Reliable Water Tanks Supplier in Hampshire With Prompt Delivery

Reliable Water Tanks Supplier in Hampshire With Prompt Delivery

Hampshire Plumbers is the leading distributor of water tanks and water storage items to Hampshire customers.

We have one of the largest sets of water-storage tanks and related items in Hampshire. Our range covers water tanks, complete rainwater harvesting tanks and systems, insulated water tanks, water butts, steel water tanks, cold water loft tanks, water bowsers, baffled water tanks, agricultural water tanks, IBC barrels, underground water tanks, fish keeping tanks, and plastic tanks.

Our water tanks are suitable for use at home, in the garden and in any industrial setting. We are confident that we can meet your specific needs for water tanks of different sizes and styles available for purchase in Hampshire.

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    With over XXX years of experience in the water tank industry, we have developed an outstanding reputation in providing and building large and small-scale water tanks for our clients at their home or company premises in Hampshire. We also offer free advice on water tanks and water regulations. Buy online safely, with outstanding customer service and timely shipping to Hampshire.

    Heating Underground Water Tanks

    Heated drum or drum heaters that wrap around water tanks can distribute heat evenly in a water tank. An underground water tank is used for the safe storage of drinking water and can contain thousands of gallons of water for agriculture or several hundred gallons of water for a small home.

    Prolong the Lifespan of Your Water Tank

    Like any other type of plumbing installation, water tanks have a limited lifespan.

    Water is naturally corrosive over a long time period, and at some point, the water tank will crack, rust or wear out after continuous use.

    In this situation, a quick response is required to prevent a catastrophe – if the water tank bursts, it may cause flooding and serious damage.

    Water Tank Replacements

    If you have problems with hot water, such as if there is no hot water or the water does not heat up to the required temperatures, or if it runs out much faster than usual, it may indicate that the hot water tank needs to be replaced.

    Old hot water tanks and immersion heaters can be very inefficient because lime residue accumulates in them over time, resulting in the heating not working properly.

    Hampshire Plumbing is experienced in the diagnosis, repair and installation of all types of hot water systems and can recommend appropriate solutions.

    All our installers and heating engineers are registered in Gas Safe, and OFTEC members are equipped to ensure that your heating and hot water system complies with all applicable safety regulations.

    Water Tank Refurbishment

    Hampshire Plumbing is an industry leader in the repair and inspection of cold water tanks in Hampshire.

    We have extensive experience in managing and providing services for the repair and refurbishment of water tanks in various industries.

    What can you do About Bad Water Supply?

    Call either the local water provider or the local council community safety department and explain your issues to them. Depending on the exact situation, either the council or the water company will investigate and require improvements from the person responsible for the water supply in the building. If you’re the person responsible you’ll get advice on what you need to do to fix the problem.

    Our experts will solve them in no time.

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