Find a plumber or plumbing and heating company in Lymington, England

Find a plumber or plumbing and heating company in Lymington

Our plumbers are able to offer our domestic and commercial customers a full range of plumbing and heating solutions. From water leaks to kitchens and bathrooms, the complete restoration of gas boilers to heating maintenance, to installing a more energy-efficient boiler or a brand-new heating system – we’ve got you covered. 

As well as having all the tools and equipment we need to solve your plumbing problems, we have access to running fittings and fixtures and can get spare plumbing parts fast. We are Hampshire Trading Standards approved and our workmanship is always of a high quality.

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    As a business that is owned privately by the family, we make sure that we put you at the centre of the service, offering you great value for money and top-quality plumbing services. We take plenty of insurance to ensure we are always insured for each project, whether we are installing boilers, adding central heating to a large house, fixing leaks, replacing radiators, or doing any other type of plumbing work. 

    Our emergency plumbers are available to come to you anywhere in the Lymington area to provide you with a solution. Our plumbers have a wealth of expertise and are licensed Gas Safe engineers. We are available every day of the year and can work 24 hours a day. Get in touch through our online form or give us a call now to get qualified plumbers to you quickly.

    Where in Lymington does our plumbing and heating company work ?

    We are a professional plumbing business in Lymington and serve the whole of the Lymington area. The whole of the Lymington area is covered by our plumbing and heating services. Our central heating, plumbing and gas services are available 24 hours a day and we are more than confident that we can provide you with quick, efficient, professional solutions. Lymington /ˈlɪmɪŋtən/ is a port town on the west bank of the Lymington River on the Solent, in the New Forest district of Hampshire, England. It faces Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, to which there is a car ferry service operated by Wightlink. It is within the civil parish of Lymington and Pennington. The areas we cover in Lymington include: 

    • New Forest district
    • Yarmouth
    • Isle of Wight
    • Lower Buckland
    • Pennington
    • Lymington

    We do emergency plumbing along St Thomas Street, A337 road and M27 motorway. Our plumbing services often take us close to St Thomas’s Church, Marks and Spencer Food Hall and Waitrose. Wherever you are in Lymington, Hampshire, South East England, we can bring our plumbers to your doorstep.

    Our Lymington plumbing and heating services :

    Boiler installation, repair and servicing

    We can help you with your boilers, whether you want to install a new more efficient boiler, repair a problem, or do maintenance, or service a boiler. Our boiler repair and installation specialists have developed a great client base and a superb reputation in Lymington. Hampshire Plumbers are able to work with both gas- and oil-driven boilers, delivering installation, repair and maintenance services of the highest quality. Call Hampshire Plumbers today to talk to our professional team and we will organise a time to come to you whenever it is convenient.

    Installation of water filters and water softeners

    If you need installation of a water filter or water softener in Lymington, then look no further than Hampshire Plumbers. Our qualified team has links with quality suppliers of water filters and water softeners and can get yours installed efficiently in Lymington. To purify your tap water, we offer various types of under-the-sink water filters. Our teams of experts can put in filters that purify all of the water in the home, refrigerator filters, and can use reverse osmosis technology to ensure that your drinking water is as pure as it can be. Here at Hampshire Plumbers, we send skilled installers to put in your water softener and purifier in Lymington. Our customer service and aftercare processes for water filters and water softeners are of a very high standard. Get in touch with us today through our online form or on 02380 970979 to arrange a water treatment survey.

    Broken showers, new showers and replacement showers

    If you want to install a new or replacement shower in Lymington, our plumbers can get the job done fast and efficiently. We can also supply and install water tanks and water systems to get the hot water to your shower. Wherever you need a shower installed, Hampshire Plumbers can do the job for you, whether it be installing a single shower in the home, creating a wet room, or adding 50 plumbed-in showers and baths to an apartment block. We can guarantee that building codes are met when we install showers, and we work to ensure the highest of safety standards. If your shower isn’t working optimally, we can find out why that is and solve the problem. When showers are not working, begin to underperform, have low water pressure or leaks, they can be highly frustrating; however, we can solve the problem.

