Central Heating Repair and Installation Services in Hampshire

Central Heating Repair and Installation Services in Hampshire

Are your radiators cold? Is your central heating system getting old? Worry not! Hampshire Plumbers provides central heating maintenance and boiler services throughout Hampshire and surrounding areas. Hampshire Plumbers have the expertise and experience to install your new central heating system quickly and cost effectively. Hampshire plumbers have more than 20 years of experience in providing heating repairs and installing a range of residential and commercial central heating systems across Hampshire. Rely on Hampshire Plumbers for quality home plumbers in Hampshire with affordable rates. Whether your central heating is not working, or you would like to upgrade your installation, Hampshire Plumbers are on hand to help. We offer expert repairs and installations of central heating systems, radiators, boilers and valves in Hampshire and surrounding areas. Call 02380 971171 to arrange a visit from a reliable plumber near you.

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    The maintenance of boilers and radiators and the elimination of air from the system are two of our most popular central heating services. We ensure that that the water is adequately hot, and radiators are correctly placed on the walls.

    Our central heating installation, maintenance, and repair services in Hampshire cover both domestic and commercial customers. At Hampshire Plumbers, we see to it that the job done meets quality and manufacturing requirements. We’ll give you a FREE quote for your job. Contact the hampshire experts in central heating and boilers today.

    Your Central Heating Experts in Hampshire

    A central heating system delivers warmth from one point to several rooms throughout the entire interior of a building. The entire system can be an HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system, when combined with other systems, to regulate the building environment.

    Central heating provides heat in the house, either by circulating warmed air through an air duct network, or by sending hot water or steam through pipes to radiators or convectors in the rooms. For both forced-air and gravity systems, one or more thermostats shut off the heating or cooling mechanism as the temperature rises and falls in the room.

    We can help you to make the best decision for your home if you intend to install, upgrade or repair your central heating system.

    Hampshire Plumbers are accredited Gas Safe plumbers that work out of the Hampshire area and service a wide range of customers for all their plumbing and central heating needs.

    You are on the right track whether you want to install a new central heating system or get work done on your current system.

    The members of our well-trained staff are able to provide you with the high-quality service that you can rely on.

    Get in touch to find out more today.

    Central Heating Services From Our Heating Engineers

    Boiler Servicing & Replacement in Southampton, Hampshire

    You may want to service and upgrade the furnaces and boilers to increase their efficiency. Such improvements enhance the safety and performance of older systems, which would otherwise be unsafe. However, the cost of retrofits should be carefully measured against the cost of a new boiler or furnace, particularly if replacement is likely to be due within a few years or, if for other reasons, such as adding air conditioning, you choose to turn to another system.

    You will have the opportunity to install equipment that integrates the most energy-efficient heating systems available if you want to upgrade your heating system.

    But if your boiler completely stops working and cannot be fixed, you will probably need to get a new one.

    Our boiler engineers are equipped with the expertise to manage any repair and replacement of boilers that you may need. Boiler repair costs can be very high, which is why we make sure our boiler repair services solve all your problems, while still reducing any chances of additional problems.

    If you suspect there is a problem with your boiler, Hampshire Plumbers can investigate and save you the hassle and difficulty of having to deal with an emergency boiler situation.

    Contact one of our Gas Safe specialists today to chat about your boiler issues.

    Power Flushing your Central Heating System

    Do you know that many call-outs for boiler failures are due to polluted water and sludge within the boiler system?

    If dirt and sludge have built up inside your central heating system, it can have an immense impact on how well your boiler is working and how effective it is. In such a case, a power flush is recommended.

    A power flush is a chemical solution that cleans your central heating system and eliminates any foreign elements within the pipes, such as rust or debris that could cause it not to function properly.

    The water in your pipes, boilers and radiators may generate unnecessary dirt over time, which can cause your radiators not to give out much heat, or cause your boiler completely to break down. If the dirt is left inside your system, it can cause you severe home heating problems.

    A power flush eliminates the sludge in your system, eliminates blockages and the inefficiency of central heating. This ensures that when heating your house, your radiators and boiler will function more effectively, prolonging the life of your heating system.

    How do you Know your Central Heating Needs a Power Flush ?

