Find a plumber or plumbing and heating company in Totton, England

Find a plumber or plumbing and heating company in Totton

Hampshire Plumbers provides plumbing and heating services for residential and commercial customers throughout Totton. From bathroom installations, fixing a water leak, or a full central heating installation and installing a shower, we can help. 

We have access to plumbing fittings and fixtures and can source plumbing spare parts fast so that we can solve your plumbing problems quickly. As a top-quality plumbing company, we always make sure that our standards are of the highest quality and that we are meeting the standards expected of Hampshire Trading Standards.

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    As a plumbing and heating business that is family owned, we take great pride in putting you at the centre of our service. When our Gas Safe engineers install boilers, put in new bathrooms, fix leaks, replace radiators and work on pipes, we are always fully insured and competent to do the work.

    For emergencies, our emergency callouts are available around the clock, bringing you expert plumbers to solve your problems. Our plumbers are registered with Gas Safe and are able to solve just about any problem, thanks to their extensive experience. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Get in touch through our online form or give us a call now to get qualified plumbers to you quickly.

    The areas in Totton that our plumbing company covers is as follows :

    Our plumbing business serves the whole of the Totton area. We also service areas in the vicinity of Totton and cover a radius of 40 miles. Our plumbing, heating and gas services are amongst the best in the region and we cover a comprehensive range of services. Totton and Eling (/ˈtɒtən ænd ˈiːlɪŋ/) is a town and civil parish in Hampshire, England, with a population of about 29,000 people. It is situated outside the eastern edge of the New Forest and on the River Test, close to the city of Southampton but outside the city boundary. The areas we cover in Totton include Totton and Eling, Totton, and Hampshire. We have also worked near :

    • Ashurst
    • Cadnam
    • Ower
    • Marchwood

    We are often called out for emergency plumbing requirements along M27 motorway, Salisbury Road and Station Road North. Our work often takes us close to St. Mary the Virgin Church, Hounsdown School and Totton railway station. Our plan is to come to you anywhere in Totton, Hampshire, South East England, to work on your plumbing requirements.

    The plumbing services that we provide in Totton are as follows :

    Servicing, installation and repair of boilers

    At Hampshire Plumbers, we provide the full range of services for boilers, including installation, regular servicing and the repair of broken boilers. Our Totton plumbers have built a great reputation working on boilers in the area. At Hampshire Plumbers our boiler engineers can work with you to fix your oil or gas boilers, install new boilers and service boilers to keep them energy-efficient. By calling Hampshire Plumbers, you gain access to expert boiler installation, repair and service professionals that can provide you with a free quote, and can be with you fast.

    Water filters and water softener installation

    If you need installation of a water filter or water softener in Totton, then look no further than Hampshire Plumbers. The team here at Hampshire Plumbers is experienced in sourcing, supplying and installing water filters and water softeners in the Totton area. We can install water filters that fit snugly into your sink and purify your tap water without you even knowing it. Our teams of experts can put in filters that purify all of the water in the home, refrigerator filters, and can use reverse osmosis technology to ensure that your drinking water is as pure as it can be. Our installers at Hampshire Plumbers, are highly trained to put in water treatment systems with skill and precision in Totton. Our customer service and aftercare are renowned in the business. We can offer you a free water treatment survey, so fill out an online form or call us on 02380 970979.

    Installing, maintaining and repairing showers

    If you need a new shower sourced, supplied and installed in Totton, our professional team is here for you. Hampshire Plumbers can also install new water systems and boilers to ensure a steady flow of hot water to your shower. Hampshire Plumbers can install showers in blocks of flats, new high-rise buildings, or in luxury homes. Homeowners and developers trust us to put in high-quality showers as they understand that we follow best practices in terms of building codes and safety standards. If you have a broken shower, low water pressure to your shower, or any other problem, we can come and identify the problem with your shower and fix it. We understand how annoying it can be when your shower isn’t working very well or develops leaks and low water pressure, but we can come and solve your shower problems.

    Water tank ball valves replacement and repair

    When a boiler system has an extra tank in the loft, and the valve float get stuck, it can affect the system. This can stop water in the system from flowing. The pressure relief valve controls your tank pressure and eases excess pressure to keep your boiler from bursting. If a pressure release valve is damaged through wear and tear or by an accident ,it needs to be replaced urgently. Our expert plumbers can replace faulty valves and work on impact boiler brands and models. We provide an excellent service to repair, replace, maintain and install all types of boilers and their water tanks where required. When you get a quote from us there is no commitment and you are free to look around at other prices. Hampshire Plumbers are ready for the task whether you have a big fault or just need minor issues addressed.

    Emergency plumbers for pipework and drainage issues

    Hampshire Plumbers are here whether you need emergency solutions for leaking pipes, new pipework or drainage problems. Get peace of mind by contacting us if you have a problem with your plumbing. We are well versed in the repair and maintenance of drainage systems and all internal and external pipework. We will make sure that your property has an effective flow of water between taps, toilets, baths, gutters and drains. Our plumbers investigate pipework to ensure that it is able to perform its function well and is not at risk of breaking down in the near future. At Hampshire Plumbers, we know how important it is to take care of leaks and any other problems with your plumbing to ensure that your home is maintained. If you have an emergency with your pipework or drainage then get in touch urgently today and we will get to you quickly.