    Maintenance and replacement of ball valves for loft tanks

    Many people have an extra water tank or the boiler system in the loft, and sometimes the ball valve plate gets stuck. This can prevent or reduce the amount of water that flows in your heating system. You need a working pressure release valve in order to ensure that excess pressure doesn’t cause your system to overload and burst. An urgent change of your pressure release valve is required if it becomes defective. Our expert plumbers can replace faulty valves and work on impact boiler brands and models. We can repair, source parts, replace and install new water tanks and boilers. Get in touch if you want a quote with no obligation. Whether you have a minor problem or need a whole new system, Hampshire Plumbers have specialists ready to work.

    For all your pipework and drainage emergencies

    Hampshire Plumbers can help you whatever the plumbing problem you have. If something has gone wrong with your plumbing system, get in touch now. We are able to sort out all your internal pipework and also work on your waste drainage pipes in order to solve your water flow and soil drainage issues. We will repair any issue that affects the flow of clean, white water and all drainage around your property. Will make sure your pipes are reliable and safe, that your building is functioning well and that there is no damage being done through leaks or any other plumbing problem. We know how important it is to have a well-maintained plumbing system that doesn’t cause problems through leaks or any other issue. Get in touch if you need us to solve a pipework or drainage issue or if you have an emergency.

    Full central heating services

    A qualified heating engineer can help you if you need to install, repair or maintain a boiler or central heating system. Hampshire Plumbers specialises in the repair, maintenance and installation of central heating systems. Our qualified plumbers ensure that your central heating system is appropriate for your property and use high-quality materials and equipment to get the job done efficiently. Prior to beginning the work, we will work with our customers to ensure that they understand all the pricing of materials and labour, and that they are comfortable with the plumbing and heating services that we are going to provide. If you need any work done on your central heating system then contact us on 02380 970979 or through our online forms and we will send qualified, Gas Safe heating engineers to work on your central heating system.

    Radiator installation, replacement and repair

    If you are in the process of investigating whether you need to replace your radiator, you will have found out that it can be quite expensive to do. Maintenance of radiators is a good way to ensure they have a longer lifespan. Radiators that are well-maintained perform better in terms of energy efficiency and cost savings, and their efficacy in terms of heating the environment. If you need help with your radiators, then you can rely on Hampshire Plumbers. Our radiator experts will guide you on the best places to position radiators, install radiators for you, and do any plumbing work that is required to extend central heating systems. Our plumbers are fully insured to ensure that you are comfortable and confident with our services. Use our online form to get in touch with us about any radiator-related services that you may require.

    Drain cleaning and unblocking service

    Your drains, whether inside or outside, can cause you stress when they are blocked. Our professionals are trained to unblock drains. At Hampshire Plumbers, we have the tools and technology to unblock your drains in Lymington. We try not to disrupt your routine so we aim to fix problems as quickly as possible. Our plumbers can handle all kinds of high-pressure drain jetting, for all drains, blocked sinks or blocked toilets. When we offer drainage services, we try to offer a flat fee and a clear upfront price so that you know what you are going to pay when we have completed the service. We will always ensure that we keep things as clean as possible and tidy up after we have provided our drainage services. Hampshire Plumbers will unblock your pipes whether inside or all drainage pipes outside. For emergency drainage issues in Lymington give us a call or contact us through our online form and we will get back to you immediately.

    Plumbers for emergencies in Lymington

    We can help. Our expert plumbers will look at your issue, work out what the problem is, and fix the plumbing or heating. If you are worried about your plumbing problem causing damage, then call Hampshire Plumbers on phone (023) 8097 0979 (UK), as we can get you within an hour in Lymington. At Hampshire Plumbers, our emergency plumbing services are well regarded in the Lymington area. Our plumbers can repair, replace, install and maintain all types of hot water systems. Our plumbing teams can get broken hot water systems working again and can also deal with emergencies. Our plumbers will solve your hot water problems in Lymington.

