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Gas Safety Checks
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If you are looking for a plumber for Gas Safety Check, then look no further than Hampshire Plumbers. Our plumbers have extensive experience with Gas Safety Check and can offer a full range of plumbing supply, installation, maintenance and repair services.

Protect your residential properties with a landlord gas safety check. Hampshire Plumbers undertakes gas safety checks in Hampshire at a fixed price.

Our Gas Safe registered engineer can check your gas meter, pipework and appliances to help ensure compliance with existing regulations, as well as providing you with online access to your gas safety certificate and regular reminders when the next check is due.

If the gas system fails the check, our expert will include it in the report along with the most relevant suggestions for repair. However, you’ll be able to prevent expensive repairs when we help you carry out periodic servicing on your gas appliances.

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    What is a Gas Safety Check ?

    A gas safety check is an annual safety inspection carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer on all gas equipment in your house to guarantee the health of all its occupants.

    The safety covers gas boilers, gas fires, hobs, flues, and all other gas-fuelled devices. When that has been completed, you can get a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate or Gas Safety Record containing details of all the checks that have been conducted. It is also called certificate CP12.

    Gas safety checks are a legal necessity for landlords.

    Gas Safety Check

    Why do you Need a Gas Safety Check ?

    In your house, any gas system will produce carbon monoxide (CO), a highly toxic gas that happens when natural gas or liquid petroleum gas (LPG) is not burned as it should.

    This is the product of a gas appliance being poorly installed, fixed or managed, or where pipes, flues or chimneys have been blocked – so it is so vital that a Gas Safe licensed technician reviews all of the gas appliances once a year.

    What’s Included in a Gas Safety Certificate ?

    The following must be included as a requirement in your annual landlord gas safety certificate:

    1. The date the gas safety check was carried out
    2. The property address where the appliance /flue is situated

    iii. The landlord’s name and address or that of the agent where applicable

    iii. The description and location of each gas appliance and flue inspected

    1. The name, Gas Safe registration number and the signature of the engineer who performed the inspection
    2. A list of faults found in the appliances and actions recommended for fixing the fault or actions taken to fix them.

    What are the Types of Annual Gas Safety Checks ?

    The annual safety checks required for gas appliances are:

    Domestic: Landlord or Homeowner Safety Record (CP12).

    Non-domestic: Gas installation safety report (CP17).

    Commercial equipment for catering: Gas safety check (CP42).

    We have trained engineers licensed to offer certifications for both domestic and non-domestic structures on all gas appliance installations and systems.

    How Much Does a Gas Safety Check Cost?



    Number of Appliances


    Gas safety certificate

    Gas meter only

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    Gas safety certificate

    2 gas appliances

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    Gas safety certificate

    2 gas appliances

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    Gas safety certificate

    3 gas appliances

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    Gas safety certificate

    4 gas appliances

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    Who Requires a Gas Safety Check ?

    Gas safety checks are required by the following people:

    •         Landlords Gas Safety Checks
    •         Local authorities Gas Safety Checks
    •         Housing associations Gas Safety Checks
    •         Colleges Gas Safety Checks
    •         Hostels Gas Safety Checks
    •         Boarding schools Gas Safety Checks
    •         Hotels and B&Bs Gas Safety Checks

    When is a Landlord Gas Certificate Required ?

    It is a legal obligation for landlords to have their gas equipment, pipework, chimneys and flues inspected every 12 months to ensure their tenants are protected in the properties they are renting.

    What are my Responsibilities as a Landlord in Relation to Gas Safety ?

    Under the 1998 Gas Protection Regulations, you have duties to arrange repairs by a Gas Safe licensed engineer for all gas equipment, pipework and flues that you supply for use by tenants and that are in your property.

    A gas safety check needs to be conducted annually by a Gas Safe certified engineer. All tenants must be given a copy of the gas safety certificate and held for 2 years from the date of issue and a copy issued to all new tenants before they move in.

    Why Choose Hampshire Plumbers for Your Gas Safety Check ?

    50 Years’ Experience

    Hampshire Plumbers is proud to have more than 50 years of experience and have received accreditations required to carry out rigorous and comprehensive checks of gas safety for domestic and industrial customers across Hampshire.

    Thorough Checks

    Total inspections of any appliance that uses gas are essential to the continued safety of the house occupants and are a legal necessity. Our specialist engineers are able to carry out complete system testing and airflow assessments to ensure compliance with the regulations.

    Gas Safe Registered Engineers

    Our engineers are all in good standing on the Gas Safe list. Moreover, they are experts, since we carry our boiler services and other related services.

    We deliberately recruit our operatives to ensure we have technicians who can feel the pains and frustrations of our clients when their plumbing is faulty.

    How Long Does a Gas Safety Inspection Take ?

    Depending on the size of the gas system and the number of gas-based devices, it can take from 30 to 90 minutes.

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