Diverter Valves plumbing solutions in Hampshire

Diverter Valves plumbing solutions in Hampshire

If you are looking for a plumber for Diverter Valves, then look no further than Hampshire Plumbers. Our plumbers have extensive experience with Diverter Valves and can offer a full range of plumbing supply, installation, maintenance and repair services.

One typical issue with old combi boilers is that a defective diverter valve will tear or crack over time, which then creates havoc in the entire central heating system. While it may be an easy repair, diverter valves do not come cheap.

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    What is a Diverter Valve ?

    In a combi boiler the diverter valve functions much as a lock on a canal does. It opens and closes to allow the heating system to heat up both hot water and water which provides heat to radiators and towel rails.

    In principle, the hot water (water from taps and showers) will also be prioritised above your heating system and anytime you turn on the tap, the heating source will be cut off by the diverter valve until after you have switched off. Since this is a constantly moving part, several faults in the diverter valve are connected to the valve starting to get stuck.

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    What are the Signs your Boiler has a Deficient Diverter Valve ?

    Luke-warm Water (Taps and Showers)

    Luke-warm water instead of hot water is one of the main signs of a defective diverter valve. Taps and showers especially, will only produce luke-warm water. The boiler will offer priority to hot water, but if the valve is even slightly stuck open, the heating power or some of it, (usually supplied to the taps and showers) will escape, leading to luke-warm water instead of hot water.

    You Need to Leave the Heating on, or you will Not Get Hot Water

    If it is a hot period of the year and your heating is off, consider turning it on and letting it warm. See if there’s some hot water when it has. If the water temperature increases after the heating has been turned on, this is another sign of a defective diverter valve.

    A lot of Hot Water but no Heating

    This is a typical failure associated with a diverter valve. The diverter valve is possibly fixed to the side of hot water. Thus even though your hot water is a priority, the valve can not be opened to allow the heating to heat.

    What Should you Expect from Hampshire Plumbers ?

    We never encourage you to attempt to repair a boiler but use a professional instead. Our engineer will do a fault test to make sure it’s a defective diverter valve, and not anything else. 

    There are other issues with the boiler which can have similar symptoms. If this is a new property, or there has always been a question, it may be anything as simple as closed valves (on the pipework). Typically, this fault test is about ensuring that all systems are working correctly.

    Our engineer will likely remove the entire diverter unit and replace it. In certain situations, only the diaphragm has to be repaired, but labour costs mean that it is worth replacing the whole valve. The last thing you want is to remove the diaphragm, and then in the immediate future have to call back an expert as the valve itself sticks. 

    The boiler has different parts, so it is definitely worth inspecting for wear and tear in all of them. If there are no big complications, repairing the defective diverter valve is all it takes.

    What is the Cost of Fixing a Bad Diverter Valve ?

    Expect to pay £250-350 for fixing a faulty diverter valve. There are also a lot of things that affect the cost.

    The Valve Cost Itself

    First, the cost of the diverter valve itself. The price of a diverter valve ranges anywhere between £80-£200. For that price, the cost of repair (including parts and labour) is expected to be anywhere around £250. If your boiler has a diverter valve costing £150-200, the cost of repair (including parts and labour) is far greater.

    The Cost of Labour

    Hourly wages vary around the country and location will play a part in the total cost of repair. The ease of replacement will also determine the cost as that will determine the amount of work to be done.

    When Should you Not Replace a Diverter Valve ?

    Boilers that are 8-10 years old definitely are not as advanced as modern boilers. If it is confirmed that the diverter valve is faulty, let the engineer carefully test the remainder of the boiler sections. If there is something else about the boiler that is majorly bad, it is worth considering getting a new boiler instead of spending a lot of money on an aging system.

    If your boiler was installed over ten years ago then you might want to buy a boiler to replace it. A modern boiler would work much more smoothly and will not be prone to faults. They will also help reduce energy bills.

    Why Choose Hampshire Plumbers for your Diverter Valve Repair ?

    As a leading plumbing and heating business in Hampshire, we have XXX years of experience in diagnosing and fixing issues that occur in domestic boilers with diverter valves. Contact us today and be guaranteed first-class service.



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