    Gas Appliance Installation and Servicing solutions in Hampshire

    The complete gas appliance installation, repair and servicing company

    If you suspect you have a gas leak, you should get in touch with the National Gas Emergency Service urgently so that they can isolate the gas leak before we go on to do repairs on it. Whenever you have a boiler problem it is always important to work out whether it is cheaper in the long run to repair the boiler or replace it altogether. Our teams can look at gas leaks and suggest interventions, repair minor leaks, and work with the full range of gas appliance installations and repairs. Our qualified plumbers can work on heating ventilation, gas heaters, central heating and boilers.

    Gas safety and getting Gas Safe certificates

    You need to ensure that all of your gas appliances are safe for your family, your tenants and anyone that enters your property. We can do gas safety checks on rental properties and issue landlord and homeowner certificates. We can send you Gas Safe installers and repairmen in Emsworth to work on any gas appliance or system. If you have a problem with your gas heating system, a gas appliance issue or any other plumbing need, contact Hampshire Plumbers and we will send a qualified, experienced plumber.

    Identifying causes of leaks and burst pipes in Lymington

    If you ever experienced water leaks or broken pipes, then you know that it can be a real pain. Water leaking from pipes, or pulling from pipes, can cause untold damage to property and so you need to call a plumber immediately when you notice there may be an issue. If you need a damaged or broken pipe replaced or fixed, our plumbers are trained to do the job. We use best practice methods to identify problems, such as CCTV surveys, and mend problems using high-quality fixtures and fittings. Our plumbers are trained to identify exactly why water is leaking from joints, and to find where problems have their root cause, so if you have a burst pipe, leakage or some water coming from some other unidentified base, get in touch and our plumbers can come and solve the problem for you.

    Bathrooms-Designed and Installed from Start to Finish plumbing service in hampshire

    Installing new bathrooms in Lymington

    We offer a complete bathroom installation service, provided by experienced plumbers. If you need a new bathroom designed, we can do that for you, including the showers, bathtub, basins and toilet, and drawing up the cabinets that will complement and provide storage for your newly installed bathroom. We also install bathrooms that have been pre-purchased, ensuring that they are installed in a robust, secure and appropriate way. We can also take out your old bathroom suite and dispose of it for you. Give us a call today, or fill out our online form, to get more information on our bathroom installation services in Lymington.

    Why people choose Hampshire Plumbers

    At Hampshire Plumbers we always strive to offer the best possible service that we can, and we want our clients to have peace of mind at all times, knowing that we are working according to best practice and deliver quality installations and repairs. We make sure each and every client is happy with the work we produce, whether we are replacing a plumbing joint, installing a central heating system in a detached house, maintaining a boiler, installing a new radiator in the conservatory, extending central heating to a garage conversion, or putting in a new outdoor tap.

    Whatever the plumbing problem or requirement that you have, you can be confident that our plumbers have the qualifications, expertise, equipment and know how to do the job right the first time. Alongside this, we offer you warranties on materials and guarantees on the labour work too. Hampshire Plumbers carry professional indemnity insurance to cover the work that we do.

    We make sure that every plumber that works on your plumbing job is qualified, experienced and knowledgeable regarding the task at hand.

    If you have a plumbing requirement out of hours, our plumbers are available to work on your plumbing, central heating, gas or any other plumbing-related problem throughout the day and the night, and also over weekends. If you have an emergency plumbing issue in Lymington you will be pleased to know that we don’t charge exorbitant rates.

    Our warranties and guarantees are just the start of our customer service. The standard of our aftercare matches the quality of the plumbing services that we deliver. If you have questions about a plumbing installation, any problems with how something is working, or need us to come back and make some adjustments to plumbing, heating or gas appliances or hardware, we will oblige. Our plumbers are also available on the phone to answer any questions.

    Hampshire Plumbers are able to work on appliances and boilers powered by gas, because we are Gas Safe registered and have plenty of experience and specialist training.

    We always try to respond to any inquiry that comes to our running websites within a few hours.