Plumbing companies located in Bordon

Plumbing companies located in Bordon

Hampshire Plumbers is a specialist plumbing and heating company that serves the whole of the Bordon area. When you have water leaks in the kitchen or bathroom, need your heating system serviced, a new full central heating system, or anything else, we have got your back. 

We can access plumbing fittings and fixtures, and source spare parts quickly to solve any problems with your plumbing as soon as possible. With high-quality workmanship a must for all of our plumbers, we have been approved by Hampshire Trading Standards.

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    Our plumbing and heating business is family-owned and we take great pride in ensuring that you get the best possible service. We take plenty of insurance to ensure we are always insured for each project, whether we are installing boilers, adding central heating to a large house, fixing leaks, replacing radiators, or doing any other type of plumbing work.

    Our emergency plumbing service is also available around the clock so you always have a solution available. Our plumbers have a wealth of expertise and are licensed Gas Safe engineers. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call us on 02380 971171 to get fast access to qualified plumbers, or contact us through our online form.

    The areas in Bordon that our plumbing company covers is as follows:

    Our plumbing business serves the whole of the Bordon area. We can cover a wider area around Bordon including a 40 mile radius. Our gas, heating and plumbing services cover the full range of problems that you may face, and we are confident that we can provide you with superb service. Bordon is a town in the East Hampshire district of Hampshire, England. It lies 5.4 miles south-east of Alton and forms a part of the civil parish of Whitehill which is one of two contiguous villages, the other being Lindford.

    Amongst the areas we cover in Bordon are:

    • Budds Lane
    • Chalet Hill
    • Woolmer Way
    • Hollybrook Park
    • Heathcote Road
    • Hibiscus Grove
    • Conde Way
    • Alpine Road
    • Whitehill
    • Pinehill Road
    • South Hurst
    • Oak Tree Road
    • Jacaranda Road
    • Bordon Camp
    • Linford Wey
    • Lands End Lane

    We also offer plumbing work in adjoining areas like Petersfield, Farnham and Alton. We do emergency plumbing along A325, C114, B3002 and B3004. We often pass The Phoenix Theatre, Mill Chase Leisure Centre and Bordon Enterprise Park in the course of our plumbing work. Our Bordon plumbers can come to you anywhere in Bordon, Hampshire, South East England and provide you with top-quality plumbing solutions.

    The plumbing and heating services offered in Bordon are:

    Plumbing services, installing and repairing boilers

    We can service boilers, repair boilers and install new boilers. We have developed a reputation as a highly reliable boiler repair and installation service in Bordon. Working with private homeowners and commercial customers, the heating engineers at Hampshire Plumbers have the specialist experience and expertise required to provide professional gas and oil services and boiler installations. By calling Hampshire Plumbers, you gain access to expert boiler installation, repair and service professionals that can provide you with a free quote, and can be with you fast.

    Water filters and water softener installation

    Are you looking for someone to install and supply water filters or water softeners in Bordon? We can get your water softener or water filter installed and working in the Bordon area and can go through the supply process for you as well. We supply and install different brands of under-the-sink water filters to purify your drinking water. Drinking water is purified via a reverse osmosis process and we can put in place filters that treat all of the water in your house, or just a filter for refrigerator water. At Hampshire Plumbers our installers are highly skilled and will put in your water purifiers or water softeners in Bordon with speed, skill and precision. Our customer service and aftercare processes for water filters and water softeners are of a very high standard. Call us on 02380 971171 to book your free home water treatment survey today.

    Installing, maintaining and repairing showers

    If you need a new shower sourced, supplied and installed in Bordon, our professional team is here for you. Our skilled plumbers can make sure that the water pressure is how it should be, you get the right shower, and that you are supplied with hot water via quality water systems and boiler systems. We can fit residential showers, do the plumbing for wet rooms, put in place luxury shower units in hotels, or do the plumbing for showers in units for multiple occupations. We can guarantee that building codes are met when we install showers, and we work to ensure the highest of safety standards. If you have a broken shower, low water pressure to your shower, or any other problem, we can come and identify the problem with your shower and fix it. Broken showers can be very frustrating, but our plumbers can fix low water pressure, leaks or replace individual parts or whole shower systems for you.

