Heating Pumps plumbing solutions in Hampshire

Heating Pumps plumbing solutions in Hampshire

If you are looking for a plumber for Heating Pumps, then look no further than Hampshire Plumbers. Our plumbers have extensive experience with Heating Pumps and can offer a full range of plumbing supply, installation, maintenance and repair services.

Renewable energy providers are becoming more popular in the UK and in this area, Hampshire Plumbers have become experts. We were foundation members of the Ground Source Heat Pump Association and have installed a number of heat pumps from the ground source.

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    Heat pumps from the ground source remove residual heat energy from below the ground. The heat conserved is then transferred via a heat pump which can be laid in underfloor heating circuits where the hot water device requires a low hot water temperature to complement it.

    Renewable Energy Benefits

    • Reduce energy bills
    • Minimised environmental impact 
    • Minimal maintenance required
    • Power underfloor heating
    • Power radiators
    • Support hot water system
    • No fuel deliveries required
    • Provide income through RHI
    Renewable Energy Benefits

    Ground Source Heat Pumps

    Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHPS) produce heating and hot water energy by using stored underground solar energy – a fully free and clean energy source. Also referred to as geothermal heating, this device provides several other desirable benefits. 

    It has low maintenance costs, can save you up to 70% of your fuel bill and can add value to your house. In fact, it has practically no effect on the environment and is compatible with most conventional heating systems. It is especially ideal for underfloor heating, and the heat pump system can even be used to cool the properties throughout the summer.

    Hampshire Plumbers UK will do everything from drilling the boreholes to installing the heat pump to adding the underfloor heating if necessary, using our own in-house experts. We will help you install either a commercial ground source heat pump or a domestic ground source heat pump, check every part of your GSHP system, look at all the necessary paperwork and provide you with an annual service agreement.

    Nationwide Domestic Heat Pump Systems Repairs & Maintenance

    Maintaining your heat pump system guarantees it operates at its optimal performance level and decreases the likelihood of any breakdown.

    If you have a heat pump system emergency, you can request a visit by one of our well trained and professional engineers – even if you don’t have a running maintenance package with us. 

    The engineer will assess the fault and will provide a quotation for the necessary remedial measures or replacement parts. Since we have also licensed installers of the major suppliers, we can easily source spare parts at a fair price.

    For more information or to request a visit by one of our expert engineers now, call us on 02380 970979, or send a simple enquiry via the form below.

    Heating Calculator

    Our heating calculator/BTU converter will help you figure out the best heat output for any room in your house. We’ll show you a list of radiators that will produce enough heat to sustain an effective but comfortable temperature in your room. 

    We Provide a Range of Renewable Energy

    Underground temperatures remain the same all year long, including in winter. This makes a GSHP the perfect solution for saving money and is also environmentally friendly. It works much better on new construction projects where the costs of insulation are much higher than those of existing homes. We will provide an expert guide if you want to find out more.

    We will provide free guidance on solar energy systems, ground source heat pumps, boiler facilities and boiler operation for your property. Our skilled, trained and experienced heating engineers work all over Hampshire, catering to the heating and plumbing needs of our domestic and commercial clients.

    Heating and Plumbing Services

    Hampshire Plumbers UK, founded more XXX years ago, is a family-owned business. Our head office is located in Hampshire but we have professional and experienced gas engineers and plumbers on the road throughout Hampshire and the surrounding areas.

    We are a highly rated plumbing and heating services company. However, we also provide ground source heat pumps, solar panels and bathroom installations. We have built up our company through word of mouth, taking pride in high-quality customer service and workmanship. 

    It can be very costly when it comes to boiler maintenance and breakdowns, which is why you need a team of Gas Safe-engineers whom you can trust, ensuring you get top quality services.

    Hampshire Plumbers UK provides skilled plumbing and lighting, electrical installations, bathroom designs, modern boiler systems and eco-friendly heat pump installations in Hampshire and the surrounding areas. We make sure all heat pumps and other plumbing works are carried out in a highly efficient,  timely way and with considerable attention to detail.