How Much Do Plumbers Charge

How Much Do Our Plumbers Charge?

Our plumbers charge based on an hourly rate, half day or full day, with the average charge at £30 to £45 per hour. The hourly charge is for labour, and won’t include fittings and materials. 

We tend to charge a day rate of around £250. We can give you an estimate for your plumbing job over the phone.

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    Cost of Plumbing Services

    Sometimes a plumbing company sends more employees than is necessary to do the work. If your task is complex, a second plumber can really be justified. When ordering work, ask how many plumbers will come, how much time it will take to do the work, what hourly rate will be charged and what other fees will be charged. 

    Because work varies greatly, plumbers often calculate a flat rate for services based on estimates as soon as they see the work to be done. Some companies may charge an additional fee for trips outside the normal service area.

    Why Hire a Professional Plumber

    Areas with plumbing installations, such as bathrooms, kitchens and swimming pools, require the installation of pipes made by experienced plumbers or plumbing companies. There are several methods of doing work or self-assembly at home, especially regarding cleaning drains. However, more complex installation work requires a high level of technical knowledge. Typically, plumbing is not charged by the hour, but at a flat rate to make sure you pay in advance.

    Gas Safe Plumbers and Installers

    It is also worth distinguishing between a licensed installer who is qualified to manage and monitor larger installation projects and a routine residential plumber. They usually supervise installers with a commercial license and their work must be checked by the supervising installer. If you have to work on a gas element, make sure that the installer also has a valid gas valve license.

    National Average Cost of Plumbing

    The national average cost of plumbing tends to be about £300 per day. Remember that this is a national average and costs may be lower or higher in your region. It is always a good idea to know the average hourly costs, any call out fees and any extras. 

    Plumbers have overheads for vans, tools, training and storage, and their hourly rate is required to cover these costs. Hourly rates may vary by location, and plumbers in London and the South-East often charge higher fees than in other parts of the country.


    Why Your Plumbing Cost is High

    Often a plumber’s bill can make a plumber look like a shark. In fact, most plumbers are average individuals with average families living in average neighbourhoods. The average plumber treats his customers fairly and honestly. 

    The final cost of a plumber usually consists of time and parts. It also depends on how large the hydraulics will be. Repairing a leaking tap is obviously much faster and cheaper than replacing a standard hot water tank. 


    First-rate Plumbers in Hampshire

    Hampshire Plumbers are the best in the Hampshire area. We are known for reasonable prices and first-class customer service for all large and small tasks.

    Cost of Plumbing in Hampshire

    The cost of engaging a plumber depends on the type of work, duration os the job and whether it is an emergency, but it is always good to know the nature of the expected costs before ordering.

    Basically, if you live in areas outside the city, plumbing prices tend to drop by as much as 30%.

    However, also keep in mind that an installation cost varies depending on the size, scope, and location of the project. You should also expect to pay more for evening and weekend jobs.

    Additional Charges

    Professional plumbers often charge for travel time, so you should keep this in mind also. Additionally, plumbers tend to charge a fixed tariff for the first hour followed by a price reduction, therefore, you should always get a written offer before agreeing to do any work


    These are some sentences that contained facts, or statistics:

    • For larger works, the plumber can demand 10% of the money in advance so that he can buy the equipment or other equipment he needs. The balance is paid at the end of the work.
    • If you receive offers from 3-4 installers, especially for higher quality work, you can pay 40% less than if you only get one offer.
    • Daily rates for plumbers vary between £180 and £350, although you should pay 20 to 30% more per day if your plumber installs equipment at home.
    • You can save up to 40% in plumbing work costs by getting quotes from multiple plumbers
    • As a rule, plumbing system prices are 30% lower if you live in areas outside of London.

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