Radiator Replacement plumbing solutions in Hampshire

Radiator Replacement plumbing solutions in Hampshire

If you are looking for a plumber for Radiator Replacement, then look no further than Hampshire Plumbers. Our plumbers have extensive experience with Radiator Replacement and can offer a full range of plumbing supply, installation, maintenance and repair services.

There are many reasons why you might need a radiator replacement – from needing to have the radiator removed from the wall so as to redecorate and then putting the radiator back, to simply wanting to replace the radiator for aesthetic purposes. 

Whatever is your goal, at Hampshire Plumbers UK, we provide you with excellent options to keep you happy and satisfied.

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    Installing a New Radiator or Changing the Position of a Current one

    Choosing the right size and form of radiator is crucial for rapid and effective heating of a house. You have to scale the radiator accurately to the room where it will be installed. Because of this, several considerations must be weighed up, including height (whether facing south or north), building structure, number of doors and windows, and form of flooring (whether suspended or solid). 

    These factors influence how much air flows in the channels, which then goes on to influence the amount of Watts/KW (Btu’s) needed to heat the room.

    At Hampshire Plumbers, we know and understand that all these issues are important and that’s why we ensure our quality radiator installation solution comes with all the expert guidance and advice you may need.

    Replacing your Current Radiator in the Same Location

    We know that for many reasons people want to adapt and improve their environments, from just desiring a fancy change to trying to develop a new radiator feature. So if you want a replacement service,  give us a call on 02380 970979.

    Replacing your Current Radiator

    Can the Position of a Radiator be Changed for Decoration Purposes ?

    Of course, we can do it for you! If you’re decorating and you need to get behind a radiator so that you can decorate, then this service is ideal for you. We’ll take off the radiator and put it back when you’re done decorating.

    When Should you Replace your Radiators ?

    There’s nothing more tempting on a chilly winter day than to come home and find your house all warm and cosy. When your central heating system does not operate as well as it can, however, it might be time to bleed your radiators, power flush your system or even replace the entire system with a new and more advanced one. 

    Eventually, most older model radiators will corrode on the inside. Several years of water flowing through the radiator will react with the metal, allowing tiny rust particles to settle down at the bottom of the radiators themselves, making for bad cold spots, stagnant air blockages and higher energy bills.

    Central heating experts consider a radiator’s average lifetime to be between 8-12 years. This could mean that radiators that have lasted over 10 years are no longer working efficiently and are costing you more for a badly heated household. Before choosing to replace your radiators, make sure you see and follow our maintenance guidelines.

    Consider Replacing your Old Radiators with Energy-efficient Options

    If you keep them well maintained, the lifespan of your radiators can be significantly improved. Air can build up in the network over time, stopping them from becoming warm, and particles can settle in the pipework.

    In the past decade, heater efficiency has changed significantly. Combined with more energy-efficient boilers, water heating systems, and construction materials, this has led to a modern generation of radiators having a longer life than before.

    Modern radiators are built more effectively, with better internal water channelling that requires less hot water, reducing energy bills and dramatically reducing possible system harm.

    These radiator types are a lot smaller, and far more attractive to look at than the bulky, old models, which means you are less likely to want to conceal them under a radiator cover, enabling the heat to escape easily into your space. Choosing a double panel convector radiator means that it can emit more heat and faster than a single panel radiator that is older.

    Your Expert Heating Engineers in Hampshire

    At Hampshire Plumbers UK, we provide a 24-hour service to satisfy any of your needs, and we will normally reach you within the hour – the quickest turnaround time of any major service company in the UK.

    Our over XX team of Gas Safe-certified heating engineers also easily and effectively carry out all forms of breakdown repairs, including fault detection and diagnostic solutions. We are accredited with Vaillant, Worcester, and Ideal as preferred installers in Hampshire and the surrounding areas, providing up to 12-year warranties. 

    When you need expert assistance in radiator replacement or repairs, please do not hesitate to contact 02380 970979 and we will be glad to help.