Plumbing For Landlords and Letting Agents in Hampshire

Plumbing For Landlords and Letting Agents in Hampshire

Whether you’re a landlord or letting company, Hampshire Plumbers is the only contact you need to connect with a wide range of plumbing services. We provide excellent professional plumbing services for landlords in all areas of Hampshire.

You can always depend on us for a top-class service and to remind you when servicing appointments and checks are due.

At Hampshire Plumbers, we pride ourselves as specialist plumbers, making sure our extremely trained staff provides our clients with the absolute best support. We understand all sorts of plumbing problems and can repair them.

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    Most significantly, we know how these problems affect families if they aren’t addressed quickly and successfully. 

    We have the requisite skills, tools and experience to handle any plumbing job of any scale in Hampshire. We are here to help. Call Hampshire Plumbers today and we will be there to fix the plumbing issue promptly.

    Indoor Plumbing Problems

    The lack of running water is a serious problem and the owner must deal with this problem in a very short time. In addition, the landlord should not interrupt the water supply for any reason other than necessary repairs to the pipes or water fittings. They certainly can’t use it as a penalty for not paying rent or lack of other expected behaviours. If you have any questions about the renovation work of sanitary equipment, please contact our experts. 

    If the defect is due to normal wear, the owner must repair it. If the tenant contacts you to inform you about a malfunction, you should inform him when you expect repairs to commence and end. What constitutes a reasonable time depends on the severity of the error.

    24/7 Emergency Plumbing Services

    If you need a plumber on-site, you can always use our emergency plumbing service or drainage service, anytime, any day, within and around Hampshire.

    Hampshire Plumbers offers landlords and rental agencies across Hampshire a full range of plumbing and heating services. From Gas Safe engineers to bathroom renovation, and general plumbing solutions, no plumbing order is too big or too small for Hampshire plumbers. We are Safe Contractor accredited, Gas Safe Registered, and a CIPHE member.

    Call 0800568493 for more information.

    Unrivalled Plumbing and Heating Service

    We have the systems and professional engineers to offer landlords and brokers an unrivalled plumbing and heating service and are always able to provide a quick, same-day response service when needed.

    Insurance Cover for Plumbing Emergencies

    It is important to protect your rental property from a variety of home emergencies.

    Installation and drainage problems are relatively common and expensive to repair.

    Protect yourself from expensive sanitary costs with our all-in-one insurance for landlords, which covers damage caused by a sanitary emergency. In addition, we organise operations with which you can repair your installation and effect drainage quickly and efficiently.

    Call 0800568493 for more information.

    Our experts will solve them in no time.

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