Boiler Changes or Replacements Plumbing Solutions in Hampshire

Boiler Changes or Replacements plumbing solutions in Hampshire

If you are looking for a plumber for Boiler Changes or Replacements, then look no further than Hampshire Plumbers. Our plumbers have extensive experience with Boiler Changes or Replacements and can offer a full range of plumbing supply, installation, maintenance and repair services.

When it comes to parts of boilers such as stopcocks that get damaged, a replacement of the part is the most sensible solution. However, what about when hundreds of pounds are required for boiler replacements if each component of the machine continues to malfunction? Perhaps getting a new one is the best solution and more cost-effective in the long term. However, only do this if it is necessary or specifically required as new boiler installation is normally considerably more expensive than repair.

Over the years, Hampshire Plumbers’ experienced team has built a reputation for being a reliable solution when it comes to fixing boilers and providing replacement parts in households and continues to provide outstanding service.

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    What are the Dangers of a Faulty Boiler ?

    A defective, leaky or blocked boiler will emit poisonous carbon monoxide (CO) which can make you sick when you breathe it in, and high concentration exposure can be fatal. Unchecked, this can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, fires, and even explosions.

    Dangers of a Faulty Boiler

    How do you Know if your Boiler is Faulty ?

    How do you know your boiler is faulty? Here are some ways to know: 

    • Is your boiler leaky?
    • Do you hear strange, gurgling noises coming from your boiler?
    • Do you have low pressure all the time?
    • Do you have regular thermostat problems?

    DIY Solution for Leaking Caused by Stopcocks

    Most times when there are leakages it is often as a result of a faulty stopcock. With the right tools and a bit of effort, you may be able to fix your leaking stopcock. Only read this step-by-step advice to get your stopcock back running perfectly.

    Switch off the Water 

    There should be a stop valve outside your house, or at your property’s boundary. Sometimes, they’re on the pavement and have a clearly defined cover. When you have a water metre you can have an external stop valve in the same chamber as the metre.

    When you can’t locate the stop valve, make a phone call to the local water authority or to the utility provider. Your neighbors may also know where it is. Please remember that both your neighbors and your own water supply may be cut off by this external stopcock, so it’s only polite to let them know you’re going to close it.

    Where Does the Stopcock Leak From ?

    Leaking Compression nuts 

    The compression nuts are on either side of the stopper and link the stopper to the plumbing supply.

    • Try to tighten the nuts. To keep the tap around the headgear joint, use water pump pliers, and then turn the nuts with a spanner in a clockwise direction.
    • If that doesn’t work, turn the leaking nut to detach it in an anti-clockwise direction. Then use PTFE tape to wrap the thread and re-assemble the stopcock.

    Leaking Gland nuts 

    The gland nut links the headgear joint to the top of the stopcock.

    • Tighten the nut on the gland. That can halt multiple leaks.
    • If this does not work, keep the big nut in place with a spanner on the headgear joint, and use another spanner to remove the gland nut.
    • Remove any packaging with a screwdriver from the gland nut.
    • Replace this packaging with specialist packaging from a DIY or home improvement shop. Do not pack too stiffly.
    • Wrap PTFE tape onto the spindle.
    • Reassemble the stopcock and relax again.

    If all these measures do not work, or you get it wrong, call Hampshire Plumbers 24hrs service immediately and we will be there to swiftly fix your boiler.

    Leaking Headgear Joint 

    The headgear joint is between the nuts of the compression and the stopcock itself, below the nut of the gland. A seized stopcock is one of the signs of a leaking headgear joint – i.e. you won’t be able to turn off the stopcock completely. 

    You’ll need to remove the washer to fix the problem. Insulate the water supply to the stopcock and clear the pipes in advance.

    • Hold the stopcock with a pair of pliers.
    • Switch the nut under the tap in the center of the stopcock in an anti-clockwise direction with a spanner.
    • Remove the handle of the rest of the tap.
    • Remove the rubber washer and replace it with a new one at the end of the headgear joint.
    • Wrap the assembly with PTFE tape.
    • Place the stopcock back together and tighten it up with a spanne

    Why Choose Hampshire Plumbers for Your Boiler Replacements and Changes ?

    We are generally known for our high standard of operation while striving to work around the specifications, so you get the outcome you expect. Hampshire Plumbers is a highly skilled and knowledgeable company, able to install different boiler types including LPG, Natural Gas, and Coal. We are also adept at fixing damaged/faulty parts. Our in-depth knowledge of the market and the specifications of a professional boiler system helps all of our clients to get competitive services. You can be assured that we will not quit a job until you are completely pleased.

    Based in Hampshire, and want to learn more about boiler replacement or repair? Contact Hampshire Plumbers Today.