    Providing you with complete central heating services

    If you need help with a boiler or central heating, you need a heating engineer. Central heating is one of the areas in which our plumbers at Hampshire Plumbers specialise. We have a team of qualified plumbers and heating engineers who can provide you with our plumbing and heating services with the highest quality hardware, fittings and technology. We spell out the costs of materials and labour for you so that you understand exactly what is going to go into installing, repairing, maintaining or replacing a central heating system for you. Please get in touch with our expert plumbers to get your central heating worked on in Totton

    Radiator installation, replacement and repair

    Having your radiators changed costs a fair amount but shouldn’t be something you have to do more than once every few decades. Regular maintenance of radiators is the secret to preventing the need for your radiators to be replaced or for costly repairs. Additionally, maintenance of radiators can mean they are more efficient, more cost-effective and less likely to break down. I’m sure plumbers are relied on by lots of people in Totton to maintain, repair and install radiators. Our radiator experts will guide you on the best places to position radiators, install radiators for you, and do any plumbing work that is required to extend central heating systems. To give you increased peace of mind, our plumbers carry public liability insurance. If you are interested in using our radiator installation, replacement or repair services then get in touch today.

    We solve all problems with drains and blocks

    It can be very unnerving when you find out that you have problems with your drainage system. We can help if your drains are blocked. We always do our best to find the problem fast and then fix the issues with your drains so that you have minimum disruption. We may use CCTV examinations to locate problems and we fix them quickly so that you don’t have to put your life on hold. Hampshire Plumbers are experienced in high-pressure drain jetting, unblocking blocked sinks, blocked drains and blocked toilets. When we offer drainage services, we try to offer a flat fee and a clear upfront price so that you know what you are going to pay when we have completed the service. We will always make sure that your property is left tidy and clean, and you don’t need to pay a fee for us to come out and do an initial examination of your problem. You can count on Hampshire Plumbers drainage plumbers to support you, leaving your house clear of blockages. Fill out our online form and our drainage professionals in Totton will respond to your call as a matter of urgency.

    Plumbers for emergencies in Totton

    We can help. Our expert plumbers will look at your issue, work out what the problem is, and fix the plumbing or heating. When you contact us online, we can get an emergency plumber to you in Totton within an hour. At Hampshire Plumbers, our emergency plumbing services are well regarded in the Totton area. Hot water problems can be annoying, and our plumbers can solve them by coming to you and repairing and replacing broken water system parts, and could also do bowl installations, replacements and service systems. Our plumbers can solve issues such as breakdowns and emergency heating and hot water problems. Contact us today for any hot water problems that you need fixed.

    what does a gas plumber do

    Installation, servicing and repair all of your gas appliances in Totton

    If you suspect you have a gas leak, you should get in touch with the National Gas Emergency Service urgently so that they can isolate the gas leak before we go on to do repairs on it. replacing the boiler. Hampshire Plumbers have trained gas appliance specialists who can look after new installations, repairs and can work out the cause of gas leaks. Our highly qualified Gas Safe plumbers can help with anything related to heating including central heating, gas boilers, oil boilers and anything else.

    Appliance and gas safety checks

    You need to ensure that all of your gas appliances are safe for your family, your tenants and anyone that enters your property. At Hampshire Plumbers we can issue landlord gas safety certificates and homeowner certificates. We have Gas Safe installers who can work on any heating system and can ensure that it is working perfectly. Contact Hampshire Plumbers through our online forms to get advice or get a quote for working on a gas appliance or gas heating system.

    Repairing burst pipes, leaks and finding where it is coming from

    Pipes with leaks, damaged pipes and broken pipe joints can cause real problems for any homeowner. Water leaking from pipes, or pulling from pipes, can cause untold damage to property and so you need to call a plumber immediately when you notice there may be an issue. Our plumbers can come to you and fix any broken or damaged pipes and replace sections of pipe work when necessary. We use best practice methods to identify problems, such as CCTV surveys, and mend problems using high-quality fixtures and fittings. If you have a suspected issue with any of your pipework then get in touch with Hampshire Plumbers today and we will come and do a survey and provide you with a quote for any work to be done.


    Bathroom installers in Totton

    Our bathroom installation services are delivered by qualified, experienced plumbers in Totton. Our teams can also do the design work for bathrooms to ensure that you get exactly what you want, with the right quality of fixtures and fittings and bathroom hardware. If you already have a bathroom suite and just need it installed, we can come and do the job professionally, in a clean and tidy way, and at the time is convenient for you. Our teams can take out your old bathroom where your new bathroom will be installed. Give us a call today, or fill out our online form, to get more information on our bathroom installation services in Totton.

    Why people choose Hampshire Plumbers

    Our plumbing service always knows no limits when ensuring the best possible standards within any budget, and our clients have peace of mind knowing that we work diligently, professionally and use excellent plumbing fittings, fixtures and hardware. No matter whether we are repairing broken pipes, installing a combi boiler, putting a plumbing system into an entire block of flats, or fixing a tap, we will always complete the job to your satisfaction.

    Our customers say that they are relaxed about the work they are doing, because they know that we are experienced, professional and dedicated plumbing professionals. To further give you peace of mind, we provide you with extensive warranties on all the fittings, fixtures and hardware that we install, and guarantee the plumbing work too. Hampshire Plumbers carry professional indemnity insurance to cover the work that we do.

    All the work we do is carried out by a qualified team of plumbers, who have the expertise and experience to work on the job that you need done.

    Our teams are available to work on your plumbing, central heating or gas around the clock. We don’t charge hefty callout plumbing fees in Totton.

    Our warranties and guarantees are just the start of our customer service. Hampshire Plumbers offer each and every client an excellent aftercare service. Our plumbers are more than happy to come back if you find a problem with any of our plumbing work. We are more than happy to discuss any issues or questions about your plumbing work on the phone as well.

    Hampshire Plumbers are able to work on appliances and boilers powered by gas, because we are Gas Safe registered and have plenty of experience and specialist training.

    We always try to respond to any inquiry that comes to our running websites within a few hours.