Looking for Plumbing Services in New Milton

Looking for Plumbing services in New Milton

Hampshire Plumbers is a specialist plumbing and heating company that serves the whole of the New Milton area. We can provide you with a solution whether you want to move a water tank from the loft, install a Combi boiler, fix leaking pipes, or need an emergency plumber right away. We can access plumbing fittings and fixtures, and source spare parts quickly to solve any problems with your plumbing as soon as possible. 

Our prices are highly competitive, our workmanship is assured and has been approved by Hampshire Trading Standards. As a business that is owned privately by the family, we make sure that we put you at the centre of the service, offering you great value for money and top-quality plumbing services.

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    Every project that we work on is fully insured, and we carry all of the accreditations and insurances that you would expect of the company working on your plumbing work, whether it be fixing a central heating system, finding a leak, replacing radiators or anything else. If you have an emergency plumbing situation, then our emergency plumbers are available to you around the clock. 

    Our plumbers have a wealth of expertise and are licensed Gas Safe engineers. We are available to be called out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you want to get in touch about finding a qualified plumber, then call us now or contact us through the online form.

    Where in New Milton does our plumbing and heating company work ?

    Our plumbing business serves the whole of the New Milton area. We cover a radius of 40 miles around New Milton. Whether you need plumbing, gas-related services or central heating or boiler services, we are confident that we can provide you with the best plumbing solutions in the vicinity. New Milton is a market town in the south west corner of Hampshire, England. It has a long high street with mainly 20th century architecture. It has six schools and two colleges within or nearby. We cover the following areas in New Milton. New Milton, Barton on Sea, Ashley. We do emergency plumbing along :

    • Lymington road A337
    • Lymington road A338
    • Lymington road A339

    We have worked near Sammy Miller Motorcycle Museum, Brockenhurst College and New Milton railway station. Wherever you are in New Milton, Hampshire, South East England, we can bring our plumbers to your doorstep

    What are the plumbing services that we offer in New Milton ?

    The repair, installation and servicing of boilers

    Hampshire Plumbers offers various services for boilers, from the installation of new Combi boilers, the repair of all boiler brands and frequent-planned servicing. Our reliable plumbers have developed an excellent reputation through the many boilers we have successfully worked on in New Milton. At Hampshire Plumbers our boiler engineers can work with you to fix your oil or gas boilers, install new boilers and service boilers to keep them energy-efficient. Call Hampshire Plumbers today to talk to our professional team and we will organise a time to come to you whenever it is convenient.

    Water filters and water softener installation

    Are you looking for someone to install and supply water filters or water softeners in New Milton? The team here at Hampshire Plumbers is experienced in sourcing, supplying and installing water filters and water softeners in the New Milton area. We can install water filters that fit snugly into your sink and purify your tap water without you even knowing it. We also offer refrigerator filters, whole house water filters, and use a reverse osmosis process to purify drinking water. The water softeners and purifiers that we install in New Milton are put in by highly trained and experienced installers on the team at Hampshire Plumbers. We pride ourselves on the quality of our customer service processes and personnel and the aftercare we offer. For the benefit from a water treatment survey today, call us on 02380 970979, or complete one of our online forms.

    Shower installations, repair and maintenance

    If you want to install a new or replacement shower in New Milton, our plumbers can get the job done fast and efficiently. We can also supply and install water tanks and water systems to get the hot water to your shower. We can fit residential showers, do the plumbing for wet rooms, put in place luxury shower units in hotels, or do the plumbing for showers in units for multiple occupations. Our customers trust us with their shower systems, because all the new showers we install meet the required safety standards and building codes. From time to time showers develop faults, leaks or low water pressure; in such cases our plumbers can come and solve such issues for you. Broken showers can be very frustrating, but our plumbers can fix low water pressure, leaks or replace individual parts or whole shower systems for you.

