Landlord Gas Safety Certificates in Hampshire

Landlord Gas Safety Certificates in Hampshire

If you are looking for a Landlord Gas Safety Certificates , then look no further than Hampshire Plumbers. Our plumbers have extensive experience with Landlord Gas Safety Certificates and can offer a full range of plumbing supply, installation, maintenance and repair services. Are you a landlord, homeowner or estate agent in and around Hampshire requiring Gas Safety Security Certificates (CP12)? At Hampshire Plumbers, we are experienced in providing gas safety certificates, inspection, and repairs for landlords, tenants and house buyers across Hampshire. All of our electricians and gas engineers are thoroughly trained and guaranteed to provide successful assistance.

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    What is a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate ?

    Landlord Gas Safety Certificate is a document that details all the tests done during the annual check of gas safety. This shows that a licensed Gas Safe technician has tested all the gas equipment, fittings, and flues given to your tenants over the last 12 months.

    Why do you Need a Gas Safety Certificate?

    Homeowners who rent out their properties are legally responsible for their renters’ safety with respect to the proper construction of the gas plumbing system and the proper operation of gas appliances.

    The Gas Safety Regulations clarify in full the extent of responsibility of tenants, landlords and estate agents to perform an annual gas safety audit and to receive a gas safety certificate annually. The latter is valid for twelve months, and can only be given by licensed engineers accredited by Gas Safe.

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    How Much Does a Landlord Gas Certificate Cost ?

    For a Gas Safety Certificate, expect to pay about £60. This price usually includes one appliance (a gas boiler, for example). The certificate expense would increase with each additional gas appliance within the property (for example, a gas fire or hob).

    Why Choose Hampshire Plumbers for Your Landlord Gas Certificate ?

    Certified Engineers

    At Hampshire Plumbers, we are qualified to carry out a range of safety checks and issue security certificates to Hampshire landlords, businesses and homeowners. Our engineers are accredited with Gas Safe. We also retain registration with NICEIC.

    Qualified to Perform a Number of Safety Checks

    We are qualified to check the fire warning systems, detectors for carbon monoxide, gas devices, electrical equipment and emergency lighting.

    Fair Pricing

    We’re not the cheapest but neither will we drain your pocket. We promise a quality which is sustainable.

    Peace of Mind

    The landlord services we offer are structured to ensure that you satisfy your legal duties easily, inexpensively and with the least possible hassle. We use only gas and heating engineers on the Gas Safe list, and you can be confident that your property is in the best possible hands.

    What are our Booking and Payment Options ?

    Our mission is to make your life simpler, including how you book for your gas safety inspection. Just complete our online booking request form or call us on 02380 970979.



    You may receive a Gas Safety Certificate – or Gas Safety Record Form – by making an appointment with a licensed engineer registered with Gas Safe. At Hampshire Plumbers, all our engineers are Gas Safe registered. We will do a visual inspection of both the gas equipment and open pipework to ensure that they are in good order, including a pipework test to ensure that there are no gas leaks.

    Letting a house not using gas responsibly is completely unethical and may be considered a criminal offence. The punishment includes a significant fine and/or incarceration for renting a property without a gas safety check.

    Yes, you can. There is no law mandating you to have a current gas safety certificate before selling your home. However, it is advisable to get one especially if potential buyers want it before going ahead with the deal.

    You will get a gas safety certificate within 28 days.

    If you own the house on which you live, by regulation you do not need to get a gas safety certificate. There is no such thing as an official certificate of gas safety for homeowners. You should, however, arrange for a gas safe certified engineer to check your appliances at least every 12 months.

    There is no expiration time, and if you’re unsure how long a gas protection permit will last, be mindful that you’ll be liable if anything goes wrong from the very date of expiry.

    You can allow for any period from 10-12 months after the last test before carrying out another gas safety check. If you are unable to get the certificate, we will inform you what may need to get done to get the property to the correct level and the improvements that you may need.

    Providing your tenants with a gas-secure premises is easier than you would imagine. All it takes is a call to Hampshire Plumbers.