    Ball valves and loft tank replacement and maintenance

    Sometimes the ball valve in the water tank in the loft can get stuck, affecting the boiler system. This can affect the water going to showers and the central heating system and taps by stopping the water from flowing. If you didn’t have a valve to reduce pressure then it could build up and your boiler could burst. If a pressure release valve is damaged through wear and tear or by an accident ,it needs to be replaced urgently. Our expert plumbers can replace faulty valves and work on impact boiler brands and models. We provide an excellent service to repair, replace, maintain and install all types of boilers and their water tanks where required. We can often give you a quote over the phone when you give us a call or contact us through our online form. Hampshire Plumbers are ready for the task whether you have a big fault or just need minor issues addressed.

    Emergency plumbers for pipework and drainage issues

    Hampshire Plumbers can help you whatever the plumbing problem you have. If you have a problem with any aspect of your plumbing then call us or contact us through our online form today. We are experts in maintaining and repairing pipes and drains in homes. Our company will send you a plumbing team to deal with all the repairs to your water flow systems. Our plumbers investigate pipework to ensure that it is able to perform its function well and is not at risk of breaking down in the near future. Hampshire Plumbers are always aware of the importance of making sure that your plumbing systems and central heating are working well. Whether you need maintenance, repairs or have an emergency with drainage or pipework, get in touch today and we will help.

    Comprehensive central heating services

    If you need help with a boiler or central heating, you need a heating engineer. Hampshire Plumbers are central heating specialists. Our Gas Safe heating engineers will make sure that your boiler runs well and will ensure that your central heating system is appropriate for the rooms in your property. When we repair, replace, maintain or install a new central heating system, we make sure that we have first provided you with a transparent cost breakdown of materials and labour so that you are completely in the picture. We have central heating experts available in Bordon right now, so give us a call on 02380 971171 or contact us through our online form to use our services.

    Maintaining, replacing, repairing and installing radiators

    Having your radiators changed costs a fair amount but shouldn’t be something you have to do more than once every few decades. Regular maintenance of radiators is the secret to preventing the need for your radiators to be replaced or for costly repairs. Additionally, maintenance of radiators can mean they are more efficient, more cost-effective and less likely to break down. You can rely on Hampshire Plumbers to provide you with effective services related to your radiators. We can install a single radiator in a conservatory, add large radiators to cold rooms, advise on the positioning of radiators and ensure that everything is working optimally. Our plumbers are fully insured to ensure that you are comfortable and confident with our services. If you have a situation where you need work done on your radiators, or need guidance on new installations, then get in touch with Hampshire Plumbers today.

    Our service includes unblocking drains and cleaning drains out

    It can be extremely stressful when your drains have a problem. Our professionals are trained to unblock drains. At Hampshire Plumbers, we have the tools and technology to unblock your drains in Bordon. Hampshire Plumbers always work to locate the problem as fast as possible and often use CCTV examination, ensuring that minimal damage is done to your property and that you can get back to normal life as quickly as possible. If you have a blocked toilet, blocked drains, a blocked sink or need high-pressure drain jetting help, we are here for you. When we offer drainage services, we try to offer a flat fee and a clear upfront price so that you know what you are going to pay when we have completed the service. We don’t charge call-out fees and our engineers will treat your home respectfully, ensuring that we clean up after ourselves and minimise the mess caused during our drainage processes. You can count on Hampshire Plumbers drainage plumbers to support you, leaving your house clear of blockages. Get in touch today if you have a drainage problem and our drainage team will come to you forthwith.

    Plumbing emergency in Bordon

    If you need emergency plumbing or heating work, whether it be repairs, replacements or any other difficult situation, call Hampshire Plumbers. Our plumbers will quickly identify what the plumbing problem is, what the cause is, and remedy the situation fast. When you contact us online, we can get an emergency plumber to you in Bordon within an hour. At Hampshire Plumbers, our emergency plumbing services are well regarded in the Bordon area. Our plumbers can repair, replace, install and maintain all types of hot water systems. If you have a breakdown or emergency hot water or heating problem, our plumbers can help. Our team of skilled plumbers will identify and solve any hot water problems you have in the Bordon area.

