Professional Kitchen Plumbing Fittings and Installation

Professional Kitchen Plumbing Fittings and Installation

Your kitchen renovation project is in good hands with Hampshire Plumbers. Whether you are trying to refurbish your kitchen and enhance its appearance, or totally redesign and replace it, we have your plumbing and installation covered.

Our technicians are trained in all areas of kitchen upgrades and can assist you with conventional and chic kitchen fitting designs, new and futuristic kitchen construction, comprehensive kitchen redesign as part of a broader project or as a stand-alone kitchen remodelling.

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    At Hampshire Plumbers, our kitchen plumbing fittings and installation are of high quality and well-coordinated. Do not let a leaky kitchen or bathroom tap end up costing you money and ruining your house.

    Trusting Hampshire Plumbers with your kitchen fittings eliminates the burden and stress of trying to run your own job. Hire Hampshire Plumbers today and let us manage all of the plumbing services to make the process quick and trouble-free.

    Kitchen Installation Service and Repairs

    The kitchen plays a central role in every household, but it is also the centre of plumbing problems.

    Whether it’s a sink and a tap or a garbage disposal unit, the kitchen is full of plumbing fittings.

    The plumbing company offers quick and reliable repair of kitchen fittings.

    A dishwasher or a kitchen tap is part of everyday life and problems with these things can have a serious impact. This is where the plumbing company comes in and offers you a fast and efficient repair service.

    Plumbing Services you can Count on

    In order to have a perfectly functioning kitchen, you really have to pay attention to the proper maintenance of installations. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how well your kitchen installation works, emergencies can occur at any time.

    At Hampshire Plumbing, we care about our customers and make sure they can rely on us. For this reason, we offer an emergency service for kitchen installations.

    We have plumbers who use the best equipment to do all the plumbing in the kitchen and can guarantee 100% satisfaction at all times.

    Call us whenever you need an efficient and prompt kitchen installation service.

    Efficient Leaky Tap Repair

    A leaky tap is not just annoying.

    It can also lose you a considerable amount of money on your utility bills, not to mention the waste of gallons of water over time.

    Have your taps repaired immediately by one of Hampshire Plumbing’s licensed installers.

    If your taps can no longer be repaired, we can replace them for you.

    You can rely on the background-checked technicians in our family-run company when it comes to your kitchen installations.

    To make an appointment, call 0800 568493 today!

    Regular Kitchen Maintenance

    Your kitchen sink and garbage disposal do a lot, especially if you often prepare and cook meals.

    If they are not properly cared for, this can easily form a blockage that can only be removed by a specialist with a water jet. Liquid drainage cleaners seem like a good idea, but they can actually make the problem worse.

    Of course, problems with kitchen installations can often be avoided by doing annual maintenance – ask us about our complete care services.

    24/7 Emergency Solution for Kitchen Installations in Hampshire

    We not only offer a comprehensive repair service for kitchen installations, but we also offer the following unique functions for each service call to further improve the customer experience and optimize our work: 

    24-hour emergency service: we are on call around the clock to help you to resolve installation problems.

    By offering service options, we can ensure that your individual needs are met.

    If you are facing these or other problems in the kitchen, just give us a call and we will be right at your door to fix the blues in your kitchen!

    Upgrade your Kitchen Plumbing

    As with all fixtures and fittings, plumbing materials deteriorate over time.

    Very old water equipment can break down or get damaged and change the taste of your water. Most often this applies to the kitchen tap and stop tap. Replacing the old and worn equipment taps help improve the taste.

    When modernising kitchen and bathroom appliances, you no longer have to worry about leaking taps, low water pressure and damaged pipes.

    Although the initial cost of a kitchen upgrade may be high, replacing plumbing equipment is cheaper in the long run. Not only do you not have to call plumbers every few weeks, but you also save a lot of frustration and time.

    New Kitchen Appliances can add Value to your Home

    New appliances for the bathroom and kitchen can not only beautify your home and create an easier way of life but also create added value for your home in the future.

    Signs of Poor Toilet Installation

    Bluewater can be a sign of poorly installed toilet cisterns and this water can drain back into the internal plumbing lines.

    If your water is blue, do not drink or use it for cooking – consult your water supplier or call Hampshire Plumbing at 0800 568493 for specialist support.

    Update your Bathroom to Correct low Water Pressure

    If you live in an older building, you may occasionally feel frustrated by the low water pressure.

    Whether you’re having trouble washing dishes or waiting for a shower, water pressure that it too low can cause unnecessary delays during the day, and you can easily fix them by updating your bathroom installations.

    Get in touch to find out how.

    Our experts will solve them in no time.

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