New Bathroom Installation and Plumbing Services

New Bathroom Installation and Plumbing Services

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    At Hampshire Plumbers, our plumbers offer full bathroom plumbing facilities in Hampshire, including fitting, maintenance and modification. We can do everything from design to decoration. We also provide emergency plumbing, too.

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    New Bathroom Extension

    Adding a new bathroom to your home is a great way to solve problems and reduce bathroom time. This is especially true if you only have one or two bathrooms and require another. You can integrate a small bathroom near the kitchen or the outdoor pool. You can take a shower after bathing and have an easily accessible bathroom for guests at the grill or pool party. Before you begin to pull out drywall or build new walls, you need to consider several design issues when adding a new bathroom to your home. You will need to route the plumbing and power cables for your new bathroom.

    What is the Cost of Adding a New Bathroom?

    The costs of materials and equipment can easily add up when building a new bathroom. Therefore, estimate the cost of each device that you want to include in the room. The more luxurious the materials for bathroom remodeling, the higher the budget. Use marble for counters, custom furniture, or hand-painted ceramic tiles for new shower walls in the main bathroom. 

    To ensure a professional finish, it may be necessary to remove the toilet and sink so that the tiles can be placed behind it. Bathrooms with lots of furniture, doors, and windows must also be tiled, which leads to higher costs. Choosing the type of tile can also affect the cost of renovating the bathroom. 

    The old bathtub, toilet, and sink can be removed in a few hours. Floor and wall tiles can extend the project by several days; this is particularly true if the walls are in poor condition or are covered with old tiles that must be removed first. You should wait a few days for basic installation and more than a week for a more complex bathroom with lots of tiles.

    Average Bathroom Upgrade Prices in the UK

    Below is an overview of the prices of what you have to pay for individual services (electric, plumbing, tiles, etc.) and for various parts of the bathroom. In general, the cost of replacing the bathroom can range from £2750 to £6500 for a basic bathroom (lower end of the scale). A luxury bathroom can cost over £7000 or more. Below is the average cost of a standard bathroom upgrade in the UK, with a minimal redesign of every aspect of the bathroom. 

    Ps140 is the price for small tasks, such as installing a pedestal sink. Larger tasks, such as laying tiles in a large bathroom, were associated with an average fee of £1,000. In general, the average cost of installing a new bathroom in the UK is £4,500. The reason for the different costs is that each order must be offered at a reasonable price in relation to its individual circumstances.

    Cost-saving Bathroom Installation

    If you place new equipment near existing water and sewage pipes, you can reduce construction and installation costs. Look for products that simplify the whole process; they are cheaper, easy to install, or both. For example, thanks to the Zoeller Qwik Jon® Ultima wastewater system, you can place the toilet almost anywhere in the bathroom, which is perfect for modern bathroom designs. However, adding a toilet to an existing bathroom in an old house is a huge cost-saving task, since installation time will be significantly reduced.

    Basement Bathroom Installation

    The basement installation would be underground, which means that condensation and moisture accumulation should be considered; this is especially true if you want to add a shower or bathtub to the bathroom. When installing the shower in the basement bathroom, make sure it is well ventilated, and the walls must be covered with a protective coating. Since the basement is an important structural element of the house, this particular location is slightly more expensive. For this reason, it is best to contact a professional so as not to risk accidental damage to the foundation of the house.


    Planning a New Bathroom Installation?

    If you are planning a new bathroom and do not want to pay outside the installation amounts, you can give us a call. 

    Whether you need a new bathroom, new shower, new taps, or a completely new bathroom, we are the plumbers you need to call.

    To get plumbing help in Hampshire, Call 0800568493.

    Why Invest in a New Bathroom Suite

    Yes, the bathroom is a key place in every home, and a new bathroom set can bring added value to your home.

    If you go the extra mile and invest in power showers, the property will be more attractive to potential buyers.

    Wide Range of Bathroom Features

    A large selection of bathroom equipment is available to you. 

    Hampshire Plumbers have a wide range of bathroom packages and solutions, so you can easily upgrade your bathroom without breaking the bank.

    Complete bathroom sets are usually supplied with a bathtub, sink or vanity, toilet, and sometimes with taps.

    They offer an easy and convenient way to create a coordinated look that costs less than buying all products individually.


    These are some facts or statistics:

    • For about 40% of people, bathroom delivery and installation took between one week and one month.
    • Only 8% of people did it very quickly, which means less than a week from start to finish.
    • For 32% of people, the problem with a new bathroom element was solved during the first week.
    • For 23% of respondents, the problem was not yet resolved during the study.
    • According to one estimate, setting up your own bathroom can save 70% of the total cost.
    • Some options are also available in ecological versions; thanks to being sustainable, you can save up to 50% on the total amount of water consumed in your home.
    Our experts will solve them in no time.

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