    In order to be efficient, reduce fuel costs and be eco-friendly, modern boilers are constantly being developed. The drawback that they can have, is that they can be vulnerable to debris in the water due to the intentionally narrow waterways in the piping, which cause clogging.

    So how do you know if your boiler needs a power flush? Check if there any of the following issues with your heating system.

    •       Is any of the radiators fully or partially cold?
    •       Do the radiators need to be regularly bled?
    •       Is the central heating sluggish to heat up?
    •       Is the water inside your radiators dirty or discoloured?
    •       Can you hear any strange noise from within your boiler?
    •       Do you have frequent failures at the pump?
    Central Heating Needs a Power Flush

    If you regularly get one or more of these symptoms, then the power flushing will really help to make your central heating system efficient.

    If you would like to ask about power flushing your central heating system, please call us on 02380 970979.

    We have several Gas Safe technicians in Hampshire who can assist, diagnose and advise you regarding your boiler and central heating system problems.

    Boiler Diverter Valve Replacement

    Faulty diverter valves are a common problem, particularly for boilers which are 10 years old or older. A diverter valve regulates when your taps should receive hot water and when the water should be guided to your radiators. It is an integral part of a combi-boiler system and can affect the efficiency of your boiler when it gets stuck.

    When you experience any of the following, the diverter valve may be faulty.

    •       You have to turn on the heating to get hot water.
    •       You can get hot water, but your radiators are cold.
    •       The water in the hot tap is lukewarm.
    Full Central Heating plumbing solutions in Hampshire

    If you do not have hot water, consider turning the heating on. Allow a few minutes, then try the hot water tap again. If hot water begins to come through, the diverter valve may be experiencing problems.

    We would not recommend that you fix the diverter valve yourself. When you think a problem exists, you should call an appropriately trained engineer to take a look at it.

    At Hampshire Plumbers, we have qualified people who can come to your home during normal hours or as an emergency to check any issue with your boiler and handle the replacement of the diverter valves.

    To order a visit today, simply call 02380 971171.

    Thermostatic Radiator Valve (TRV)

    A thermostatic radiator valve is a self-regulating valve fitted with a radiator system to regulate a room temperature by adjusting the flow of hot water to the radiator.

    How to Replace your Thermostatic Radiator Valve

    A thermostatic radiator valve is typically mounted onto your radiator pipework, which controls the room temperatures individually by adjusting the heat output of the radiator to which it is connected.

    Even the toughest radiator valve will quickly break down if used without regular maintenance or due to constant use. A faulty thermostatic radiator valve can prevent the proper heating up of your radiator. Your professional expert will closely follow directions from the radiator valve change kit to install, repair or remove your TRV correctly.

    Each specialist that we send from Hampshire Plumbers has been working in this area for quite a while and knows all the safety regulations by heart.

    We also provide emergency plumbing services 24/7 and our office staff will manage the entire process to match your heating and plumbing needs without much disruption to your routine.

    Radiator Replacements

    There are several online DIY guides, which guide you through the process of replacing radiators. You should, however, still employ a professional. Hampshire Plumbers is a highly professional business which provides a variety of boiler and radiator installation, repair and replacement services.

    Our tradesmen are Gas Safe licenced and no matter where you live in the Hampshire area, they can visit you.

    If you want to do the job yourself, you will most likely make mistakes. In the end, that could mean you will be faced with a big repair bill.

    Call the experts today. Phone 02380 971171 to request a site visit.

    Radiator Replacement plumbing solutions in Hampshire

    How do you Know your Radiator Needs to be Replaced ?

    There are many ways to determine if your radiator needs to be replaced. Please refer to the following to see if any of these factors are relevant to you.

    •       Is your radiator not heating up to a temperature that you consider satisfactory?
    •       Is your radiator making strange noises?
    •       Does the heat produced vary in different parts of your house?

    We urge all consumers to consider the long-term advantages of a new radiator. If you have very old radiators, replacing them completely may be more cost-effective than hanging on to the old equipment.

    Whatever your choice, whether to repair or to replace, we are the local experts to call.

    Call us on 02380 971171 to schedule a visit by one of our experts to take a look at your radiators.

    Central Heating Servicing and Maintenance in Hampshire

    Our local central heating experts can attend to leaks, cold spots or loose radiator systems and fix several radiator issues on the same day that you call us.

