Hampshire Plumbers provides plumbing and heating services locally in Liphook, Hampshire

Hampshire Plumbers provides plumbing and heating services locally in Liphook, Hampshire

Our expert plumbers and heating engineers provide residential, commercial and industrial customers with a wide range of plumbing and heating solutions. Whether you need a new bathroom installed, have leaks under the floorboards, need your boiler serviced, or need a whole new plumbing system in your home, we can provide you with a full solution. 

We can access plumbing fittings and fixtures, and source spare parts quickly to solve any problems with your plumbing as soon as possible. We are Hampshire Trading Standards approved and our workmanship is always of a high quality. We are a family-owned plumbing and heating business and we take pride in the service that we offer.

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    Our Gas Safe engineers are always fully insured when they are working with boilers in central heating systems, and we make sure that we carry sufficient insurance, giving our customers peace of mind at all times whatever plumbing job we are working on. If you have a plumbing emergency, then our emergency plumbing team is available in Liphook. 

    Our plumbers are Gas Safe licensed and have a massive amount of expertise. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Get in touch through our online form or give us a call now to get qualified plumbers to you quickly.

    Our plumbing service covers the following areas in Liphook:

    Our plumbing and heating services are available to residents and businesses throughout the Liphook area. We can cover a wider area around Liphook including a 40 mile radius. Whether you need plumbing, gas-related services or central heating or boiler services, we are confident that we can provide you with the best plumbing solutions in the vicinity.

    Liphook is a large village in the East Hampshire district of Hampshire, England.

    Some of the locations that we cover in Liphook are:

    • Oak Park
    • Haslemere Road
    • Adams Mews
    • Portsmouth Road
    • Shepherds Way
    • Valley Side
    • Lark Rise
    • Radford Court
    • Forest Lane
    • Canada Way
    • The Maltings

    and many more surrounding areas.

    We do emergency plumbing along A3, B2070 and A287. We carry out plumbing services in adjoining areas like Haslemere, Hampshire, West Sussex and our work often takes us close to Liphook Millennium Centre, Churcher’s College and Ripsley House. Our plan is to come to you anywhere in Liphook, Hampshire, South East England, to work on your plumbing requirements.

    The plumbing services that we provide in Liphook are as follows:

    Installation of new boilers, repair of faulty boilers and regular servicing of boilers

    At Hampshire Plumbers, we provide the full range of services for boilers, including installation, regular servicing and the repair of broken boilers. Over the years we have built a reputation as one of the most reliable plumbers in Liphook. Working with private homeowners and commercial customers, the heating engineers at Hampshire Plumbers have the specialist experience and expertise required to provide professional gas and oil services and boiler installations. Get in touch with the Hampshire Plumbers boiler team today and we will organise a time to come to you to fix a problem, provide a quote, or give you a guided quote over the phone.

    Installation of water filters and water softeners

    Are you looking for someone to install and supply water filters or water softeners in Liphook? We have a team of licensed and qualified plumbers who are experienced in fitting water filters and softeners. We can put in water filters that fit under your sink to ensure you get pure water. Our teams of experts can put in filters that purify all of the water in the home, refrigerator filters, and can use reverse osmosis technology to ensure that your drinking water is as pure as it can be. Here at Hampshire Plumbers, we send skilled installers to put in your water softener and purifier in Liphook. We also offer exceptional customer service and aftercare. If you want to find out more about water treatment systems, then call us today on 02380 970979.

    We repair, install and maintain showers

    If you’re looking for a plumber to install a new shower in Liphook, then look no further than Hampshire Plumbers. We can also supply and install water tanks and water systems to get the hot water to your shower. Hampshire Plumbers can install showers in blocks of flats, new high-rise buildings, or in luxury homes. You can trust us to install your shower system as we make sure that every shower is up to scratch in terms of the building codes and safety standards. If your shower is broken, you are experiencing low water pressure, or you have a leak, our plumbers can come to you for an appointment or as an emergency and get it fixed. When showers are not working, begin to underperform, have low water pressure or leaks, they can be highly frustrating; however, we can solve the problem.