    Ball valves on water tanks

    When a boiler system has an extra tank in the loft, and the valve float get stuck, it can affect the system. This can affect the way in which water flows through the system. You need a working pressure release valve in order to ensure that excess pressure doesn’t cause your system to overload and burst. You need to replace a damaged pressure release valve urgently. Hampshire Plumbers have competent plumbers that can fix any boiler brands and models and check and/or fix valves, tanks and the boilers themselves. We offer a comprehensive repair and maintenance service for both boilers and water tanks. We can provide you with a free quote, so contact us today. Whether you have a minor problem or need a whole new system, Hampshire Plumbers have specialists ready to work.

    Emergency plumbing solutions for drainage problems and pipework

    Hampshire Plumbers can help you whatever the plumbing problem you have. If something has gone wrong with your plumbing system, get in touch now. Our expert teams can repair or maintain external drainage flow and the flow of water through pipes within your property. We will send you an expert to repair any issues affecting the flow of water around your home. Our plumbers investigate pipework to ensure that it is able to perform its function well and is not at risk of breaking down in the near future. At Hampshire Plumbers, we know how important it is to take care of leaks and any other problems with your plumbing to ensure that your home is maintained. If you have a plumbing emergency related to anything to do with water, gas or your central heating system, then get in touch today.

    Comprehensive central heating services

    You require the services of a heating engineer if you need work done on your central heating or boiler system. Hampshire Plumbers specialises in the repair, maintenance and installation of central heating systems. Our qualified plumbers ensure that your central heating system is appropriate for your property and use high-quality materials and equipment to get the job done efficiently. Prior to beginning the work, we will work with our customers to ensure that they understand all the pricing of materials and labour, and that they are comfortable with the plumbing and heating services that we are going to provide. Contact us by phone or through the online form on this website to have experienced Gas Safe heating engineers work on your central heating systems in New Milton.

    Radiator installation, replacement and repair

    Having your radiators changed costs a fair amount but shouldn’t be something you have to do more than once every few decades. The lifespan of your radiators can be improved if you do regular maintenance and make quick, effective repairs when necessary. Radiators that are well-maintained perform better in terms of energy efficiency and cost savings, and their efficacy in terms of heating the environment. I’m sure plumbers are relied on by lots of people in New Milton to maintain, repair and install radiators. Our central heating experts can advise you on where to put radiators, and supply and install a single radiator or many radiators and can ensure that everything works optimally to heat your property effectively. To give you increased peace of mind, our plumbers carry public liability insurance. If you have a situation where you need work done on your radiators, or need guidance on new installations, then get in touch with Hampshire Plumbers today.

    We unblock and clean your drains

    It can be extremely stressful when your drains have a problem. Our professionals are trained to unblock drains. At Hampshire Plumbers, we have the tools and technology to unblock your drains in New Milton. We try not to disrupt your routine so we aim to fix problems as quickly as possible. Our plumbers can handle all kinds of high-pressure drain jetting, for all drains, blocked sinks or blocked toilets. Wherever possible we will provide you with a flat fee for the drainage service you require and are committed to providing great value for money. We don’t charge call-out fees and our engineers will treat your home respectfully, ensuring that we clean up after ourselves and minimise the mess caused during our drainage processes. Our plumbers will provide you with the drainage services you require in New Milton and leave your property free from blocked pipes, drains and with water flowing as it should. Give our drainage plumbers a call or contact us through our online form and we will help you with your drainage problem.

    Plumbers for emergencies in New Milton

    If you have an emergency plumbing situation, such as a leak, or another problem or you can smell gas, and get in touch with Hampshire Plumbers. Our expert plumbers will look at your issue, work out what the problem is, and fix the plumbing or heating. When you contact us online, we can get an emergency plumber to you in New Milton within an hour. Hampshire Plumbers has built a reliable reputation as quality emergency plumbers in New Milton. Our plumbers can offer you the full range of plumbing services to keep your hot water loving your property. Our skilled plumbers can deal with emergency hot water and heating situations and complete breakdowns of systems. Any problems in New Milton related to hot water and plumbing can be solved by our plumbers at Hampshire Plumbers.

