Gas Safety Testing and Gas Plumbers in Hampshire

Gas Safety Testing and Gas Plumbers in Hampshire

Need a Gas Safety Certificate in London? Hampshire Plumbers provides thorough gas safety checks, carried out by qualified gas engineers throughout Hampshire.

Landlords are bound under the 1998 Gas Safety Regulations to provide for the servicing of all pipework, equipment and flues installed for the usage of their tenants carried out by a gas-safe-registered contractor.

It is a criminal offence not to comply with gas safety laws for which the courts can issue fines and custodial penalties. So, it is highly advised to have gas protection checks done every year to prevent any criminal offence.

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    Hampshire Plumbers will carry out gas safety tests for landlords in Hampshire and the surrounding areas, supplying them with gas safety certificates after a successful check is complete. All our gas safety checks are conducted by professionally trained and qualified experts to ensure that competent and reliable services are given to you

    Gas Safety Checks

    If you are not sure if the gas appliance is safe, have it checked by an authorised technician. If your needs change, it is advisable to talk to the owner first to ensure gas safety. The owner’s obligations regarding LPG equipment are the same as for natural gas. The landlord must order maintenance by a technician registered in Gas Safe for all LPG devices that it owns and provides to tenants, and must order a technician registered in Gas Safe to carry out a security check at least every XX months.

    Gas Safety Certificate

    When it comes to gas, you as the owner are responsible for the safety of tenants. You must make sure that every gas appliance works safely and correctly. For this reason, each rented property with a gas appliance (gas hob, boiler, gas fire, etc.) should have a gas safety certificate. Only a registered engineer who is part of the Gas Safety Register can issue them.

    Confirm Gas Safe Technician

    Regulations stipulate that landlords may use the services of a gas safety technician only for maintenance and security checks of gas equipment and that tenants must use them in residential buildings. The HSE recommends checking that the engineer registered in Gas Safe is qualified to work in this particular gas area. If in doubt, you can call the Gas Safe Register or check the website to see if the technician is registered. 

    The Gas Safe Register lists all gas companies that are legally authorised to conduct gas works. Each company on this official list employs a gas engineer with a gas safety identifier. You should always check the gas engineer’s identification card before allowing him to work in your home because some are not qualified for all types of gas work.

    Why Carry Out a Gas Safety Check?

    A gas safety check carried out by the owner in London is necessary to maintain the home. A gas leak is harmful to you and your loved ones. Precautionary measures at the right time are therefore very important to avoid damage or loss. 

    Failure to do so may result in severe fines and potential imprisonment. One way to support the inspection process is to provide easy access to all the various gas equipment to be inspected. Children and pets must not be near these areas during the process. 

    Property owners and agents should be aware of the equipment to check. They should also work with tenants to make sure everyone is safe. Therefore, all gas appliances made available to tenants should be checked.

    Gas Safety Check Cost

    This may vary depending on the number of gas appliances to be checked and their location. In my experience, the price is strongly dependent on the location (i.e. London is more expensive).

    Gas Safety Certificates for Hampshire Landlords

    Get a gas safety certificate for rental properties and homeowners in Hampshire.

    Our Gas Safe certified engineers will help you protect your household items.

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    Gas Safety Certified Experts

    In Hampshire Plumbing, we provide the homeowners with a Gas Safety certificate to show that our installation is done in accordance with the relevant codes and guidelines.

    We have a team of professionals who are experts when it comes to offering the highest quality services related to gas safety installations.

    Our certified gas safety experts support you in protecting your property.

    The safety of our customers is our highest priority.

    What our Gas Safety Engineers can do for you

    • Check the tightness of each gas appliance connection
    • Check the burner pressure and compare with the manufacturer’s requirements
    • Check the operating and standing pressure of all available points
    • Look at the ventilation ducts (including chimney and exhaust gas). Check the exhaust gas flow to see if harmful gases have been removed
    • Determine if flame failure and safety mechanisms are working
    • Ensure that the stability clamps are checked carefully
    • Prepare your owner’s gas safety certificate

    Our Gas Safety Check Service

    Safety is the highest priority for everyone.

    Ask our experts to check the security devices in your home.

    We can perform a gas tightness test on a gas meter to determine that there is no gas leak in your property’s pipelines.

    After the inspection by our professional engineers, they will issue a certificate to the owner that the gas is working properly. The document will serve as an approval of the gas device, proper installation and flues.

    Our experts will solve them in no time.

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