide hot water. Air heat pumps can also be used as a cooling system in the summer months.

    Air heat pumps are usually installed outside the home, office, or building with enough space.

    Air to Air vs. Air to Water Heat Pumps

    There are two main types: air-to-air heat pumps absorb heat from the outside air and transfer it directly to the house via a ventilation system in order to heat the room or interior.

    The other type is an air-to-water heat pump that absorbs heat from the outside air, transferring it through a central heating system in order to heat the water and the interior.

    Electric vs. Gas Central Heating

    It should be noted that electric central heating is often more expensive because unit prices of electricity are up to four times more expensive than gas.

    In addition, electric central heating storage systems do not provide immediate control. This means that you need to plan your heating needs in advance; for example, if you turn on the heater at night, it will warm up the next morning.

    Using Geothermal Heat Pumps

    Geothermal heat pumps usually reach temperatures of around 50°C, which is significantly less than the boiler temperature that reaches temperatures up to 90°C. It is recommended to set a lower temperature in any case.

    To get the same comfort, you need to run the heat pump longer. This usually works better with underfloor heating than with radiators.

    Although they are much more expensive to install, they can be operated as cheaply as central gas heating; this can be a good option if you live where gas is cheap.

    Hot Water Boiler

    Solar Water Heating Systems

    Solar roofs have become fashionable. They usually use low-power heaters, such as 1 kW to 1.5 kW, and they can provide hot water long enough to wash hands. If it is delivered to an existing hot water pipe, they can provide water until the hot water is removed from the remote, high-efficiency water heater. They can be used when the task of retrofitting a building with hot water pipes is too expensive or impractical.

    Solar-powered water heaters can be passively heated or operated directly with electricity stored through solar panels. The water heater with the tank absorbs cold water and heats it with indirect heat supplied by the rods in the tank. The interior of the tank may also contain a gas burner when the water heater is powered by gas, which serves the same purpose of heating water.

    Why You Need Hot Water in the House

    Water heating is a heat-exchange process in which an energy source heats water above its initial temperature. Typical domestic hot water applications include cooking, cleaning, bathing, and space heating. Hot water and steam-heated water have many industrial applications. 

    Household activities such as showering, washing, or washing dishes require the use of a water heater. 

    All water heaters have one task: heating the water used for showers, sinks, dishwashers, and washing machines. If your home is equipped with a boiler, the boiler supplies your home with heat using a plumbing system. Water heaters and boilers are two different devices that support two separate systems. However, there are boilers for heating and hot water production. 

    Domestic hot water is most often heated with natural gas, electrical resistance, or a heat pump. Electric water heaters with heat pumps are much more efficient than electric water heaters, but they are also more expensive to buy.

    Hampshire Plumbing Water Heater Repair

    Trust Hampshire Plumbing Solutions to properly repair the water heater.

    We offer maintenance, installation, repair, and much more for water heaters!

    Whatever the problem with your water heater, we at Hampshire Plumbing offer affordable, high-quality water heater repair services.

    Contact us now 0800568493.

    Choosing a Boiler Type

    Most boilers use gas due to the fact that it is generally the cheapest option and has the lowest carbon dioxide emissions of all fuels, except wood.

    You can have a combination boiler or an ordinary boiler.

    Boiler Efficiency Scale

    In some parts of the world, there are colour-coded scales that allow consumers to compare the performance of different boiler manufacturers and models. The scale is also used to determine how much better they would deal with a new boiler than with a boiler they already have.

    In Great Britain, the SEDBUK scale (seasonal efficiency of a domestic boiler in Great Britain) includes boilers from A (best) to G (worst).

    A modern condensing boiler would be class A while an old boiler is usually a class G.

    A:> 90% B: 86-90% C: 82-86% D: 78-82% E: 74-78% F: 70-74% G: <70%


    These are some facts or statistics:

    • For the boiler to operate in “condensation mode” (with a capacity of 90% or more), the water temperature in the boiler must be 50°C or less.
    • While older boilers often achieve 50% to 70% efficiency, new models with class A must legally have a capacity of at least 92%.
    • Combined boilers are usually the most popular type of boilers in the UK; they can be found in about 70% of households, and you can save up to 37% on energy costs.
    • Of course, it is worth mentioning the efficiency because the new combi boiler should have an efficiency of about 90% (like a new system or a regular boiler).
    • Condensing boilers are very efficient, and most of them are now produced with a capacity of 90% or higher.
    • Even the most efficient boilers currently on the market are only 90% efficient, which is the result of heat loss in the exhaust gas. However, installing FGHRS on a completely new boiler can further increase energy efficiency while helping you save money on your energy bills.
    • Hampshire Plumbers give you quick, reliable service with a response rate of 99% the same day, saving the day when your heating packs in.
    • As Bosch Accredited Contractors, we are able to install up to 98% effective Bosch & Buderus boilers with additional assurances; this can save you a substantial amount of money with all other relevant manufacturing brands.
    • The good news is that condensing boilers are 10% to 20% more efficient than regular boilers.
    • Condensing boilers can achieve efficiency of over 90%. Over 90% of the energy originally contained in the gas is converted into energy for space heating or hot water, but they are slightly more complex and more expensive.
    • New gas (and oil) boilers must have an efficiency of at least 90% (energy efficiency class A or B) and generally use condensing technology to achieve this.
    • 50% of new customers pay the price displayed or less with the PS60 deduction.
    • A small number of studies have shown that the effects of a mild cold can increase human energy consumption. One study suggests that energy expenditure when exposed to a mild cold, for 10% of the time, accounts for a weight difference of 8 kg over 10 years.
    • The efficiency of condensing boilers can be over 90% (over 90% of the energy originally contained in gas turns into energy for heating rooms or hot water), but they are slightly more complex and more expensive.
    • A heat pump is a more complex device compared to a boiler, but the main purpose of the pump is more or less the same – namely heat production.
    • Energy UK is at the heart of all households that use gas or oil. The company believes it accounts for around 60% of energy costs.
    • Condensing boilers with a capacity of over 90% use heat loss that would otherwise occur if they were heated by condensation. 
    • Hot water accounts for around 10% of the average energy bill.
    • It is expected that the cost of heating water will exceed 10% of the energy bill or about a quarter of the fuel consumed by a boiler in a typical house.
    • Given that the cost of gas is only about 40% of the cost of electricity, a mixer or power shower can theoretically be cheaper than an electric shower.
    Our experts will solve them in no time.

    Have Any Household Problems?


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