Central Heating Power Flushing Service in Hampshire

Central Heating Power Flushing Services in Hampshire

Need your central heating power flushing? Hampshire Plumbers pressure flushing is the most thorough way to clean out your system and remove blockages. 

We can send one of our power flushing plumbing specialists to clean flush out the system and make it work as new.

At Hampshire Plumbers, we are specialists in providing power flush services through our qualified, professional plumbers. We provide a skilled and efficient power flushing service to help address air circulation issues that can lead to heating system problems, including radiator leaks, cold spots on radiators, excessive noise from the boiler, and so on.

If your central heating system doesn’t heat your house as easily or reliably as it once did, contact Hampshire Plumbers on 02380 971171

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    What is Power Flushing ?

    A power flush is a chemical solution that cleans the central heating system and eliminates any contaminants within the pipes, such as corrosion or debris that could cause it to not function well.

    Using high energy, low-pressure water jets to wash out the pipes, the procedure is used to return the central heating system to full service, which is recommended before a new boiler is installed.

    Why do you Need a Central Heating System Power Flush?

    Central heating systems can become very unreliable and expensive to operate if left unmaintained. Heating costs will escalate gradually as the central heating system will get ‘clogged up’ with the build-up of deposits created by repeated usage. This is where power flushing is critical.

    It’s important for the central heating system’s continued safety that it is periodically and properly cleaned to avoid sludge or debris build-up. Such form of obstruction constitutes more than 80% of central heating issues and requires skilled power flushing to help eliminate and solve the problem.

    Manufacturers of boilers recommend power-flushing a central heating system before connecting a new boiler to the system. When installing a new boiler, system improvements and the new boiler’s high output can dislodge accumulated debris that has been in the system for years. That is why boiler suppliers are often hesitant to conduct warranty fixes if it is believed that debris and sludge in the machine caused the fault.

    Benefits of Power Flushing?

    Central heating power flushing has many benefits: it improves your heating efficiency, reduces electric power bills, and makes your radiator last longer. We can help you to make your boiler work more effectively and efficiently. Power flushing removes layers of sludge through internal pipes, improves the flow of hot water and its circulation, and keeps your central heating clean.

    • Improves heating efficiency
    • Reduces your spending on electricity
    • Reduces noise in the boiler
    • Make your radiator last longer
    • Heats up your house quicker than ever
    • Makes your boiler to work more effectively and efficiently
    • Improves the flow of hot water and its circulation
    • Removes layers of sludge
    • Keeps your central heating clean

    When you Need a Power Flush?

    There are signs to watch out for that indicate that the central heating system is not working as properly as it used to. 

    These signs include:

    • You see small leaks in the radiator
    • Some places in the radiator become cold
    • The boiler or heating pump makes too much noise
    • Tap water looks cloudy
    • When you bleed the radiator, no water comes out
    • Water becomes discoloured
    • The cold pipes of the radiator become hot
    • Boiler shuts down repeatedly and requires restarting for it to work
    • Water takes too long to heat up

    When you notice or experience any of the above signs, it’s time to call a professional plumber.

    What’s the Cost of Central Heating Power Flush ?

    For our Power Flushing service here in Hampshire, we charge a straightforward one-off fee of based on your system radiators. Give us a call on  02380 971171 and we’ll give you a quote for the work required.

    Why Choose Hampshire Plumbers ?

    Our Engineers are Certified

    We work at an extremely high level with over 10 years of experience in central heating system power flushing and returning ventilation and hot water to both industrial and residential heating systems.

    Over 10 Years of Experience

    We are licensed with Gas Safe and we provide all gas services. All our engineers are qualified to work in your properties and on your gas appliances and have the requisite credentials.

    We use the Latest Equipment

    To perform a power flush properly and effectively, we invest in new and modern technologies. The power flush pump we use can supply 150l/min flow. To ensure that no harm is caused to a heating system, the flow rate is accomplished without increasing the maximum pressure that’s considered safe. This is twice as good as any power flushing pump currently obtainable in the market.

    Fast and Timely Service

    You can rely on the plumbing and heating engineers from Hampshire Plumbers to arrive on time and complete the power flushing process in a professional and effective manner. Once the system is properly cleaned, our specialist will apply an inhibitor intended to prevent the build-up of rust and corrosion in the plumbing and radiators.

    Contact Hampshire Plumbers Power Flushing

    Choose efficient power flushing of your central heating systems in Hampshire by calling us today on 02380 971171. You can count on us to provide a fantastic service at an affordable price.

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