    If you want to update your current model or get new radiators, just let us know and we will provide you with a free quote based on your radiator specifications.

    At Hampshire Plumbers, our qualified plumbing and heating engineers will provide any central heating services you may need (central heating repair, installation or maintenance).

    There is no need to search Google for “central heating experts near me,” and gamble on whether or not you are getting a specialist. Just contact our friendly team and we will arrange for an appointment that suits you.

    To book a free, no-obligation quote today, call 02380 970979.

    Why do you Need Central Heating Maintenance ?

    Reduced Repair Costs

    One of the key benefits of routine maintenance is that it will theoretically reduce the amount of money that the repairs of the heating system will cost. 

    When you have a skilled heating technician who frequently checks your equipment, the technician will spot minor issues before they turn into bigger, more expensive repairs.

    Extends Lifespan

    Another advantage of routine maintenance is the chance of extending the lifespan of your heating system.

    Over time the output of the heating system can begin to deteriorate, but regular maintenance reduces the likelihood of incurring serious problems. A trained technician will lubricate moving parts during a maintenance trip, repair or replace tired belts and generally perform machine upkeep. That can increase the performance of the system.

    Improved Safety and Security

    Regular maintenance can improve the safety in your home. Some problems that develop with your heating system may threaten your health and home, particularly those systems that burn fuel.

    For example, if you have a boiler with a broken heat exchanger, the carbon monoxide can be leaking into your house. Such an issue can be identified very quickly. 

    Our qualified plumbing and heating engineers will recognise the symptoms of a problem and provide an early solution.

    Electrical Work for Heating System

    Greater Comfort

    Your heating system usually works best with daily maintenance. This would most likely result in a higher degree of comfort in your home, because your heating system is running properly.

    If you are looking to install a brand-new central heating system or need repair work, Hampshire Plumbers offers access to some of the most professional technicians in the area.

    Our friendly team will help if you want to install a central heating system from scratch, or need to replace an existing one, and are uncertain about which one to choose. We will explore your choices with you to ensure your new system maximises productivity and helps you control your energy bills, no matter what kind of domestic property you have.

    We operate a fast, same-day service across all of the areas that we cover, particularly when a plumbing emergency occurs. From repairs to boilers, leaking and overflowing pipes, to toilets that will not flush and showers that stay cold, contact us to get everything fixed in the shortest time possible.

    Call us today on 02380 971191 if you need a new central heating system, or need repair work.

    Central Heating Reports

    When you are looking to purchase a property, it makes financial sense to have experts perform an assessment of sections that may need work in the immediate future. To this end, our Gas Safe licenced tradesmen are all eligible to perform surveys of central heating systems.

    A central heating survey offers details on the age and condition of all the parts of a central heating system. The findings and recommendations could help you negotiate about the purchase price of the property.

    It takes between one and two hours to complete the visual inspection of a central heating device by one of our Gas Safe-licenced technicians.

    Our technician makes an evaluation of the state of the following system components during the survey.

    •       Gas boiler
    •       Gas and hot water pipework
    •       Radiators
    •       Gas metre
    •       Hot water cylinder
    •       Thermostatic controls

    After the review, a written report is given. It outlines the main results and an evaluation of whether or not the central heating system is appropriate for the planned potential heating and hot water needs.

    If any part of the device is determined to be unsuitable, an estimate for repair, replacement or new installation is also given.

    We can answer any questions you have and arrange a visit by one of our heating and hot water experts. Call us today!

    Our team is available 24 hours a day and ready to answer all your questions.

    Dial 02380 970979 now or ask for a call-back today.

    Why do you Need a Central Heating Report ?

    There are several variables that may lead a surveyor or evaluator to suggest a report on gas and central heating.

    Some of the most common is that the gas boiler or device shows signs of defects. Surveyors usually only conduct a visual search and cannot check the facilities on a property during their survey inspections. Therefore, they would suggest a thorough inspection when they cannot find a recent service report, or where parts of the system show signs of ageing, leakage or rusting.

    If you need a central heating survey and report for a property you that are considering acquiring, or one you already own, get in touch today to book a site visit.

    Why Choose Hampshire Plumbers for your Central Heating System ?

