Boiler Controls plumbing solutions in Hampshire

Boiler Controls and Plumbing Solutions in Hampshire

If you are looking for a plumber for boiler controls, then look no further than Hampshire Plumbers. Our plumbers have extensive experience with boiler control supply, installation, maintenance and repair services.

Programmable room automation technology provides robust and easy-to-master home management systems for consumers. This allows our clients to reach their precise desired temperature in a simple and clear manner. 

Whether you want to adapt the heating to the weather, or you are trying to heat each room at a different time, at Hampshire Plumbers we offer a large range of boiler control systems, each with its own specific features and attributes.

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    Different Types of Boiler Controls from Hampshire Plumbers

    Boiler controls are designed to maximise efficiency in the UK’s modern central heating systems. The control automatically adjusts your boiler to the optimum settings, for each room in your house. Having the right heating controls and boiler will save you money. But what are the differences between boiler timers, programmers, smart controls and room thermostats?

    Room Thermostat

    The air temperature is controlled by a room thermostat, so you can set the level you want. When the room temperature drops below that point, the boiler is turned on by the thermostat.

    Programmable Room Thermostat

    A programmable room thermostat is a boiler programmer as well as a room thermostat, which helps you to adjust various room temperatures for different day and night periods. It stops the system from having to heat your home from a cold start when programmed correctly. The boiler literally ‘tops up’ temperature, saving energy and maximising comfort.

    Timers and Programmers

    A boiler timer is a simple device which allows you to set specific times for your central heating system to turn on and off, repeating the same times every day.

    To suit your lifestyle, a boiler programmer helps you to schedule the heating and occasionally hot water to turn on and off at various periods and on different days of the week. Most latest and advanced programmers automatically adjust to British summer time.

    Smart Controls

    Smart controls are available for central heating and hot water systems and can be controlled via wireless internet access from a compatible mobile device.  Generally speaking, the apps on the mobile device makes the settings very easy to use and can provide a variety of various features such as consumption statistics to help you understand how you could save money. We can help you install different smart devices in your property at Hampshire Plumbers, including Honeywell Evohome, Hive Active Heating, Nest Smart Thermostat, and Worcester Wave.

    What is Load Compensation ?

    Load compensation ensures that the temperature of the hot water that goes to the radiators is adjusted according to the temperature in the room. 

    With this feature, the temperature of the hot water going to the radiator is elevated when a room is cold, but the temperature is decreased when the air warms up so that the warmth is preserved while the energy consumption is reduced.

    What is Weather Compensation ?

    Weather compensation ensures that the temperature of the hot water going to the radiators is changed according to the temperature outside. With this feature, radiators run hotter when outdoor temperatures decrease, then operate automatically at a lower temperature on milder days, increasing energy quality and reducing your bills.

    View our full Range of Boiler Controls Available at Hampshire Plumbers

    MiGo personal heating assistant
    • Remote heating and hot water control
    • Automatically adjusts to your energy requirements
    • Uses the same language as Glow-worm boilers
    Smart Wiring Centre
    • Intelligent wiring centre
    • Can control one domestic hot water zone and up to two heating zones 
    • Can be used to combine Glow-worm smart controls with Flexicom and Ultracom heat-only and system appliances
    Wireless Outdoor Sensor
    • Fast and easy to install
    • Can use indirect natural energy to recharge PV cells
    • Wireless weather compensation sensor using inbuilt PV cells
    • Can enable weather compensation (when paired with Climapro₁ RF and Climapro₂ RF)
    Outdoor Sensor
    • Simple and discreet
    • Wired weather compensation sensor
    • Room temperature
    Climapro control
    • Simple and discreet
    • Weather compensation functionality
    • Updates automatically for summer and winter
    • Yearly service reminder function
    • Easy to use
    • Extra-low voltage
    • Thermostat by Glow-worm
    • Simple & discreet 2 wire connection
    230V room thermostat
    • Easy to use
    • Compatible with all Glow-worm boilers (except Ultracom 35 store)
    • Room temperature control with a simple analogue system.

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