    Water tank ball valves replacement and repair

    When a boiler system has an extra tank in the loft, and the valve float get stuck, it can affect the system. This can stop water in the system from flowing. If you didn’t have a valve to reduce pressure then it could build up and your boiler could burst. Your pressure release valve is crucial and you need to replace it if it gets damaged. Hampshire Plumbers are registered with Gas Safe and can repair or replace faulty valves for any type of boiler. We can repair, source parts, replace and install new water tanks and boilers. We can provide you with a free quote, so contact us today. Hampshire Plumbers have specialist plumbers ready to work on your ball valve issues and your boiler system in general.

    For all your pipework and drainage emergencies

    If you have any plumbing problems at home or in your business, Hampshire Plumbers are here for you. If you have a problem with any aspect of your plumbing then call us or contact us through our online form today. Our expert teams can repair or maintain external drainage flow and the flow of water through pipes within your property. Our company will send you a plumbing team to deal with all the repairs to your water flow systems. We can investigate your pipes to ensure that they are working and that there aren’t any leaks, contamination or any other problems. We know how important it is to have a well-maintained plumbing system that doesn’t cause problems through leaks or any other issue. Call Hampshire Plumbers if you have maintenance or repair requirements, or if you have an emergency with pipework drainage.

    Providing you with complete central heating services

    You require the services of a heating engineer if you need work done on your central heating or boiler system. Central heating is one of our core areas of expertise here at Hampshire Plumbers. Our qualified plumbers work to the highest of standards, using only quality materials and tools to provide you with a high-tech, central heating system that works. We believe it is very important that you understand exactly what we’re going to do, whether it be an installation of a central heating system, maintenance, repair or replacement, and that you have a clear picture of the costs of materials and labour. If you need central heating services in Liphook, then get in touch with our central heating team today.

    Repairing, replacing and installing radiators

    Replacing radiators can be costly, but it shouldn’t be something that needs to be done very often. Maintaining radiators is a great way to push back the need for repairs or replacements. Radiators that are well-maintained perform better in terms of energy efficiency and cost savings, and their efficacy in terms of heating the environment. If you need help with your radiators, then you can rely on Hampshire Plumbers. Our central heating experts can advise you on where to put radiators, and supply and install a single radiator or many radiators and can ensure that everything works optimally to heat your property effectively. All the plumbers working through Hampshire Plumbers carry insurance to give you peace of mind. If you are interested in using our radiator installation, replacement or repair services then get in touch today.

    We can unblock and clean your drains

    It can be extremely stressful not knowing where to turn if you have problems with drainage water. At Hampshire Plumbers we unblock drains. If your drains are blocked and in need of cleaning in Liphook. Hampshire Plumbers always work to locate the problem as fast as possible and often use CCTV examination, ensuring that minimal damage is done to your property and that you can get back to normal life as quickly as possible. Our plumbers can handle all kinds of high-pressure drain jetting, for all drains, blocked sinks or blocked toilets. Wherever possible we will provide you with a flat fee for the drainage service you require and are committed to providing great value for money. There is no fee for calling us out, and our engineers will do the utmost to treat your home with the respect it deserves. Hampshire Plumbers have the expertise to unblock drains, pipes and sinks and allow your water and waste to flow again freely as it should. If you have an urgent issue with your drainage, then get in touch and we will get back to you as fast as we can.

    Emergency plumbing services in Liphook

    Hampshire Plumbers can help you if you need emergency plumbing services, such as when your central heating breaks down, a water leak, if you notice patches, or if you have another plumbing issue. Our expert plumbers will look at your issue, work out what the problem is, and fix the plumbing or heating. Our plumbers are on call and can come to you in an emergency in Liphook within an hour in most cases. The Hampshire Plumbers Liphook emergency plumbing services are your go-to service for emergency plumbing issues. Our plumbers can repair, replace, install and maintain all types of hot water systems. Our plumbers can solve issues such as breakdowns and emergency heating and hot water problems. Our team of skilled plumbers will identify and solve any hot water problems you have in the Liphook area.