    Hampshire Plumbers is a Southampton-based, full-service plumbing company covering all of Hampshire, England. We also provide expert plumbing services to South Coast residential, commercial and industrial customers. When you have sudden plumbing problems, we can also provide emergency plumbing services.

    As an established business, we have the requisite experience and skills to ensure that you receive nothing but the best service. Our reputation was established through hard work and reliability which is why we are one of the top plumbing and gas-related businesses in the area.

    Book an appointment today and we will get back to you quickly to tell you when our plumbers will be ready to arrive.

    What are the Areas we Cover?

    Hampshire Plumbers cover all the towns and cities in Hampshire and surrounding areas. Some of the areas that we cover are:

    •           Southampton, England
    •         Portsmouth, England
    •         Eastleigh, England
    •         Gosport, England
    •         Famborough, England
    •         Aldershot, England
    •         Winchester, England
    •         Havant, England
    •         Fleet, England
    •         Totton, England
    •         Hedge End, England
    •         Hythe, England
    •         New Milton, England
    •         Emsworth, England
    •         Alton, England
    •         Tadley, England
    •         South Hayling, England
    •         Lymington, England
    •         Petersfield, England
    •         Yateley, England
    •         Blackwater, England
    •         North Baddesley, England
    •         Bishop’s Waltham, England
    •         New Alresford, England
    •         Oakley, England
    •         Whitchurch, England.

    If you do not find your town or city in this list, get in touch with us at [email protected] or phone 02380 970979 to find out if your area falls in our area.

    Get in touch today.

    We look forward to hearing from you.



    This really depends on the house, insulation, thermal mass, heating system type, and heating controls. Also, mode modern boilers and heating system are automatic and can control based on the ambient temperature.

    The systems of today are incredibly flexible and can minimise production to as little as three heating outlets, as well as provide up to four fully separate thermostatic zones inside your house, enabling you to heat exactly where you want, if you want to keep your running costs to a minimum.

    However, you can set the temperature to 21 °C during daytime and to 16 °C at night. Modern heating controls provide superior control over time and temperature settings as compared with a traditional room stat programmer.

    Due to poor system design or inadequate maintenance, sludge can occur, caused by corrosion inside a heating system. Sludge will decrease output and efficiency, and the cause should be investigated as quickly as possible.

    Modern boilers will only fire on when you are heating or the hot water is powered on, and remain off otherwise. If you have a thermostat in your house, the ‘firing up’ stops when your home is warm enough. Then the boiler dies down, leaving only the pilot lamp. The room thermostat will tell the boiler to ‘warm up’ again when the temperature drops, reheating the water to pump it out to the radiators.

    Power flushing is the process by which heating systems are physically cleaned with water at a high velocity, but low pressure, so that there is no physical harm to the system. With the introduction of powerful cleaning and mobilising agents to break down the sludge and eliminate lime scale build-up, the process can be made much more efficient.

    A power flush is also performed to recover the full performance of a heating system. It is able to clear layers of blockages, sludge, lime scale and corrosion. When correctly and systematically carried out, radiators heat up faster and the whole heating system operates more effectively and more quietly.

    A clean and safe system also increases the performance of the boiler, allows the diverter valves and pump to last longer and reduce corrosion.

    This typically means the central heating system is installed incorrectly. This results in the heating water not flowing uniformly through each radiator, so it is best to have the local heating engineer check it out.

    If you have coronavirus symptoms or are self-isolating, please let us know so we can take the best possible approach to reach you.

    The Gas Safe registry, which now deals with gas registration and problems previously run by CORGI, suggests that all gas appliances be serviced every year. By law, landlords are expected to have an annual gas inspection on any tenanted property.

    This depends very much on the method, and no two are ever the same, but usually, if we substitute one combi-boiler with another, this could be done in one day. If the work is more extensive, it could take longer and there should be allowance for any disturbance. We always strive to install the equipment as quickly as possible, but sometimes unforeseen circumstances can cause delays. Before work begins, we will give you an estimate.

    The cost of fixing the boiler can vary according to the severity of the fault or damage. For more serious jobs, such as repairing a heat exchanger, you can expect to pay anywhere from £XXX. For a minor repair, such as a new fan, gas valve or printed circuit board, it can be up to £XXX or more.

    You can use our online system to request a free, no-obligation quote.