    Boiler Changes or Replacements plumbing solutions in Hampshire

    Gas appliance installation, repairs and servicing

    The gas pipes need to be isolated if you suspect a gas leak and this is done by contacting the National Gas Emergency Service. When you have a boiler issue, especially if you have a gas leak, you will want to take a look at the cost of repairing your boiler against the cost of replacing it. Hampshire Plumbers have trained gas appliance specialists who can look after new installations, repairs and can work out the cause of gas leaks. We often work on boilers, central heating, heaters and ventilation systems in New Milton.

    Gas safety and getting Gas Safe certificates

    It’s pivotal that you regularly check gas appliances to ensure that they are safe. We are able to issue landlord gas safety certificates and homeowner certificates. Our Gas Safe engineers are available to work on your gas systems in New Milton. Contact Hampshire Plumbers through our online forms to get advice or get a quote for working on a gas appliance or gas heating system.

    Damp patches, leaks and burst pipes in New Milton

    Broken pipes and water leaks can be a real nightmare for homeowners. Water leaking from pipes, or pulling from pipes, can cause untold damage to property and so you need to call a plumber immediately when you notice there may be an issue. Our plumbers are highly trained and adept at fixing and replacing broken water pipes and general pipework. The hardware and fittings that we use to repair and replace pipework sections are always high-quality, and we use the latest technology available, including CCTV, to identify weak points in plumbing networks and issues that may need to be resolved before they cause a problem. If there is some issue with your plumbing system, such as that you have a burst pipe, water leakages, or damp patches on your ceiling or walls, that our plumbers can come out and identify the problem and tell you what needs to be done.

    Heating Servicing and Maintenance in Hampshire

    We can install your new bathroom in New Milton

    Our high-quality plumbing teams can do a complete bathroom installation for you. Our teams can also do the design work for bathrooms to ensure that you get exactly what you want, with the right quality of fixtures and fittings and bathroom hardware. We also install bathrooms that have been pre-purchased, ensuring that they are installed in a robust, secure and appropriate way. Our plumbers will carefully dismantle and remove the old bathroom, if there is one in place, ready for the new bathroom to be installed. If you want to find out prices or have an informal discussion or want more information regarding our bathroom installation services in New Milton, fill out our online forms or give us a call.

    Reasons to choose Hampshire Plumbers

    Hampshire Plumbers are always completely committed to providing a great standard of service and we always want to give our clients peace of mind throughout our plumbing work. It is a point of pride that we make sure that every customer is satisfied with the work we do in any plumbing and heating project that we complete.

    Our professional plumbers at Hampshire Plumbers are very experienced and are equipped with the best tools to do any job you may have, so you can have peace of mind throughout the plumbing process. Both the parts we use and the labour that we do are covered by our warranties and guarantees that are amongst the best in the industry. All of our plumbers are covered by the relevant insurance policies including project professional indemnity insurance.

    We make sure that every plumber that works on your plumbing job is qualified, experienced and knowledgeable regarding the task at hand.

    If you have a plumbing requirement out of hours, our plumbers are available to work on your plumbing, central heating, gas or any other plumbing-related problem throughout the day and the night, and also over weekends. The Hampshire Plumbers call out rates for emergencies in New Milton are not excessive.

    Having warranties and guarantees is one thing, taking the right approach to plumbing jobs is another. The standard of our aftercare matches the quality of the plumbing services that we deliver. If you find, after we have left the plumbing job, that you need some more support with the installation, or find something isn’t working correctly, we will return and solve the problem. We are only a call away if you have any plumbing questions.

    Our plumbers benefit from being registered with Gas Safe and are qualified to work on all kinds of gas appliances, as well as having had plenty of training and experience working with gas.

    Whenever possible, we try to get to our customers within an hour for plumbing emergencies and we always get back to customers within a few business hours after they come to us with inquiries.