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    Gas appliance installation, repairs and servicing

    When you think you may have a leak in your gas pipes, it is important that your first call is to the National Gas Emergency Service who will seek to isolate the location of the leak, enabling Gas Safe plumbers to work on the problem. If the gas leak is from the boiler, the first thing you need to do is work out the cost of repair against the cost of replacing the boiler, and the benefits that you will receive from repair or replacement. Our plumbers are experienced with gas repairs and installations and are able to identify and solve gas leak problems. Our qualified plumbers can work on heating ventilation, gas heaters, central heating and boilers.

    Gas certificates and safety checks

    It’s pivotal that you regularly check gas appliances to ensure that they are safe. We can do landlord gas safety checks and issue homeowner certificates. Our Gas Safe engineers are available to work on your gas systems in Liphook. At Hampshire Plumbers we have Gas Safe professionals ready to help you repair, maintain or check or install gas appliances or gas systems.

    Repairing burst pipes, leaks and finding where it is coming from

    Homeowners find that water leaks and broken pipes can be a real nightmare. Homeowners need to solve water issues in the home straight away, rather than neglecting them and letting them build up to become a worse problem. Our plumbers have the experience to identify problems with plumbing systems quickly, and fix and replace any issues that they find, minimizing the damage caused by water. We use best practice methods to identify problems, such as CCTV surveys, and mend problems using high-quality fixtures and fittings. If there is some issue with your plumbing system, such as that you have a burst pipe, water leakages, or damp patches on your ceiling or walls, that our plumbers can come out and identify the problem and tell you what needs to be done.

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    Need a bathroom installed in Liphook ?

    Our high-quality plumbing teams can do a complete bathroom installation for you. If you need a new bathroom designed, we can do that for you, including the showers, bathtub, basins and toilet, and drawing up the cabinets that will complement and provide storage for your newly installed bathroom. If you have already bought a bathroom suite and just want us to install it for you, we can come to you at an appointed time and get it installed expertly. Our plumbers will carefully dismantle and remove the old bathroom, if there is one in place, ready for the new bathroom to be installed. Our bathroom installation services are available throughout Liphook, so if you want more information, a quote, or for us to come around and take a look at your ideas, then get in touch through our online forms or give us a call today.

    Hampshire Plumbers-reasons to choose our company

    Our plumbing service always knows no limits when ensuring the best possible standards within any budget, and our clients have peace of mind knowing that we work diligently, professionally and use excellent plumbing fittings, fixtures and hardware. Whether we are working on an emergency plumbing leak, a new bathroom installation, central heating repair, radiator replacement or plumbing in a new sink, you can be confident that we will do the job well.

    Our professional plumbers at Hampshire Plumbers are very experienced and are equipped with the best tools to do any job you may have, so you can have peace of mind throughout the plumbing process. We provide long warranties on the fittings, hardware and fixtures that we install, and also offer long guarantees on the installations and repairs on which we work. We believe professional indemnity insurance is the minimum that we need to hold to cover the work that we do.

    When you have a plumber arrive at your job, he will be qualified, and experienced in the area of plumbing for which you need a plumber.

    If you have a plumbing requirement out of hours, our plumbers are available to work on your plumbing, central heating, gas or any other plumbing-related problem throughout the day and the night, and also over weekends. We don’t charge hefty callout plumbing fees in Liphook.

    We don’t just hold insurance, provide warranties, and offer guarantees, we do plumbing the right way. We believe it’s very important to offer aftercare for any plumbing solutions. If you find, after we have left the plumbing job, that you need some more support with the installation, or find something isn’t working correctly, we will return and solve the problem. We are also available on the phone to discuss any of our plumbing work and to offer telephonic solutions.

    Gas is dangerous, but our plumbers are Gas Safe registered and have tons of experience of working with gas appliances and boilers.

    We always try to respond to any inquiry that comes to our running websites within a few hours.