    Vaillant Approved installers plumbing solutions in Hampshire

    The complete gas appliance installation, repair and servicing company

    If you suspect you have a gas leak, you should get in touch with the National Gas Emergency Service urgently so that they can isolate the gas leak before we go on to do repairs on it. If the gas leak is from the boiler, the first thing you need to do is work out the cost of repair against the cost of replacing the boiler, and the benefits that you will receive from repair or replacement. Our teams can look at gas leaks and suggest interventions, repair minor leaks, and work with the full range of gas appliance installations and repairs. Our highly qualified Gas Safe plumbers can help with anything related to heating including central heating, gas boilers, oil boilers and anything else.

    Gas safety and getting Gas Safe certificates

    You need to make sure that gas appliances are completely safe at all times. We can do landlord gas safety checks and issue homeowner certificates. We have Gas Safe installers who can work on any heating system and can ensure that it is working perfectly. At Hampshire Plumbers we have Gas Safe professionals ready to help you repair, maintain or check or install gas appliances or gas systems.

    Damp patches, leaks and burst pipes in Bordon

    If you ever experienced water leaks or broken pipes, then you know that it can be a real pain. Water leaking from pipes, or pulling from pipes, can cause untold damage to property and so you need to call a plumber immediately when you notice there may be an issue. Our plumbers are highly trained and adept at fixing and replacing broken water pipes and general pipework. At Hampshire Plumbers, we follow best practice methods in the industry and can use technology, such as CCTV surveys, to identify problems quickly, and we make sure we use quality hardware, joints and pipework when repairing and replacing systems. If there is some issue with your plumbing system, such as that you have a burst pipe, water leakages, or damp patches on your ceiling or walls, that our plumbers can come out and identify the problem and tell you what needs to be done.

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    We can install your new bathroom in Bordon

    We have plumbers who are highly experienced in installing bathrooms and who can get the job done for you to perfection. Our teams can also do the design work for bathrooms to ensure that you get exactly what you want, with the right quality of fixtures and fittings and bathroom hardware. We also install bathrooms that have been pre-purchased, ensuring that they are installed in a robust, secure and appropriate way. If you have a bathroom suite that you need removed and disposed of, we can also do that. Give us a call today, or fill out our online form, to get more information on our bathroom installation services in Bordon.

    Why people choose Hampshire Plumbers

    Hampshire Plumbers are always completely committed to providing a great standard of service and we always want to give our clients peace of mind throughout our plumbing work. We ensure that you are happy with the end product, whether we have been doing a big job like installing a new bathroom or putting in the plumbing for a whole estate of houses, or doing a smaller job such as identifying and fixing a leak or replacing a tap.

    Whatever the plumbing problem or requirement that you have, you can be confident that our plumbers have the qualifications, expertise, equipment and know how to do the job right the first time. We use only high-quality materials so that you benefit from long product warranties and our work is also guaranteed for an extended period of time, demonstrating the confidence we have in our work. We are covered by insurance policies, such as our professional indemnity insurance policy.

    We make sure that every plumber that works on your plumbing job is qualified, experienced and knowledgeable regarding the task at hand.

    We know that emergencies come up anytime of the day or night, and so our plumbers are available to work on your central heating emergencies, boiler emergencies, plumbing emergencies and gas-related emergencies anytime of the day or night. If you have an emergency plumbing issue in Bordon you will be pleased to know that we don’t charge exorbitant rates.

    We go further than just offering you guarantees and warranties. Hampshire Plumbers offer each and every client an excellent aftercare service. If you discover any issues after we have left the plumbing job, we will come back and resolve the issue. We are only a call away if you have any plumbing questions.

    Hampshire Plumbers are able to work on appliances and boilers powered by gas, because we are Gas Safe registered and have plenty of experience and specialist training.

    Hampshire Plumbers can come for plumbing emergencies within an hour in most cases, and we answer queries through the website within a few business hours of the inquiry landing with us.